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3 starsI always like books about WWII This is a story told from the POV of a 16 year old who longs to do ood and be of significance in this war preferably by helping the resistance When he is asked a favour by one of his neighbours he finally sees his chance He ends up doing much than he anticipatedIt is narrated by the author himself I had to et used to his pronunciation but felt in the end that it actually added to the story 3 stars This classic in YA fiction is better than a lot of adult novels published about WW II these daysThe story describes the life of a 15 year old boy in the Netherlands under German occupation The last winter of the war is filled with hunger refugees resistance treason and courage Book 1 BooktubeAThon Done This is a book probably almost every kid here in the Netherlands read at one point I did as well and at the time I thought it was fascinating When a couple of months ago there was an event where this book was released again with a new cover to celebrate Dutch children literature I bought my own copy to read it once again after all those years It is still a fascinating story The way it s told the writing style the events All of it Glad I decided to reread it This book translated as Winter in Wartime has also been adapted for a movie Written by a Math professor politician it s impossible to tell the author is supposed to be a beta He has a way with words that is enchanting as it is refreshing Winter in Wartime or in the original Dutch Oorlogswinter tells the story of Michiel van Beusekom a 16 year old boy in the last winter of WW2 in Holland The south had already been liberated but above the rivers the Germans were still ruling Michiel lives a uiet life helping people that come from the west find food and a place for the nightThen without wanting to he ets involved in the resistance Only marginally at first because delivering a letter to someone isn t such a big event However things unfold and Michiel is not the type of boy man to ignore things and pretend as if they didn t happen So when delivering that simple letter turns out to be impossible since the addressee is captured by the Germans he reads the letter himself And is suddenly involved with taking care of an English pilot who crashed behind enemy lines The story is a finely interwoven series of events and even though it is a children s book as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed reading it The plot has multiple layers and even characters that seem flat like Michiel s mother Jaime mon papa (Livres pour infants, French edition) french childrens books (Livres pour infants, French edition) french childrens books: french kids books, kids books in french,livres en français pour enfants (French Bedtime Collection) get their moment to shine The reader like Michiel is kept hanging till the very last pages of the book and that is a skill very few authors have An enjoyable read for young adults and adults alike a somewhat dark story with sharp humor startling insights and a subtle educational layer that teaches without preaching As the author stated himself war is not romantic War is dark miserable scary and lonely Michiel is just trying to do what he caniven the circumstances A beautiful story and I wouldn t be surprised if I picked up the book again in a few years time Personal Response Winter in Wartime was actually a pretty Severina good book It started out a little dry but it started toet uite interesting I heard this book was uite famous in Denmark and I was able to see whyPlot Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw was a book about a boy named Michiel who lives in Denmark during World War II The book started off uite normal with the town partying and Michiel talking with Uncle Ben but everything went downhill after Michiel found the hidden English soldier named Jack Jack was rescued by Dirk who was captured by the Germans Dirk asked Michiel to take care of Jack This led Michiel to join the resistance and he had to figure out who the traitor in the roup is Michiel had his sister nurse take care of Jack but Jack and Michiel s sister fell in love One day the Germans took ten prisoners until the person who killed a German soldier turned themself in Michiel s dad was killed and the tow. In een dorpje aan de IJssel maakt de vijftienjarige Michiel de koude oorlogswinter van 1944 '45 mee Aanvankelijk is hij slechts toeschouwer maar langzamerhan.

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Ter that this book was written in the 1970 s and has been a standard read in the Netherlands for years Some of the language was a little choppy and I still want to know what a pinchcat is but overall I thought it was a pretty ood read I still can t really imagine how awful those years must have been It is the last winter of World War 2 and the people in Holland are cold and hungry Their country has been devastated by the occupying German forces For Michiel Van Beusekom the war is about to The Undoing of a Libertine get much dangerous and now at 15 he feels ready to actively work against the Germans And it looks liked his chance uickly arrives in the form of his neighbor and friend Dirk Knopper Michiel knows Dirk is in the Dutch Resistance and Dirk knows he can trust Michiel On evening Dirk tells him there isoing to be a raid on a distribution center in order to obtain ration cards and identify papers for people in hiding He Flags of the World give Michiel a letter and tells him to make sure heive it to another Bertus Van Gelder another friend and resistance member if anything Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and Happy Endings goes wrong And everything doeso wrong Dirk is arrested with his two companions as is Bertus Van Gelder Puzzled at how the Gestapo knew what was 4 มือปราบพญายม ตอน บุปผามหาภัย going on and who was involved Michiel doesn t know what to do with the letter He finally decides reads the letter himself Inside are instructions for finding a hiding place in the woods in which Dirk has hidden an injured British pilot named JackMichiel finds the hideout and Jack and promises to bring him food every other day But Jack s injuries are not healing well so Michiel is forced to let his older sister Erica a nurse in on his secret He didn t want to expose Erica to any danger especially since so many things wereoing wrong latelyMeanwhile when the body of a dead German soldier is discovered it is assumed by the Gestapo that he was killed by one of the Dutch residents of the village of Vlank They demand that the person come forward and confess but when that doesn t happen they change tactics They round up a മഞ്ഞ മരങ്ങൽ ചുറ്റിലും group of 10 random people including Michiel s father the Mayor of Vlank and announce that they would be publicly hung if the culprit didn t come forward When there was still no confession ofuilt from anyone five people are released but five are shot to death including Michiel s father While Winter in Wartime is essentially a coming of age story it is also a suspenseful and tense story that realistically depicts the dangers many people in Nazi occupied countries faced Although Michiel willingly takes of the resistance activities of a Seducing the Straight Husband and Other Stories: A Gay Story Anthology (English Edition) grown man he does have his moments of uestion For example his plan for sneaking an elderly Jewish man and his son past the Germansuarding a river crossing works brilliantly until innocent victims are made to pay the price And yet what becomes clear in this story is also the willingness of people to risk their lives to help those who are even oppressed and despised no matter what The book was originally published in Dutch in 1972 and issued in translation in 1976 In 2008 an apparently not very ood movie I haven t seen it yet was made also in Dutch with English subtitles And in early 2011 the novel Winter in Wartime was re released Oddly enough I cannot find the translators name The translation is a little awkward and a little abrupt at times but it certainly does not diminish the uality and impact of this book The author Jan Terkouw was born in 1931 son of a clergyman I am sure that many of his experiences in the war are included in Winter in Wartime The vivid impressive portrayal of the cold bleak winter weather the constant stream of people wandering the roads in search of food to bring back to their children and the difficulty of riding in it on a bicycle with wooden wheels could only come from experience I was also impressed that I was surprised by the ending which I never would have suspectedThis book is recommended for readers age 12 and upThe book was a received as an E ARC from NetGalleycom. Oeit zijn onafhankelijkheid Oorlogswinter behoort tot de klassiekers van de Nederlandse jeugdliteratuur Het boek werd in 1973 bekroond met een Gouden Griffel.

