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Our Darkest Night A novel of Italy and the Second World War by Jennifer Robson is an excellent WWII historical fiction novel I have been a fan of Ms Robson for several years and have faithfully read all of her novels This book is a great addition to her wonderful portfolio I iked the fact that this book presented a uniue aspect of placing the reader into the struggles of the citizens that Modern South Asia lived in Italy There are not as many books that focus on thisandscape and even fewer that bring to Picture Theory light the atrocities and struggles that the Jewish citizens had to experience and endure during this time I enjoyed the premise of this particular novel The plotine was also uniue and in the spirit of keeping as much of it a surprise for fellow readers as possible I will Ancestral Voices limit specifics here I will just say that I went through several emotions throughout reading this gem I felt sadness heartbreak and suspense to the point that there were several times I wasiterally gripping the edge of the seat as I read hoping against hope that my beloved characters could survive and overcome such stacked obstacles I felt hopelessness at times at the broadness and overwhelming difficulties yet I found rays of And Bid Him Sing light breaking through the dark clouds and above all I found that romance friendshipoyalty Aristotle Detective (Aristotle love and an. A Paperback Original Also Available as a Hardcover Library EditionTo survive the Holocaust a young Jewish woman must pose as a Christian farmer’s wife in this unforgettable novel from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Robson a story of terror hopeove and sacrifice inspired by true events that vividly evokes the most perilous days of World War IIIt is the autumn of 1943 and Bones, Clones, and Biomes life is becoming increasingly perilous for Italian Jewsike the Mazin family With Nazi Germany now occupying most of her beloved homeland and the threat of imprisonment and deportation growing eve.

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Ensitivity reader for this title Robeson is a new to me author Having heard wonderful things about The Gown I was eager to read her Our Darkest Night is not your typical WWII historical For starters it s set in Italy Second a Bringing the Empire Home large part of the book focuses on the arrangement between the two main characters I enjoyed the farm setting and Nina s growing maturity from young girl to wife and mother And then just as I was used to the gentle pace Robeson threw in a curveball I won t spoil it for you Let s just say the book went from gentle to dark in a snap Well played Ms Robeson Well played Iove Jennifer Robson s books so I was extremely excited to get to read Our Darkest Night in advance thanks to NetGalley This novel was an appreciated deviation from the typical WWIIHolocaust iterature as it is set in Italy rather than France Germany or other occupied territory Robson s books are always rich in detail and her characters charming It s difficult not to ike Nico and his family Especially Carlo I would move mountains for Carlo And of course our protagonist Nina immediately endeared herself to me with her Building the Cold War love ofearning and her devotion to her parents She proved to be a strong and capable character much Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) like Robson s other heroines I fe I absolutelyoved this book Review to come soon. And in Counter-Amores loveBut farmife is not easy for a cultured city girl who dreams of becoming a doctor Dancing at Armageddon like her father and Nico’s provincial neighbors are wary of this soft and educated woman they do not know Even worse their distrust is shared by aocal Nazi official with a vendetta against Nico The he earns of Nina the his suspicions grow and with them his determination to exact revengeAs Nina and Nico come to know each other their feelings deepen transforming their relationship into much than a charade Yet both fear that every passing day brings them closer to being torn apar.

Overall positive ending helped create an extraordinary journey I oved the character cast especially the main characters Nina and Nico Both strong and wise beyond their years I found that they were positive people that were Composition and Literature likeable realistic sympathetic and seemed to bring out the strength and best out of one another I found myself rooting for them along the way and am glad that I got to be a part of their story A great historical fiction read that will stick with me for aong time Another great read from Ms Robson 55 stars Thank you William MorrowHarperCollins for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinionI am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my and BN accounts upon publication When I asked the author why she was writing about World War II and Italy her reply was simplewe must continue to write stories about this time in history so we never forgetJennifer Robson s novel will remind us of a time when many Cezanne and Provence lived in fear because of unfounded hatred We will also be reminded that there were courageous people who helped those in need knowing theirives were in danger and that Dark Voices love could still exist even in our darkest night An excellent book ofove family and survival It was a pleasure to be a R certain Antonina Mazin has but one hope to survive to Contested Reproduction leave Venice and her beloved parents and hide in the countryside with a man she has only just metNico Gerardi was studying for the priesthood until circumstances forced him toeave the seminary to run his family’s farm A moral and just man he could not stand by when the fascists and Nazis began taking innocent ives Rather than risk a perilous escape across the mountains Nina will pose as his new bride And to keep her safe and protect secrets of his own Nico and Nina must convince prying eyes they are happily married.

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Jennifer Robson first learned about the Great War from her father acclaimed historian Stuart Robson and later served as an official guide at the Canadian National War Memorial at Vimy Ridge France A former copy editor she holds a doctorate in British economic and social history from the University of Oxford She lives in Toronto Canada with her husband and young children