Seanan McGuire: Queers Destroy Science Fiction!

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Ch in so little time As I was extremely annoyed by 2 of the readers why were women chosen to read both stories about trans men that overshadowed a lot. Ility ueers Destroy Science Fiction shows just how wide the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity can really beThis special issue eatures original science Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, fiction short storiesrom John Chu Kate M Galey Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam Chaz Brenchley Felicia Davin Rose Lemberg Jessica Yang K M Szpara Amal El Mohtar Tim Susman

May try reading instead of listening and see how that goes Simply perfect to listen to and proof that representation does not have to be a challenge. Nd Susan Jane Bigelow Plus it includes original Black on Blonde flashiction rom E Saxey Charles Payseur Claudine Griggs Stephen Cox Eliza Gauger Erica L Satifka Gabrielle Friesen Nicasio Andres Reed Shannon Peavey Sarah Pinsker Bogi Takacs and JY Yang as well as reprints by RJ Edwards AMJ Hudson Raven Kaldera Rand B Lee and Geoff Ryman.

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Every story in this collection is amazing Some good some meh maybe one I d call bad Some of the short ones I want to reread to see how they do so mu. Lightspeed was ounded on the core idea that all science American Nietzsche fiction is real scienceiction and that science Art, Culture, and Cuisine fiction is vast It is inclusive Scienceiction is about people and ueer people no matter how they identify are a big part of that They always have been They're just sometimes harder to see So in the interests of visib.

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