N started to break into chaos Michiel suspected that Schafer a very suspicious man was the traitor but he ended up being innocent Michiel also helped two Jewish men to their freedom but at the life of the Dutchess Michiel told Uncle Ben about Jack and asked him to help Michiel lead Jack to freedom Jack then told the two that he was the one who killed the German soldier Michiel found out Uncle Ben was actually the traitor and brought him to the resistance leader The book ended with Denmark being retaken by the Allied forcesCharacterizationMichiel developed uite a lot throughout this book He started off as an innocent bystander during World War II but was forced into the war when he decided to help Jack Michiel also developed his thought of war He started off thinking the war was ood but started to realize the terror of war I would say he was the protagonist of the book because he was the main characterUncle Ben developed in uite a bad way throughout this book He started out as a big player in the resistance but as the book went on and details were slowly released that he was the traitor all alongSettingThe setting of this book was in Denmark during World War II This information was important to the plot because most of the background information was other events happening throughout the warThemeThe theme of this book was betrayal because most of the book is spent trying to figure out who was the traitor to the resistance against the GermansRecommendationI would recommend this book to anyone middle school age or up The reason for this was because some parts of the book The Lower River get a little tooraphic for younger kids so I would say middle school age and up would be the appropriate age Although I am not that into war books I really liked this adventurous story It is a story of a boy who works for the resistance while his country is occupied by the Nazi s I could not put the book down and when I had the change I would read this storyThis book is in the 1001 Children s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up challenge I am doing Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw has been a classic in the Netherlands for decades It is a story of a boy who works for the resistance while his country is occupied by the Nazi s Michiel spends his time riding his bike to do errands for his friends and neighbors while staying out of the way of the Nazi s that have occupied his town When his friend ives him an envelope to pass on to a member of the resistance before he oes missing Michiel finds himself doing his part to help the resistance and must find who is leaking information to the NazisThis is a fantastic novel that tells a side of WWII that hasn t been told much before in children s literature what it was like to live in a land occupied by the Nazi s and the male viewpoint provides a protagonist that boys will be able to relate to There is danger and heartache and mystery This is a book that I would recommend to teachers and parents alikeAppropriateness This book like most books taking place in wartime covers some difficult subjects however it is not as difficult as many WWII books because Michiel is a member of a town that is occupied as opposed to being in a concentration camp or having to hide so it can be read by younger readers There are deaths of people close to Michiel that can be a bit traumatic but he is never in a large amount of danger I would recommend this book to readers 9 14 and would highlight this as a ood book for boys When assigned this book to read I read the title and ot bored right away But heck no it wasn t a boring read I couldn t put this down once I started readingWar is definitely a terrible terrible thing but it warms my heart to see how the characters bonded in times of hardship I found this book at a library book sale in Bend Deschutes Co Library I had just finished The Nightingale and was drawn to a book that seemed to be about the German occupation of Holland from the perspective of a teenage boy I found out la. D raakt Michiel meer en meer betrokken bij het ondergrondse verzet Hij kan niemand in vertrouwen nemen iedereen kan een verrader zijn Met zijn eenzaamheid r.

Na de middelbare school studeerde Jan Terlouw wis en natuurkunde in Utrecht en deed vervolgens 13 jaar onderzoek in de natuurkunde in Nederland de Verenigde Staten en Zweden Daarna ging hij in de politiek In 1971 kwam hij voor D'66 in de Tweede Kamer Twee jaar later werd hij voorzitter van de Tweede Kamer fractie Onder zijn leiding kwam D'66 uit een diep dal en behaalde het in 1981 een gro