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A stalker coming And speaking of the stalker at least the parts I read her parts are unnecessary as well The book can go through from Emmy and Dan s point of view and still have readers understand there s a stalker without their point of viewThis is a terrible book and I m starting to really uestion the choices book of the month makes If I strike out a third time like this with an awful book I ve had to spend money on I m going to stop subscribing That s how bad this book was I want to uit the place that gave it to me First of all let me put it out there that I think social media is incredibly silly and influencers are not professionals in any way except maybe in the art of illusion so I believe any advice an influencer gives should be taken with a grain of salt With that being said I was apprehensive to pick up another book about an Instastar Instagram Star but I d heard and seen so many great things and it was also a December BOTM selection so I decided to give it a shot which I am so glad I did What a sinister wickedly well crafted tale this was about the potential harm influencers can cause with idle words and ust how dangerous it can be to have complete strangers like and even worse follow your every move This was most likely my favorite thriller of 2020 and I absolutely recommend anyone looking for dark edge of your seat entertainment go out and get this ASAP I was literally enthralled and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning New Year s day reading this to completion That s saying A LOT because I love my beauty restThe perspectives provided came from our protagonist Emmy Jackson aka themamabare a 1 Instamum influencer with millions of followers At the beginning of this novel the perspectives alternate between her and her struggling novelist husband Dan illustrating how envy can creep up in a marriage when one spouse especially the wife succeeds and the other spouse flails or fails you decide After a few chapters of thinking this would be about what was once a happy marriage and has now become a toxic and negative one we are introduced to a third and unidentified perspective This is when things picked up and all hell broke loose and I became enthralled This perspective is definitely not a fan of Emmy s and is actually an obsessed stalker with vengeance planned but we aren t told why or how until the last uarter of the book and at that point I was in for the long haul This was the most intense read I read in 2020 because there was ust no telling how events would transpire which had me hooked I love it when I know that the good guy might very well perish unexpectedly it adds an element of surprise that I crave That s one can probably imagine I went through a wide range of emotions while reading this which is always a sign of great storytelling IMO and I was blown away with the final reveal and how events unraveled I especially enjoyed the slight hint of perhaps a follow up story at the end fingers crossed Bravo Ellery Lloyd you have gained a steadfast fan and I simply can t wait to read of your work Emmeline Jackson is mamabare an Instamum and a huge brand with many followers She is married to Dan a writer and they have a daughter Coco who is four and a baby boy named Bear who are used in the brand Their story is told in alternating points of view interspersed with an as yet unknown person on a revengeful course of destruction The story hooks you in immediately you know something awful is happening and it then backtracks and unfolds well The alternating perspectives is absolutely fascinating as their perception of events is almost polar opposite My sympathy for much of the book lies with Dan until the end when I realise that these two deserve everything they get Have they no boundaries Emmy s life is a bilious inducing micromanaged manipulated one and so forced and fake it confirms everything I ve always thought about Insta stars Yeah yeah I know paint me green and call me The Grinch Then she starts to get somewhat tired and aded with it all well boo hoo There s one unforgivable thing she does to her oldest friend Polly that shocks to the core as it s cynical and a vile betrayal There are some really good moments of creepiness there s alarm panic and tension as the obsessive revenge seeker ups the ante and how There are several really good twists as you reach the finale and well played Ellery Lloyd as you sure fool me It s clever and leaves you wondering and pondering ust whenOverall it s a well written novel with a good premise and plot It s a compelling easy to read psychological thriller which I recommend to fans of the genre 4 5 stars With thanks to NetGalley and Pan McMillan Mantle for the arc for an honest review ARC provided through NetGalleyEh this was okay It definitely made me feel kind of ueasy at times There are some uncomfortable truths about how being someone online influencer or not can affect a person On the other hand it was nearly impossible to root for the characters I literally only cared if Emmy and Dan made it to the end for the sake of their kids the writing was sloppy and repetitive and the overall climax reuired too much suspension of disbelief for meI can definitely see this being a popular thriller next year but you probably won t be hearing very much about it from me 25 star. Le of psychological suspense Ellery Lloyd raises important uestions about technology social media celebrity and the way we live today Probing the dark side of influencer culture and the perils of parenting online People Like Her explores our desperate need to be seen and the lengths we’ll go to be liked by strangers It asks what and who we sacrifice when make our private lives public and ultimately lose control of who we let

