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Okay This book broke me It tore my heart out then proceeded very slowly to put it back Very very slowlyNottingham is the second lesbian Robin Hood etelling I ve A Crown of Snow and Ice: A Retelling of The Snow Queen (Beyond the Four Kingdoms Book 3) (English Edition) read in less than six months While Niamh Murphy s Outlaw A Lesbian Retelling of Robyn Hood had a definite YA feel Anna Burke s Nottingham is all grownupAn endless feud between the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robyn s family sends her hiding in the Sherwood Forest when all she was trying to do was care for her family The woods are not safe for anyone let alone a young woman so she pretends to be a boy When she stumbles onto John an outlaw with his own secrets he decides to stay with her instead of bringing her to the vicious Siward who fancies himself the King of Sherwood A hunting accident then leads the Sheriff s daughter Marian to themAnd that s all I m going to write about the story because it s aetelling and you already know the story Death in Holy Orders really What s important here is not so much what happens as how the author tells it And she tells it brilliantlyI don t know what the best part is The writing is excellent I heard the sounds I smelled the scents not all were good I felt the angst Man did I feel the angst There are amazing descriptions of the woods the camps the food that last one making me hungry every time even though I don t like game but I d eatoasted goose any day And some scenes I could so easily visualize I m hoping someone turns this book into a movie It s not so much how detailed they are long descriptions bore me and yes I m looking at you Honor de Balzac as Anna Burke choosing the exact Atrapada por la mafia yakuza right wordsThe characters are wonderful theye layered and complex and consistent I love that there s than meets the eye to almost every single one including the villains most notably Marian s father I love the way Robyn and Marian but also Willa and Midge grow into themselves I love Marian s strength Robyn s moral sense John s kindness Tuck as the most irreverent Reverend Mother I love that everyone is ueer in one way or anotherIt s a story of love and death greed and pride of power in the wrong hands and doing the wrong thing for the ight eason It s wonderful and fantastic intense and heartbreaking If I could make up my mind on how to name my than 5 category Nottingham would fit Caveman 3 right in But since I haven t yet five stars will have to do Ieceived a copy from the publisher and I am voluntarily leaving a Trylogia husycka (Trylogia husycka review Aftereading Nottingham The True Story of Robyn Hood by Anna Burke there are a few things I can say without hesitation This is an absolutely brilliantly written story I now have a new addition to my favorite books list and Anna Burke has joined my list of favorite authorsNottingham as the title suggests is a Semasa Kecil di Kampung 1913-1928 retelling of the stor. Robyn Hood didn’t set out toob the La voglia dei cazzi e altri fabliaux medievali rich but in Nottingham nothing ever goes according to planAfter a fateful hunting accident sends her on theun from the law Robyn finds herself deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest All she eally want.

Y of Robin Hood with a decidedly LGBT slant Even with this etelling Ms Burke does manage to keep the basic premise of the story comparable to the original This makes it easy to Rogue Protocol recognize who the main and even the secondary characters are The characters themselves are very well developed It is easy to connect with all of them except the bad guys of course and I became uite immersed in their storiesThis novel will take you on aoller coaster of emotions beginning with heartbreak The beginning of this novel truly broke my heart but as I continued to صفیر سیمرغ read I experienced so many emotions such as fear anger longing joy happiness the wholeange of emotions all in one book It takes an exceptional writer to create that ueen Mary and others range of feelings for hereaders and Ms Burke has done that exceptionally wellI ecommend this novel to everyone whether you are a Robin Hood fan or not You will love this book I know I didI eceived this book from Bywater Books for an honest eviewRainbow Reflections Did anyone else have an obsession with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves in 1991 It was a constant at every sleepover birthday party I attended for a good year All of us crazy about Bryan Adam s theme song and many crushing on Christian Slater not me One thing for sure NO ONE was crushing on Kevin Costner s terrible god awful English accent Justgoogle it if you are one of the few who is not familiar with this travestyThis was a fun twist on a classic story with females and trans males taking over the main oles held by men Robyn Hood swears to protect her family after the shitty stand in king dude insists on taxing everyone to death literally Robyn makes poor decision after poor decision throughout the story messing up misreading situations and making silly mistakes She is all good intentions but she is so flawed not always in the best way I wanted to shake her and honestly wasn t too crazy about her character She falls for Marian the daughter of the slime ball sheriff of Nottingham though doesn t Liebe, Mia, Sevilla - Kolumne ins Glück (Liebesroman, Chick-Lit) realize she s his daughter and boy oh boy does Robyn haaaate the sheriff Robyn does some bad things becomes an outlaw and hides in Sherwood forest befriending Little John eventually Will Scarlet and others from the original band of merry women Neat This was an interestingead and well written for sure and I was all in for the first 50%then my attention waned The details got to be a bit much and so much focus was on the side characters stories Backwards Out of the Big World rather than Marian and Robyn They spend a good 80% of the book apart for youomance lovers who are itching for screen time of them That being said when I finally got to the end I did appreciate why the author chose to add all the extras as we do get a sense of a tight community being built and S to do is provide for her family and stay out of trouble but when the Sheriff of Nottingham levies the largest tax in the history of England she’s forced to take matters into her own hands Relying on the help of her band of merry women

