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Stand and defend oneself or our loved ones Simple is for sure the best solution but to achieve the right tools and skillswell it s a total different story Worth the read Excellent material that s worthwhile for any self defense instructor and maybe for any instructor of any material It forces you to valuate the uses of the material you re presenting how you re presenting it and to whomHaving trained with Miller a few times in the past this book definitely incorporates the framework he s put into practice liveUnfortunately there are notable formatting Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction errors with the Kindledition I can t recommend buying the book digitally until these are fixed and at the moment it s only available digitally And these rrors appear most prominently in the latter half of the text so they wouldn t surface in a preview. Based Instruction for Self Defense If I had to sum this book up in one word it would be “brilliant” Rory Miller has a rare and uniue way of xplaining the complex and whittling it down to an fficient practical and usable model He does that here with the singular goal of making you the reader a better instructor when it comes to teaching self defense The information contained within these pages is invaluable as it covers many aspects of teaching others to defend themselves It's not a book of techniues nor is it a book about martial arts It focuses on making you a better instructor when teaching people to survive among chaos and fear Apply what you learn from this book and you won't only be a much better instructor you just may save someone's life with what you teach Alain Burrese JD Writer Speaker Mediator.

Digital ErrorsWhile the material in this book provides a large amount of useful information the uality of the kindle book is very below average There are number of rrors with many paragraphs misaligned and numbering on the wrong side of the page I would have given Rory Miller anywhere from 4 to 5 stars but the Big Little Man errors make parts of the book very irritating to read and probably deserve a 1 star rating But I settled for three stars as the information is still well worth having If you have a serious interest in protecting yourself you should consider reading this book andverything The Man from Beijing else Rory Miller has written If you teach self defense professionally you MUST readverything written by Rory Miller if you care about doing your job the best it can be done This is not debatable Every competent self defens. In Meditations on Violence Rory Miller Creating Lasting Value explored the gap between martial arts training and real world violence In Principles Based Instruction he strikes at the gap between traditional teaching andffective teaching In seven sections Rory gives you a solid foundation in the information you must have before you teach different methods to transfer that information the Understanding Markets and Strategy ethics of instruction andven some hints on how to run a successful business and why you must Where the hell was this book when I started teaching I could have used itand will be better at my trade now that I do Everything Rory writes is Montana Dreams exceptional But this one goes beyond It took mexactly two and a half pages of reading to realize this If you are an instructor doesn't matter what subject then this book IS reuired reading no xceptions I regret.

E instructor would agree with th Reality checkHands down the best book I ve ver read on the uestions reality checks issues Modern South Asia ethical considerations that would be instructors should face I would make it reuired reading for anyone who wants to open a self defence school Superb Rory Miller does know what he is talking about when addressing combat self defense and martial arts This particular book is a bible for all self defense instructors or people who have a training group Very well thought and thorough Deep but applicable This book is meant to help sort out the best way to teach your vision towards combat and not teaching you to fightFor me as total amateur not that useful but interesting tonter the teachertrainer mind It is a tough challenge to unleash one s innner beast in order to relearn how to. I didn't have this book before I started my instructional career If you are simply a student of self defense if notwhy not then it is ven important for you as it will help you face realities that will guide your time allotments and mentorinstructor selection Not many writers make me think but Rory does He will make you think And most importantly I believe he will help change how you think That my friends is the key Read this book Re read it Think and act on what you learn If you are an instructor give yourself a hard look and fix the holes A student the remember the key word in self defense is self It's your path walk it wisely Mike Seeklander Owner Shooting Performance LLC and founding member of the American Warrior Society If you teach or want to teach people how to defend themselves you must read Principles.

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