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Engrossing in a heartbeatThis has action intrigue and lements of a who done it as accidents happen and assassination plots unfold and we join the characters in trying to figure out who can we trustThis done in one uick read has call backs to the previous story and brings in some of its characters but stands well on its ownI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review I adore this author She really pulls at the heart strings and keeps the drama and romance flowing throughout her book If you read this book prepare to be transported worlds away It will be a ride you will Dark Voices enjoy Susan does not pull any punches with her story telling but yet she keeos youngaged with a outcome you do not see comingI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. With the nemyor bring on interstellar warAn arranged marriage with a twist this galactic alliance may just turn into a love matchThe Borderlands SeriesBook #1 WARLEADERBook #2 HUNTING THE WARLORD'S DAUGHTERBook #3 RAIDER BORNThree Borderlands preuels The Otherworldly Men SeriesBook #1 GUARDIAN ALIENBook #2 ROYAL RECRUITBook #3 CYBORG AND THE SINGLE

Time An xcellent readI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Jared Jasper is a Prince among menJared Jasper reminds me of Maverick from Top Gun in some of the best ways The charisma the charm the sense of patriotism that swirls around him and maybe if his name in the cockpit had been Maverick Jared Jasper would find himself in a bit less troubleKeira is a ueen surrounded by intrigue power players keeping her on her toes all too aware she s has become of a figure head than the people realize fighting to keep the appearance of power as she figure out how she is going to survive Into her life walks a Terran Barbarian who declares himself so much than she wants or imagined he could be and as he proves to be just the hero she and the Universe needs this story goes from fun to. Rth pulls on the alien invaders isn’t a permanent solution What they need is a peace treaty It just never occurs to him that he will wind up on the bargaining table Playing the pushover groom to a bossy alien babe who likes throwing daggers is not xactly his idea of fun But with billions of people depending on him he doesn’t have much choice sleep.

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To prevent an alien army from invading Earth Jared The Prince agrees to marry their ueen This is when verything begins to go wrong The couple is uickly married and a political conspiracy is revealed after several attempts are made to kill Jared ueen Keira is in love with Jared and no longer wants to be rid of her barbarian It is a delightful story which is funny and moves uicklyI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review The second in the series Jared and Keira s story is another wonderful mix of space opera action intrigue and love The love story is of course romantic but it is also the deep and powerful love that is family and those you choose to be family The Creating Country Music ending was perfect and I actually had a tear in myye an xperience I have not had while reading for a long long. Warrior ueen Keira is as famous for her beauty as she is for avoiding marriage But when an upstart little planet called Earth threatens her worlds with its fleet of spaceships the fate of her people lies in her hands She must bind herself to a barbarian from the rogue world or face the destruction of her ownFighter pilot Jared Jasper knows the trick Ea.

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Susan’s childhood dreams of becoming a space explorer fizzled when she found out calculus was involved Luckily she didn’t need math skills to fly jets—or to create space stories in her head first for herself then for friends and now for readers everywhere  A New York TimesUSA Today bestselling author and a military veteran Susan won the prestigious RITA® Award for her book Contact a sci f