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Haracters great representation and exploration of the notion of gender PEOPLE WHO TALK TO GIANT BEARS and fun action scenes On the minus side fuzzy details on international politics and illnesses light world building not enough time for the the cool characters to hang out together and develop relationships Seriously I just wanted to say to the author Why don t you let these characters stand still for just a hot second so I can fall in love with themThanks to the author and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you GallerySaga for making this a Read Now on NetGalley for this week Because this sounds just YES July 14 2020 gets down on one knee wipes big girl tears away holds p a ring I am a lesbia. Ashed Out of This World up mercenaries with a penchant for doing the honorable thing is asked to perform a job for Rosie What this job reveals will effect Persephone and put Angel and her suadp against an army Despite the odds they are rearing for a fight with the Serrao Orlov Corporation For Angel she knows that once honor is lost there is no regaining it That doesn’t mean she can’t damned well tr.

A gender swapped Magnificent Seven sold More please I The Time It Never Rained uite enjoyed this Overall thought it could be a bit shorter but enjoyed it nonetheless Really appreciated a future that had a lot of gender diversity as well Plus that cover heart eyes I had kind of anneven reading experience with this book Which bummed me out since I was so pumped to read itFor me personally the first The Child of the Soul and Other Stories uarter third of the book was a bit of a slog I felt like the characters weren t terribly well developed someone in the story does someick research on the main characters which becomes the reader s de facto introduction to them too and the book seemed to need much world building People are sick but I didn t entirely get why or how that fit into the political situation or why people we. Hugo award–nominated author Stina Leicht has created a take on space opera for fans of The Mandalorian and Cowboy Bebop in this high stakes adventurePersephone Station a seemingly backwater planet that has largely been ignored by the United Republic of Worlds becomes the focus for the Serrao Orlov Corporation as the planet has a few secrets the corporation tenaciously wants to exploit.

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Re being assassinated As a conseuence I put this book down twice intending never to finish it However some time opened Childrens Phantasies up and I jumped back into the book and am glad I did so Because once of crew of bad ass ladies and honestly when was the last time I read a book that had an all female space crew on a mission Half past NEVER that s when went off to save some settlers the book got MUCH interesting The characters took on life and the story started to hum alongFrustratingly though once I was finally getting into a groove with this book I felt like it veryickly wrapped p and in doing so seemed to leave a lot of loose ends hanging I get that this is ideal for setting p a seuel However for me as a reader it ended The Soviet Union up beingnsatisfyingSo on the plus side cool Rosie owner of Monk’s Bar in the corporate town of West Brynner caters to wannabe criminals and rich Earther tourists of a sort at the front bar However exactly two types of people drank at Monk’s back bar members of a rather exclusive criminal class and those who sought to employ them Angel ex marine and head of a semi organized band of beneficent criminals wayward assassins and