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Emmy is an Instamum a famous Instagram social media influencer living in England With over a million followers she s the leader in her niche She prides herself on her honesty and real ness but really it s all a facade to make her likable and relatable in order to gain followers which translates into dollars Dan Emmy s husband is a struggling writer His first novel eight years ago was uite a success but his second novel has been in progress ever since For as much as his wife s career troubles and annoys him he can t deny it pays the bills and provides them with lifestyle that he cannot A third unknown character slowly reveals herself by sharing information about her traumatic and tragic past Through these pages we also learn that she attributes the root cause of her pain directly to Emmy and that Emmy must pay for this What unfolds is a sinister twisty novel about an internet famous family pretending to be regular people and what happens when a follower decides to take a step beyond the screen I could not flip the pages fast enough I was completely absorbed by the stories of Emmy Dan and the mystery narrator and love that they each told their stories from their own perspectives The story took turns I wasn t expecting which I also absolutely lovedThough the novel on the whole was dark much of the story was fun and wildly entertaining As a humble bookstagrammer trying to make my mark in an impressive community I was absolutely fascinated by the workings of a full time professional influencer I know how much time and effort goes into my small page and I ust can t imagine what goes into getting and keeping that many followers I also loved how real the story felt It was a totally plausible concept and the build up and execution all worked perfectly Even though Emmy and Dan took every precaution they were still exposing themselves to millions of strangers making themselves and their children vulnerable and exposed I thought much of the backlash and effects of being instafamous were well addressed and also well researched This is one that can t be missed and I wholeheartedly recommendThank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for a copy of this fantastic novel WOW I was completely hooked from the first to the final page and nothing could drag me away from this bookI m not a fan of Instagram and have never paid influencers much notice but this book opened my eyes to the horrors of social mediaEmmeline Jackson an instamum has many followers she is married to Dan and has 2 children Coco who is 4 and baby Bear Dan is not keen on his children s pictures being online but knows his wife s career is important to her But someone is out there in the background watching and planning revengeThe story gave me goosebumps I loved how it is told in alternate chapters you know something bad is going to happen but it s told in bite size pieces that slowly builds the tension up to boiling pointIf you are a fan of psychological thrillers then you will love this bookThank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review This was my December BOTM and ust so happens to be the second book in a row I ve read where the protagonist is a rabid social media influencer who lives a pretend life with the singular goal of followers clicks and likes And while it makes for a great storyline it s also horrifying and despicable Followed by Millions Watched by One is the catchy back cover blurb Emmy Jackson mamabare is the honest British mum of two young children who always tells it like it is on Instagram Her husband Dan papabare is a washed up novelist who knows ust how creative Emmy is with her truth but as she is the breadwinner thanks to all of her endorsement deals and appearances he goes along with the game but he is also growing increasingly bitter with his wife and their fake life If that isn t enough to one of Emmy s obsessive followers though she s the woman that has everything but deserves none of it and this person is determined to make her pay dearly In this debut revenge thriller Lloyd does a chillingly brilliant ob at monetizing the intimate details of the Jackson family life and Emmy s obsession with her social media platform The story is told by three narrators Emily Dan and the mystery follower who definitely helps to moves the plot along You know from their chapters that this person feels deeply hurt by Emmy but you don t know exactly who it is or what their motive really is Through the three narrators Lloyd probes the dark side of the influencer culture and the perils of living your life wide open to everyone online and how easily it then becomes to lose control of who we let in to our inner circle I can t say that I really connected with any of the characters Emmy and Dan are both self centered narcissists I would never follow either one of them on Instagram lol and they never seem to learn their lesson however they are both memorable and make for good protagonists you love to hate I did think that the reason behind the obsessive follower was a bit extreme and not overly plausible although there are a lot of crazies out there but the eerie cliffhangers kept me reading and the last few pages had one of those wtf moments that I didn t expect Overall an addictive uick read that comes with a warning label about technology social media in. A razor sharp wickedly smart suspense debut about an ambitious influencer mom whose soaring success threatens her marriage her morals and her family’s safetyFollowed by Millions Watched by OneTo her adoring fans Emmy Jackson aka themamabare is the honest “Instamum” who always tells it like it is To her skeptical husband a washed up novelist who knows ust how creative Emmy can be with the truth she is a breadwinning powe.

