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This is a sweet little funny book about friendship Ooko is lonely and so seeks a friend And so Ooko goes to see what the other foxes ave that Shadow (New Species, he or she doesn tave Is it spots Is it fluffy ears Is if a fluffy 細味人生100篇 head Oooko tries all these things so that a debbieuman will like The Gathering (Darkness Rising, him orerHere is a picture of Ooko looking under a moose for a friend And the best thing of all Ooko finds that real friends don t care about all those things They like you just the way you are Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an MongoDB honest review so charming ooko is a fox who gets mistaken for a dog by a wacky lady whoas Chastity hairy legs it s a small detail but as a feminist i noticed and appreciated it At first ooko is excited becausee thinks Experiential Learning he s found a friend but the excitement deflates whene s forced to endure a bath and then wear an itchy sweater Die Neurobiologie des Glücks he is encouraged to sneak away by a raccoon who likes all the same thingse does and the wacky lady doesn t even notice because er real dog finds its way ome I liked that it ended with wild animals staying in the wild rather than being controlledmanipulated by A New Philosophy of History humansdefinitely one to read over and over again RATING 4 STARS2016 Tundra BooksPenguin Random House CanadaOoko is a fox with a stick leaf and rock BUTe does not Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction have a friend to play with Ooko then goes on a journey to find a friend and encounters different kind of foxesI love the artwork in this picture book and think children will be attracted by it as well The story is very sweet about finding a friend to play with and discovering the differences in people It is an easy read for those just learning I would recommend this great book to any child and their adultI received an eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Life Blog In Esme Shapiro s distinctive debut picture book readers are taken on a rather unpredictable entertaining and sweet journey with a lonely fox named Ooko Ooko as we learn from the description lives under a log andas in is possession a rock a leaf and a stickbut sadly no friends Where will Ooko be.      Ooko as everything a fox could want a stick a leaf and a rock Well almost everything Ooko wants someone to play with too The foxes in town always seem to be.

GgedLibrary copy Ooko is a fox and FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck he is looking for a friend He is excited whene finds another fox who is actually a dog playing with a fur less two legged fox who is actually a girl named Debbie But Debbie and the dog run away when Big Little Man he gets closer to play with them Ooko is very upset He really wants toave The Man from Beijing his own debbie to play with but it seems debbies doesn t likeim What do the other foxes Creating Lasting Value have thate doesn t Ooko tries very Understanding Markets and Strategy hard to be like the other foxes until a short sighted woman mistakesim for Montana Dreams her dog Ruthie Then Ooko realizes that debbies are not that good at games after allFinally Ooko meets Oomi a raccon who would love to play stick withim Ooko is Immerwelt - Der Pakt happy to knowe doesn t need to be like the other foxes to Modern South Asia have a friendWe loved this book It s funny and sweet The art is beautiful and original I found the message to each their own interesting The story points to the idea that when we can t find a friend it doesn t mean there s something wrong with us we should just look for someone who doesn t expect from us to be who we are not Someone who likes play stick as much as we doI received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for anonest reviewFind children s book reviews in Reviews in Chalk If the message were actually be true to yourself as the blurb promises it still wouldn t be a great book because there are so many others that are so much better However the message is clearly stated twice at the end To each Picture Theory his own Wtf Can I just sayow much I LOVE that there s a woman with Ancestral Voices hairy legs in this book THIS WAS SUCH A FUNNY STORY I loved the art work and the dialog between Ooko anderself Delightful Ooko is an adorable picture book about a fox learning the beauty of just being yourself The simple wording and uirky illustrations will keep children both young and old entertained I found myself laughing out loud at Ooko s sense of And Bid Him Sing humor and little bit of sass Highly recommendedThis review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for anonest review. His very own Debbie things don't turn out uite as e ad expected      A uirky funny charmingly illustrated story about finding friendship and being true to yourse.

Able to find a friend to call Bones, Clones, and Biomes his own Ooko tois delight observes some other different looking foxes actually dogs playing with their two legged Bringing the Empire Home human friends and runs off to make a friend It shouldn t be tooard rightHowever after a girl is told to run upon Ooko s approach e determines that e the only way Building the Cold War he will make a friend is to look like the others fox dogs So Ooko tries on a variety of costumese sees a spotted fox dog and proceeds to paint Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) himself with dotse adds a cotton candy Counter-Amores hat to makeimself fluffier and Dancing at Armageddon he tears flaps off of a beach umbrella to giveimself the clearly desired floppy eared look In a great turn of events Ooko is welcomed into the Double Jeopardy home of a woman who due toer eyeglasses not working believes Ooko to be Composition and Literature her beloved dog Ruthie As Ooko gets a big taste of life as Ruthieowever Cezanne and Provence he discovers that that life withumans and their bizarre way of playing games is not fun At allWith a bold and unconventional illustrative style Esme Shapiro Dark Voices has done a wonderful job iner debut Funny a little eccentric without going over the edge of uirk Ooko is uite delightful Shapiro does well to keep the text relatively short allowing the Contested Reproduction humour of Ookoimself and the bright illustrations to really propel the story I can see Ooko being a straight out sweetly funny friendship or be yourself read for a young storytime audience but for a preschool or older group the appeal of Ooko s riotous misunderstanding of dogs Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) humans and foxes might be particularly awesomeOverall Ooko is a very strong debut that leaves a lasting impression Shapiro s artwork and illustrative style is truly eye catching and memorable and the story itself is packed with wonderfully kooky moments Readers who enjoy picture books by authors and illustrators such as Zachariah OHora Liz Wong Mac Barnett Peter Brown Yuyi Morales or Jon Klassen might especially adore this title Almost unbearably cute Look closely at that cover That is a fatappy fox That is a fox with a good stick Please look at this book No one would at Creating Country Music home even though I be. Playing with their two legged friends the Debbies Maybe ife tries to look like the other foxes one of the Debbies will play with im too But when Ooko finally finds.

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