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This is the type of book that you will hate upon reading the first time as everything is compacted than sardines are The second re read will make information flow smoother down the windpipe and you may even catch small bits of info in fine print you missed out the first time Nevertheless this book is not for statistics reenhorns or people who know nothing about stats They will still end up knowing nothing Even for people steeped in stats they may not even understand statistics The beauty of statistics is that you need not understand it in order to use itThis book attempts to explain statistics in a pattern like way You need to refer backwards to see how each chapter builds up on each other and how the formulas are sometimes like patterns The Manga did make it lighthearted but then it was also distracting Still a plus because written manga style makes a hard subject swallow much easier no matter how you look at it I have a inkling on how to benefit most from this book Read it many many times no matter what But did I take my own advice Well I tried to until the due date beckoned I ended up paying a fine of 90c so I could re read the book for a few days Don t be deceived that it is displayed as a comic the compactness is even reater because there are fewer lines pretty much concentrated statistics For those of us who do software testing for a living we know that we have a number of artifacts that come from our testing One of those classes of artifacts is data Tons and tons of data How do we make sense of it all What is worth looking at Why is it worth looking at What decisions can we make if we compile analyze and distill the data we receive More to the point how do we analyze the data so that we can distill it That s where Statistics comes in handyI ll be blunt I took one statistics class when I was in college I hated it In fact I never finished it Please understand when I say I have an aversion to statistics as something I have to actually do I am not kidding as a software tester that puts me in a bit of a bind If I can t make some sense of the data I receive I can t do as effective a job at best I need to farm that work out to someone else on my team who can do the statistical analysis meaning I need to et their take and explanation to make decisions that causes delays Overall it would be better to just suck it up and learn a bit about statistics It s a core piece of domain knowledge any Dislocating China good software tester should possess if not immediately then at some point in their careerThere are lots of ways to learn about Statistics and frankly most of them are a bit painful College courses text books online videos etc can help but they are often slow or assume that you have some background in the ideas already What to do when you want toet the Childerley gist of the idea before you tackle the hairier details that s where The Manga Guide to Statistics comes in handyA caveat this should absolutely not be your onlyuide to learning statistics If that s what you are looking for then this book will not deliver on that promise It is however a Cultural Excursions good primer toet you started and help you look at statistics in a way that s fun and engaging especially if Manga tropes appeal to you To set the stage or protagonist Rui has a chat with the dreamy co worker of her father Mr Igarashi about understanding statistics As Rui expresses interest to her dad about learning Statistics he agrees to Cruelty and Laughter get her help Rui creates a fantasy of being tutored by Mr Igarashi only to have her hopes dashed when an employee of her father Mamoru Yamamoto read drawn to not be dreamy comes to teach her about statistics Hilarity ensues There that s the Manga trope and yes kawaii abounds If you are familiar with Manga you know I ve already spoken volumes about what to expect For those not familiar with Manga the treatment of the topics areenerally amusing usually at the expense of dignity of either our protagonist or our long suffering tutor but the light hearted humor is meant to help us relate to the material better In between the story line a number of key statistical analysis ideas and concepts are discussed in a way that makes them accessible and uite a bit less scary than what normally appears in text books Also as in the other Manga Guide To books the material is presented in a way that covers a lot of Cop Knowledge ground It s made accessible but it s not watered down or made to be trivial The examples actually reuire the reader to understand some underlying mathematics concepts If you veotten through at least Intermediate Algebra most of the math will be easy to followChapter One focuses on understanding data types and how we can readily put terms like Categorical ualitative Data and Numerical uantitative data into aspects that easy to understand using a High School Slice of Life Manga Drama as the basis for the comparisons By looking at examples like reader uestionnaires we Cultural Aesthetics get to the idea of what these data types are categorical Data cannot be directly measured while Numerical Data can be It also shows how categorical data can beiven a point value and treated as numerical dataChapter Two Class and Conformity gets into numerical data and discusses some key statistics concepts such as looking at Freuency Distributions and Histograms conveniently described by looking for the the best ramen shop in the city by varying definitions of best and by comparing a team s bowling scores By looking at data points and other criteria and examining how that criteria can be condensed into a table of values Rui and Maoru show us how we can calculate Meanor average the Median actual mid point of samples and the standard deviation the fudge factor of what s been collectedChapter Threeoes into categorical data By its nature categorical data or ualitative data cannot be boiled down to a number as is but there are ways that certain aspects of ualitative data can be. Think you can't have fun learning statistics Think again The Manga Guide to Statistics will teach you everything you need to know about this essential discipline while entertaining you at the same time With its uniue combination of Japanese style comics called manga and serious educational content the EduManga format is already a hit in JapanIn The Manga Guide to Statistics our heroine Rui is determined to learn about statistics to impress the dreamy Mr Igarashi and begs her father for a tutor Soon she'.

