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Loved this story This is about Emma a friend of Paige who was featured in book one who tries to go back to find her friend only to be captured herself Through several trials she ends up with Ragnar the jarl for another group of Vikings but he is a childhood friend of Paige s Eirick It is a page turner that you cannot put own If you have not read Eirik yet read that before this one or Ragnar will not make a lot of senseThis series is great emotional and heart wrenching and I could not put either of them Claiming Her Billion Dollar Birthright downIf you love time travel and a love that spans time you will love these booksI m waiting for the next one This book is an amazing enthralling viking romance I had never read one before but just happened to try Eirik the first book I purchased the whole series read the first book and am 12% into the second I m enjoying the story though often it feelsragged out at points and I Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King d like action The thing that is making me uestion whether or not to continue past this point is the grammar and usage of the wrong wor. It started with a secretI make a promise to Paige Ill never breathe a word We journey through time to a world of myth and fable to ancient lands shrouded in mist ruled by fierce hulking menThe land of VikingsThe harsh beauty of the sea stands in stark contrast to the men who sail the fjords and open waters Vikings show no mercy They raid up andown the coast hungry for land grain livestock and womenEspecially womenW.

T just Saving CeeCee Honeycutt deadly alpha Male men But trueeep and of course hot So here is the second installment in the Mists of Albion seriesWhile I instantly adored Eirik I need time to enter in Ragnar story Velva Jean Learns to Drive due not to Ragnar character but rather to Emma and her whining sideI can understand it was a kind of a trauma for face the worst aspects of our modern societies which feast on the blood of the others But she saw what her friend Paige had to face as she herself had a part in this crazy circus and never she thought and prepared herself toeal with this flesh thirsty crowd She is young but is a modern girl able to fight for her live in the 9th century but she couldn t put two ideas together and think straight in her own timeWhile Eirik was told from only Paige s POV here we have Emma and Ragnar sides of the storyAnd I was glad there was Ragnar POV This story is so rich of many etails events and characters I would have been sad to stop reading it because of moaning EmmaRagnar on the other side is such a good man young but with. Nd me Bound and utterly helpless Im certain they intend to kill me But Ragnar their Jarl a fierce and powerful warrior makes his intentions clear I know the instant I feel his touch on my skinRagnar has other plans for meAuthor's Note 'Ragnar' is the second book in the 'Mists of Albion' seriesBook 1 EirikBook 2 Ragnar this bookBook 3 IvarDue to adult situations and language this series is intended for mature readers.

Ds Just came across at least 5 items in the last two pages read I can understand one or two here and there but continuously throughout the story astounds me It s painful to say the least and makes the reading of this much harder as it s annoying and should have had much better editing Better editing would have earned starsUpdate I finished all three stories and again I enjoyed the story line but honestly I will not read another of this author s stories unless I find out that the editing has improved I am totally astounded that this would pass any kind of editing There were extra words in a sentence as if two thoughts were combined for that sentence sometimes words left out bad spelling wrong usage of words just a grammatical mess Come on This could have been a much enjoyable read if one correctly I m sure I m not always perfect in my grammar but there was something wrong on practically every page Ohh ragnar such a good book I love that all the men in the writers books are Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου different None are the same and they aren. Hen I return to my world without my friend my life implodes The police uestion me As the last person seen with Paige Im now a suspect in herisappearance My secret our secret Itsthan a burden its a liability A risk Everyone thinks Im guiltyLeft with no choice I travel back to the brutal and unforgiving land I must find Paige Shes the only person who can clear my nameBut instead of finding my friend Viking raiders fi.