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S And b the cycle of the plot Can t say cause I don t want to spoil anything It s one of those times when ou wish Alter Ego you could eraseour memory and watchread it again so that ou are as shocked and thrilled as ou were the first time Unfortunately Uncommon Wisdom you can t do so but eventually theou read watch it the Unseen City you pay attention to small details that may have not caughtour eye the first time It s an interesting novel and just like every Japanese art work it has marvelous characters I actually could identify as Taki kun with his social anxiety and his disability to communicate properly or even with his anger issues And our girl protagonist is lovely and a true hero again won t spoil It strongly reminded me of films like The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind Donnie Darko or even Interstellar as a matter of fact And The girl who leapt through time which is also animated Anyway I am grateful that anime and manga exist since they give me such a heart warming feeling that I can never transfer to a review Arghhmemories fade and eventually vanish into thin air but feelings well feelings stay with us forever didn t Kimi no na wa just prove so A billion stars for a favorite film novel whatever 3 themoviediditbetterBut this book was amazing Ofcourse watch the movie first and then read this book but it is truly a magical experience Oh Art you want to read thisThe feels guys THE FEELS And now I will be a bookmovie trash and just add gifs and uotes I feel like I m always searching for someone or something Even if the world is cruel even if all I have is loneliness I ll still live with everything I ve got Even if this emotion is all I have I ll keep struggling No matter what happens even if the stars fall I will live Even if words are lost tradition should be handed down This hand once held something really precious iamtrashforthismoviebookIfou don t know this is one of my most favorite films EVER along with a lot of other movies but seriously thoughTell me this isn t beautifulAnd thisThis film breaks my heart EVERYSINGLETIME decided to learning japanese just because this book i never read something beautiful like this before. AUna storia per tutti a cui è impossibile rimanere indifferenti capace su carta come sullo schermo di danzare sul filo del reale del sogno e del soprannaturale e di farci entrare nelle vite dei suoi protagonisti.

The feels guys the feels Hitoha Miyamizu Treasure the experience Dreams fade away after God Is in the Crowd you wake upMitsuha Miyamizu Musubi Hitoha Miyamizu Musubi is the old way of calling the local guardian god This word has profound meaning Typing thread is Musubi Connecting people is Musubi The flow of time is Musubi These are all the god s power So the braided cords that we make are the god s art and represent the flow of time itself They converge and take shape They twist tangle sometimes unravel break and then connect again Musubi knotting That s timeMitsuha Miyamizu There s no way we could meet But one thing is certain If we see each other we ll know Thatou were the one who was inside me That I was the one who was inside ou Kimi no Na Wa by Makoto ShinkaiI only watched the anime Absolutely gorgeous One of the best anime I ve ever seen What kind of sorcery is this This is my first time ever reading a Manga and oh my what an amazing experience i haven t been hooked in a book like this for a very long time The story is very sweet and adorable i couldn t help but watch the anime too and it lefts me with a very beautiful feeling why can t this kind of colorful magical events be in our gray dismal reality I absolutely recommend the manga and the movie readwatch it I promise u will all love it 2 out of 5 stars THIS BOOK WAS OUR MARCH 2018 BOOK CLUB READ I have to say that I was just not impressed by that book It was hyped up so so badly that I just had really high expectations Also the layout of the book was so weird and I had difficulty in finding out when the narrator changed I guess the manga as such would have been better but this month s book from our book club was another bitter disappointment What the romantic fantasy novel is about Mitsuha lebt in einem Dorf in den Bergen sehnt sich aber nach einem aufregenden Leben in der Stadt So sehr dass sie eines Nachts sogar beginnt davon zu tr umen Im Schlaf ist sie Taki ein Junge aus der Metropole Tokio Als aus dem Traum pl tzlich Realit t wird und Mitsuha in Takis K rper aufwacht ist sie vollkommen verwirrt Wer ist dieser Junge Was macht sie in seinem K rper Und vor. Mitsuha una ragazza di provincia e Taki giovane di Tokyo sconosciuti entrambi delusi dalle loro uotidianità si ritrovano un giorno a vivere in sogno una la vita dell'altro Lasciandosi dei messaggi per il risvegl.

Allem Wie kann sie das wieder umkehren I guess the only interesting part about the novel was the Japanese tradition that the reader got introduced to whilst reading the book I must admit that the plot had some really lame moments and the descriptions were way too long at times Thus I won t be reading japanese oung adult fiction any honestly it s just not my cup of tea I feel like I am always searching for someone or something Makoto Shinkai Your Name I liked the idea of Your Name It is like a time travelparanormalmagical fantasy blended into one and it s up to The Matriarchs (The Family you which oneou want to choose I chose the time travel one so I ve looked me being an intellecteual jk for some technical or 24 Sep 20 Umm So it s going forward after allDear USA NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE AMERICANISED holy shit Can Notes for the Everlost you NOT enjoy original creations made by featuring and completely set in other cultureslanguagespeoples Does it connect withou less somehow Is the story and messaging diminished somehow Hot damn Like guess When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) you didn t learn from Death Note Dragonball that Avatar andes I could go on but excuse me while I vomit 04 Feb 17 Ugh I can t even Don t talk to me right now 05 Feb 17 goodreads reviewsI still can tIf No Biggy! you can t find the manga anywhere doourself a favour and watch the animeJust do it It is the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen And if Crush It! you ve read my other reviewsou ll know I m one of the most heartless a romantic reader Attracting Birds to Your Backyard you ll ever find Somewhere along the way I had also begun to wish for something not knowing exactly what that something was Well that was a fascinating and emotional roller coaster I watched the filmesterday and when I saw there was a novel too I knew I had to read itJapanese people shall never seize to impress me with their abilities to create such epic masterpieces First of all the film was excellent the art the plot the music and generally the whole atmosphere was uite magical What s interesting about the plot is a the fact that it starts off as funny cheeky and sweet and Deep Listening you are constantly wearing a smile onour face however by the end Bird-by-Bird Gardening you findourself drowning in our flood of tear. Io inizieranno a comunicare e a conoscersi cercando di capire la loro strana relazione e il legame che li unisce e si rafforza notte dopo notte sogno dopo sogno mentre incombe il passaggio di una misteriosa comet.

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