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Some hard work and practice I m happy to say my Descartes and His Contemporaries grades are very much improved toive the actual figures would be vulgarBut I can say that this book is High Tide at Midnight good for the beginner The story line makes it accessible and shows how it can be applied in real life which might help learners who are notood with theoretical subjects What is taught in the manga itself is very basic stats not many distributions are introduced but the explanation after is Education and Equality good and I feel enough to help the beginner While this book is uite naturally too easy for the advanced student it sood as a supplementary for those new and confused to the world of statistics This was a very friendly lesson into statistics I read it to et me into the subject since I m taking it next year and although there were some parts especially near the end where I ot a bit lost Yamamoto san Dangerous Work generally kept me on the same page throughout the entire book I loved the friendly atmosphere and that fact that Rui seemed not to understand the parts that I did not understand it relieved me and kept me turning the pages though I ll admit that I was also curious to see what Yamamoto would look like without hislasses because I figured the author would make him take them off at the end anyway This has definitely motivated me to dive into formal in depth Statistics books to prepare myself for school This book is surprisingly awkward to read To be sure this book has plenty of funny material in it Unfortunately the framing of this material is than a little bit uncomfortable as the heroine is a lovesick teenager who convinces her father to have one of his coworkers tutor her in statistics so that she can seduce a handsome executive at his company and ends up being disappointed initially that she is being taught by a nerdy but surprisingly eccentric or unsurprisingly eccentric if you happen to know a lot of nerdy people uant from her father s company who happens to be interested in a lot of the same things that she is and interested in her as well Even though she is a high school student and he is at least in his 20 s or 30 s the book does not explain exactly how old he is but he is an adult and almost certainly a college Flavor and Soul graduate and he does not appear to be new on the job either so he s at least a few years older than she is this book views the budding romance between the two characters as unproblematic and not the way it would likely appear in real lifeThis book is about 200 pages long the usual for this series at least from what I have seen so far and is divided into seven chapters After a preface and a prologue that explores statistics with heart pounding excitement the book begins with a determination of data types 1 After this there is an exploration of how to understand numerical data including distribution tables measures of central tendency and standard deviation 2 After this there is a brief discussion of categorical data and cross tabulations 3 which are vital in understanding political polls and their biases not discussed in the book notably This leads to a discussion of standard score and deviation score 4 as well as how one obtains the probability based on normal and chi suare distributions of data 5 After this the book explores the relationship between two variables 6 for correlations as well as hypothesis tests that either reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis 7 The book then closes with an appendix that discusses how to calculate statistics using excel something many people are proficient at or at least interested in exploringIt seems unlikely in real life that a business executive would invite a single and nerdy person to spend a lot of time tutoring a flirtatious teenageirl and spending a lot of time alone together This sort of action would either be exposing one s teenage irl to a lot of flirtation or worse from an older man which most parents are rather leery about or would be exposing an employee in their company to all kinds of compromising positions that naturally result from being in a situation where he saidshe said situations can develop This book even shows such a compromising position happening at the very end of the story leaving a cliffhanger as to what will happen afterwards but in no way suggesting that what happened was at all inappropriate There are definitely occasions and this is one where manga provides situations that are rather dangerous as being entirely okay and leading readers down very dangerous paths of behavior if they are unaware of the risks and dangers that they are running into regardless of which character in the book they happen to closely resemble This book is one where not all of the lessons included are worth following and some may be uite harrowing for the reader if they are imitated Disclaimers It is my first book on Manga Guide series I already knew a bit of statistics I took a basic course back in my university days doing a Computer Science degree and also subjects from the same dpt like Data Mining etcThe book was entertaining Nevertheless it seemed uite basic and does not cover the material deeply enough Eg it explains Normal Distribution and Standard Normal Distribution Then it mentions T distribution but it doesn t define it or compare it with the other ones The same applies for F distributionI think it may be a ood first time introduction can t really tell because it s not my case but not very effective as a refresherdeepening on who already studied the basics and beyond There s a lot of charm to this book and I think it s valuable as an aid to understanding basic statisticsAt issue is how everything is so compacted You Forgery, Replica, Fiction get to running standard null rituals by the final chapter in less than 200 manga pagesThat said it s entertaining and the story makes stats relatable Truly the best part are the examples all the data sets are things drawn from the student s life. Ts of all ages will enjoy learning along with Rui in this charming easy to readuide which uses real world examples like teen magazine uizzes bowling ames test scores and ramen noodle prices Examples exercises and answer keys help you follow along and check your work An appendix showing how to perform statistics calculations in Microsoft Excel makes it easy to put Rui's lessons into practiceThis EduManga book is a translation from a bestselling series in Japan co published with Ohmsha Ltd of Tokyo Jap.

