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Hey acknowledged that THEY are night animals Everyone is scared of night animals and night animals don t know that they are the night animals Will they realize it This book is adorable and ilarious I am a big fan of Gianna Marino s illustration style and I think er stories and animal characters are always charming and the night animals in this story are no exception I can see kids giggling their way through this book especially at the opossum who plays dead each time it s scared Night animals being scared of all the other night animals it s a recipe for laughter I can t wait to share this one with kids I also appreciate the end papers which identify each of the animal characters fruit bat opossum skunk gray wolf grizzly bear and great orned owl and gives their basic info and a few fun facts tying into the non fiction element of the title That possumthis book was cute the illustrations lovely A very simple and to the point story teaching children that even big critters people are afraid of the dark or the unknown and it Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue helps when youave friends to The Man Without a Face help you through it especially when you realize you allave something in common in this case being night animals That possum though. Is not so smart crewChildren will love the oh so funny animals in this twist on a cozy bedtime boo.

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Night Animals absolutely cracked me upThe idea that animals of the night could be scared of other creatures in the night was not only ilarious but filled with easy messages for kids to see learn and laugh at Possum ad some of the best lines But the bear Gone (Gone, hugging the wolf was my favorite picture HahaMade me giggle These big clear dark pages show justow dark the dark can be and what or who can be in the shadowsWe all get scared Even bears skunks and bats Recommended read Turn on a light and check this one out A series of animals from a skunk to a bear express fear at the terrifying night animals lurking in the darkness It falls to the local bat to inform them that they are night animals themselves and Threads Of The Shroud have nothing to be frightened of Then some other creaturesuman campers appear on the scene and all bets are offAn amusing premise is paired with gorgeous artwork in Night Animals which is only the second picture book I All Seated on the Ground have read from talented authorillustrator Gianna Marino following uponer recent If I Had a Horse Judging by these two titles alone she is a picture book creator par excellence I can see this one making for an excellent read aloud selection at story time given the dial. Something's out there in the darkFirst Possum ears it Then Skunk Then Wolf comes runningWhat coul.

Ogue between the various night animals and the visually arresting illustrations done in lighter shades of gouache paint on deep black paper Recommended to all young animal lovers as well as to any child still a little afraid of the dark I wasn t a big fan of this Thought it was kind of weird That being said the children I read it to were into it and one of the teachers of a class I read it to asked for the name of it again after I was done It s really great if you do a good job of using a scared voice and tense body language 3102018 I read this originally in January 2016 probably because it was mentioned on an end of year list This week I ad the pleasure of reading it with children K 3rd because it is on the list of nominees for the Young Hoosiers in the Picture Book categoryThough there are few words the illustrations offer lots to enjoy I loved the kiddos reactions to the yellow clouds of skunk spray and the way the skunk was carrying around the possum by it s tail I adjusted my star rating from 4 to 5 after watching students reactions Life becomes difficult to enjoy when you don t know who you are and what are your strengthsNight Animals would ave been ruling the world only if D it possibly be asks BatNight Animals the animals declareBut you are night animals Bat informs th.

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Gianna Marino was born in San Francisco and spent her early years galloping horses through Golden Gate Park Her explorations expanded after graduating from high school and in order to afford her many journeys Gianna had several jobs at once apprenticing a muralist a jewelry designer a product designer and driving horse carriages through the park Gianna explored many corners of the world from Africa and Asia to the South Pacific and Europe to crewing on sailboats in the high seas At work and school she became known as “Boomerang”Gianna finally landed a full time freelance gig designing toys for children but after several years in a corporate box with no windows she left for good and began writing and illustrating books for childrenThough she still wanders the world Gianna now lives in Northern California and works full time writing and illustrating