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He lengths people went to in order to help the greater good I m lookin at you Mother Tuck And to be honest I uite liked the characters of Willa and Alanna headstrong Midge even Emmeline but sure had a soft spot for Marian She was strong yet vulnerable put in an impossible situation with a horrible father yet had such strong will and determination to find her happiness Overall a solid 45 it was fun being swept away in the forest and The Hanging of Angeliue The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery and the Burning of Old Montreal reliving old you tube clips there is a place here for all of us to exist as we are instead of how others wish us to beI loved this epic lesbianetelling of the classic Robin Hood I always loved the story growing up and have Fragile Eternity read two other wlwetellings but this one is by far the bestI adored the host of characters and their connection to eachother and their creation of family Tom and his sweet little sister Lisbet Midge and Little John Will and Alanna Tuck and Yvette Robyn and Marian Beswoon my heart My only complaint is I wanted even How I would love a seuel and heck even just short stories of each of the couples How I would love to be a fly on the wall for all of these pairings If you were a lover of the classic story or even just like women banding together to kick ass and stand up for themselves and others you ll love this sapphic noisesThis was very good and it only took me a long time to finish it because of university I kind of wish I had waited to Restrain By Treaty ui Treaty Collection read it when I could have enjoyed binging it in a shorter time but I also know that when a book takes me such a long actualeading time it s because I don t skim Lord of Shadows read too many paragraphs and that s usually a sign I m loving it I did find the writing very detailed and that means that sometimes it was easy to just focus on the dialogue instead but in general I think if youe someone who s interested in the legend of Robin Hood you will find this book very satisfying because it focuses on how the Merry Men although here they Kolme katku vahel I II Balthasar Russowi romaan re mostly not men came to beThe cast is basically all ueer as it should be and I simply loved it and loved the inclusion of Little John as a trans man but since a big part of the plot is about Robyn and a few of the other outlaws having to disguise as men I didn t always find the language used to always be very trans inclusive Even if this problem never applied when it came to Little John himself trans inclusive language shouldn t be somethingeserved for trans characters if you include and acknowledge trans people you should also be careful not to focus too much on what body parts make or don t make any particular gender That s the only complaint I have eallyOverall I would ecommend this as it s always good to see ff Viimeiset vieraat: elämää autiotaloissa retellings of myths and legends and even if I loved Robin Hood as a kid we. Nd the Sheriff’s intriguing and off limits daughter Marian Robyn must find a way to pull off the biggest heist Sherwood has ever seenWith both heart and freedom at stake just how much will sheisk to ensure the safety of the ones she lov.

Raised in Upstate New York Anna Burke graduated from Smith College in 2012 with a B A in English Literature and Studio Art She was the inaugural recipient of the Sandra Moran Scholarship for the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing AcademyAnna has lived all along the Eastern seaboard but wrote her debut novel the high seas adventure Compass Rose 2018 while living on a small island in