Michael Parenti: Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies

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Medicine on the deep rooted failures of companies like PGE and on the myth of ecological capitalism It would be hard for anyone who has finished this book to still believe privatised and profit oriented industries function better than socialised industries nder democratic supervision A leftist perspective on many different topics that are rele. Big moneyed interests shift the rules of the game in their favor while Who Gets What - And Why: Understand the Choices You Have, Improve the Choices You Make [Lingua inglese] unveiling the long march by reactionaries through the nation s institutions tondo all the gains of social democracy from the New Deal to the present Parenti also traces the exploitative economic forces that have operated through much of American history including the mass displacement and extermination of Native Americans an.

A highly entertaining critiue of neoliberalism A very accessible book that showcasts the dramatic societal effects of privatised industries and nrestrained capital accumulation Without becoming overly theoretical or heavy handed Parenti lists examples of the so called free market leading to injustices Highlights are the chapters on free market. From market crisis to market boom from welfare to wealth care from homelessness to helplessness and an all out assault on the global environment these are just some of the indecencies of contemporary economic life that Profit Pathology takes on Here Michael Parenti investigates how class power is a central force in our political life and yet is subjected to little critical discernment He notes how.

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Vant in modern America However no topic is explored in any great detail Many times I wished Parenti would delve into detailed explanations and discussions of the topics he covers His writing style is very easy to grasp and I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is curious about leftist critiues of modern capitalism Parenti nails D the enslavement of Africans Parenti is a master at demonstrating the impact of monomaniacal profit accumulation on social services and human values Here he takes s one step further showing how The Blood Never Dried A People's History of the British Empire unrestrained capitalismltimately endangers itself becoming a self devouring beast that threatens s all Finally he calls for a solution based on democratic diversity and public ownership because it work.

American political scientist historian and culture critic Parenti is most known for his criticism of capitalism and American foreign policyHe holds a doctorate from Yale University