Categorized and that categorization can be made into uantitative numeric data and calculated Using a cross tabulation some numerical analysis can be performed and therefore ualitative data can be measured albeit imprecisely Chapter Four oes into the ideas of Standard Score and Deviation Score or how to look at a specific data point and see how it relates to the rest of your data or how to examine data points in a variety of ranges or with different unites of measurementChapter Five talks about Probability and the ways in which we can predict an outcome based on the data on hand correctly make an educated Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life guess as to the outcome which is what Probability is meant to doData can be plotted on araph and that Escape graph can be converted into a curve with enough data points That curve standard distribution can be moved based on the mean and standard deviation Using a number of different models Normal distribution Standard normal distribution Chi suare distribution t distribution and F distribution we can make the curve move By taking into account the way that the curve moves we can calculate a ratio or probability which in turn can allow us to make a variety of predictions Chapter Six looks at comparing the relationship or correlation between two variables By charting variable values on a scatter plot we can eyeball the values and see if we have a positive or negative correlation or if there is little to no correlation If we sense there is a correlation we can use a variety of indexes spelled out here as Correlation Coefficient for numerical numerical data Correlation Ratio for numeric categorical data and Cramer s Coefficient for categorical categorical data to determine the overall strength or weakness of that correlation This chapter also points out that these indexes are fuzzy but they are better than nothingChapter Seven examines Hypothesis tests which are used to help clarify or understand if a hypothesis made by examining sample data is correct We can test for independence of variables if our tests are looking at variables in critical regions andives us examples as to how to perform a statistical analysis of those tests and a variety of tests to see if variables are independent homogeneous and the degree in which they re either both or neither Lather rinse repeatT Saw this at the library and thought it would be perfect for my boy Decided to take a look at it first to ensure that there was minimal scantily clad The Empty Chair girls as can sometimes be found in manga The story was hysterical but the math totally lost me about 23 of the way through Fun way to teach a tough subject and entirely family friendly in tone The boy did enjoy it he read it in 2 days He has already reuested I pick up theuides to physics microbiology and electricity as well Statistics has never been my forte which is kind of embarrassing for someone whose career is in the field of data It doesn t really help that I don t really need statistics in my day to day work but it s hard to deny that every now and then situations arise where having a statistical toolbox would be very handy My previous exposure to the subject is limited to one college statistics course which I took years ago than I care to publicly admit so to extend the toolbox metaphor the only tools my toolbox contains are a rusted out hammer with a duck taped handle and a 9 mm caliper hex bit But anyway committing myself to trudging through a statistics book even an entry level one was a daunting prospect which kept etting postponed year after year after year The Manga Guide to Statistics came recommended by a friend who promised there is to this book than meets the eye That was kind of reassuring since the first well the only thing that met my eye was a kitschy parody of mathematical sciences rather than a valid learning tool Having now read the book however I am happy to report that my friend was correctWill you know everything you need to know about statistics after perusing this tome Absolutely not You won t even learn that much as a matter of fact But if like me you were searching for an accessible entry or re entry point to the field this one will work nicely While the book only covers the absolute very basics it still manages to o sufficiently deep to serve as a springboard for further studies Even if you don t understand everything in the text which is doubtful since everything is served to you pre chewed you ll at least familiarize or in my case re familiarize yourself with the terminology and the Lit general structure of the subject Whichever book on statistics you are planning to read next I m confident that having read this one first will make understanding things a little easierAnd how s the actual manga you might ask That unfortunately is not something I can help you with Having been brought up in an environment where comic books manga or otherwise were neither accessible nor appreciated and having thus retained a kind of a snotty attitude towards theenre in Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 general I am probably one of the least ualified people to judge the uality of that aspect I found the story which believe it or not is a love story rather trite and predictable but since its only purpose is to serve as a distraction to make the content less heavy it s not that big of a deal You didn t pick up auide to statistics because you wanted to enjoy manga did you I mean it sure is fun than the statistics textbook I have But I agree with what our professor said the Keeper of the Doves gender stereotyping in this is pretty awful Of course it s all about airl wanting to be with the cute boy and in the end falling for the nerdy Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, guy instead Still it was a fun read for an hour or so andave me an extra set of examples and visuals to look at as reference when we talk about some of these topics in class I bought this book mainly because I m terrible at statistics But after reading this book and. S spending her Saturdays with Not Quite Cold (Lowcountry Mysteries, geeky bespectacled Mr Yamamoto who patiently teaches her all about the fundamentals of statistics topics like data categorization averagesraphing and standard deviationAfter all her studying Rui is confident in her knowledge of statistics including complex concepts like probability coefficients of correlation hypothesis tests and tests of independence But is it enough to impress her dream uy Or maybe there's someone better right in front of herReluctant statistics studen.

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Shin Takahashi 高橋しん originally 高橋 真 Takahashi Shin born September 8 1967 is a Japanese manga artist best known for writing Saikano She the Ultimate Weapon and Iihito He was born in Shibetsu Hokkaidō on September 8 1967He has been using computer graphics in his works since the time when few manga artists were able to use them