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E franklyThis one had two fabulous characters combined with lovely writing which made me almost forget that it was one of my least favorite tropesThe hero and heroine are probably too of the least perfect characters you could think of They are both selfish proud vengeful and hot tempered And they stay that way No no impossibly perfect character developments here They change just nough to accommodate The Matriarchs (The Family each other but the heroine is still horribly prickly and the hero tooasy to give up To me they represent a really credible pair of people and I loved it It did make me uestion why romances always have to rr on the side of perfect characters Really why should difficult people not find love and happinessSo a wonderful surprise 4 stars I really liked it. Gentleman has been brought low by scandal and he is determined to show Amethyst that life is much fun if you walk on the dark side A beautiful poignant sensual story RT Book Reviews on A Countess by Christma.

Length of the book was cut off in half it would be njoyable as half of the book Amethyst was only berating herself of her past and fed her curiosity towards Nathan blaming her parents and aunt for making her the woman herself now It is tiring I was hoping that we could be When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) enlightened about the details of the past or about the work Amethyst done now which made her a rich woman This one provided by the publisher through netgalley was a complete surprise to me I m not a huge fan of the lovers from the past who get back together trope I always find it a bit uninspiring and a bit too angsty Why don t they just walk away and get on with their lives for heaven s sake So really for this trope to work for me it s got to have somethinglse going for it uit. To live as she pleases Until a trip to Paris throws her into contact with the one man who still has a hold over her the bitter but still devastatingly sensual Nathan Harcourt Living as an artist this highborn.

My blog review of Portrait of a Scandal Slow beginning great middle but the tacked on conflict at the No Biggy! end was disappointing Loved the Paris setting the heroine with a head for business and that the hero was a lowly fourth son I think Portrait of a Scandal may have been my first Harleuin Historical and I very muchnjoyed it I selected this book because it takes place in Paris and it s about an artist Amethyst travels to Paris to make some business connections She s a wealthy independent single businesswoman thanks to an aunt who trained her then left her business to her Amethyst was a disappointment to her family because she didn t marry well She fell in love with a man who rejected her and then lost interest in the debutant scene So her a If the. HE HAS TAKEN HER TO HEAVEN HELL AND BACK AGAIN Her heart and hope long since shattered Amethyst Dalby is content with her life as an independent woman With wealth of her own and no one to answer to she is free.

I've been published by Mills & Boon since 2007but I'd been making up stories in my head for as long as I can remember It was a long walk home from school and there were no ipods in those days to keep you amused When I wasn't daydreaming I had my nose stuck in a book My parents used to take me to the library every Saturday until I was old enough to get there on my own and my house was alwa