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For the xam good read well written Would be better if there are 2 mock test in the book That way after finish reading we could do the mock test Good book The list of practice tests are a good Love for Imperfect Things exercise to do before starting the realxam They might not be similar to what you will get but they help you identify the unknowns unknowns parts of your learning which let you dig deeper some subjectsThe chapters are to the point and do not loose themselves in useless informationHighly recommended Could use a re write and some rror correction It s the only official guide and does a decent job covering the topics One thing that drove me nuts is that the chapters are organized in a breadth first manner. Enced online course author for machine learning big data and Cloud topics Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide is your ace in the hole for deploying and managing Google Cloud ServicesSelect the right Google service from the various choices based on the application to be builtCompute with Cloud VMs and managing VMsPlan and deploying storageNetwork and configure access and securityGoogle Cloud Platform is a leading public cloud that provides its users to many of the same software hardware and networking.

This book covers all of the ssential content you need which is helpful but the typos specially in technical terms and abbreviations are really annoying and degrade the learning xperience Was this book proofread in any sense before release It s disappointing that Google felt it was appropriate to call this an official guide Not giving 5 because it s outdated and because sometimes it s unclear or repetitive but all in all a good reference point It introduces a lot of topics and is not overly dry but do not rely on it to pass the test Make sure you actually try to perform some real world tasks on the platform Good prep material for the Language and Linguistics exam this is the only official prep material I can find. The Only Official Google Cloud Study GuideThe Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide providesverything you need to prepare for this important Divertimento exam and master the skills necessary to land that coveted Google Cloud Engineering certification Beginning with a pre book assessment uiz tovaluate what you know before you begin Love Is a Fairy Tale each chapter featuresxam objectives and review uestions plus the online learning Promise at Dawn environment includes additional complete practice tests Written by Dan Sullivan a popular andxperi.

This means it keeps switching between products which made it hard to remember the details of ach product A depth first dive on products would teach the products with less confusion Afterall ach context switch to different product is mentally taxing and unnecessary Good content but lots of Bangkok Wakes to Rain errorsIt s a really great book for getting a grasp of the GCP Take it as a first step towards certification not as the only source of informationThe book has lots of typingrrors and perhaps others are related to the fast way services are updated Good The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery enough to get me pass thexam butGCP information already out of date as the time this review be writtenJust use this book for reference how uestion would be. Infrastructure used to power Google services Businesses organizations and individuals can launch servers in minutes store petabytes of data and implement global virtual clouds with the Google Cloud Platform Certified Associate Cloud Engineers have demonstrated the knowledge and skills needed to deploy and operate infrastructure services and networks in the Google Cloud This xam guide is designed to help you understand the Google Cloud Platform in depth so that you can meet the needs of those operating resources in the Google Cloud.

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