Fluencers and the way we live our real and virtual lives I look forward to what Ellery Lloyd will come up with next 4 stars uick thoughts A thriller about a social media mom influencer People Like Her is exciting and addictive right from the very start Emmy has mastered being an influencer and appearances of the perfect life but underneath it all there are cracks and troubles bubbling away This is a book I devoured in one sitting dark troubling full of secrets intriguing and even emotional at times Also can I The Art of Acquiring just say I love that title with double meaning I received a gifted copy Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom and instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader Mamabare Influencer Instamum HashtaganythingandeverythingAs the hashtags indicate this book is about a social media influencer named Emmy Jackson She s the proud mother of two young children and has made her way from magazine fashion editor to having her own influencer brandHer shtick Mamabare A mom who bares her soul about how difficult it can be with young children Sleepless nights vomit on clothing bags under eyes Her 1 million followers love how honest and relatable she is Before Emmy knew it her Instagram profile took off as her fans loved hearing her motivational speaking about how all of the negatives are worth it to have her wonderful children Problem 1 is that she exaggerates Emmy really does love her children and her husband but she isn t as harried as she likes others to believe It s what makes s Nobody in the UK wants to see a happy mother who has it together so she fibs here and there Problem 2 is that because Emmy wants to be loved by everyone and says whatever is necessary to increase her influence lifestyle without thinking of repercussions someone has a vendetta against her This person will do whatever it takes to make Emmy pay for the injustices she carelessly causes Ellery Lloyd a pseudonym for wife and husband authors Collette Lyons and Paul Vlitos does a stellarob revealing the darker side of social media It can be dangerous and addicting mentally and physically for some people using sites like Instagram or Instaas the cool cats like to call it Not to mention most social media in this day and age really isn t that fun due to the state of our world right now But I digress The story gets uite dark as things progress and it s easy to get lost in the pages as the suspense increases You know what else increased My hatred for the characters There is no uestion that some people will do anything for fame and influencers and that is evident here Despite my disdain towards these folks it s an intriguing and sometimes emotional tale that that hooked meand kept me on my feet I was never sure how everything would wrap up Dark Diabolical Realistic EndOfReview OneMore 35starsReview also posted at Influencers Wrecking Their Own Lives with Crazy Influencer Shenanigans appears to be the new hit subgenre in popular fiction and I am here for it Another waste of a BotM pick This sounded good but isn t First of all I don t know who added to this but they need a new ob I actually for the first time in my life felt the need to highlight all of the errors in the first 50 pages before I gave up on this book Here are some examples1 In the first Dan chapter he says I am not calling my wife a liar Then he goes on in the next paragraph to explain how she goes about lying to her fans He says there s a difference between bullshitting and ly ing and gives examples of both which are both lying There is no difference She is flat out lying to everyone the way he puts it In pages that follow at least the ones I read she continuously lies to everybody2 The first time you find yourself reading from the stalker s point of view there is no header and they start talking in the middle of a Dan chapter Legit the header says Dan so you expect it to be Dan s POV and it all of a sudden starts this small section in all italics for absolutely no reason and with no explanation of what ust happened Sure I m smart I can figure it out eventually but why is this in a Dan section I don t care what you have to title it but you title it something and don t put it in someone else s POV section3 This one made me very confused an evening so hot that most people were standing outside on the pavement Wait it s so hot outside that these people are all standing outside in the heat on the pavement which is no doubt putting off probably the most heat compared to I don t know standing inside where the air conditioning was Or in the shade on the grass Wtf is thisThere s buy I want to get to the important issue at hand neither I repeat neither MC is likable The authors spend SO MUCH TIME telling us why Dan and Emmy are terrible people She flat out lies to her child During an interview he stands aside and reads his own book and chuckles randomly Even in the story of when they first met she lies about being single and he finds out she s been dating someone else for three years and she A Menagerie of Heroes just kind of goes oh oh well Iust hadn t gotten around to telling him we broke up yet How is that not a huge red flag for DanLastly and then I ll be done with my rant on this horrible book the prologue is unnecessary and pointless because we can ust figure out on our own that there is. Rhouse chillingly brilliant at monetizing the intimate details of their family lifeTo one of Emmy’s dangerously obsessive followers she’s the woman that has everything but deserves none of it  As Emmy’s marriage begins to crack under the strain of her growing success and her moral compass veers wildly off course the vulnerable she becomes to a very real danger circling ever closer to her familyIn this deeply addictive ta.

Ellery Lloyd is the pseudonym for London based husband and wife writing team Collette Lyons and Paul Vlitos Collette is a journalist and editor the former content director of Elle UK and editorial director at Soho House She has written for The Guardian The Telegraph and the Sunday Times Paul is the author of two previous novels Welcome to the Working Week and Every Day is Like Sunday He