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The scientific basis for clicker training and how the brain works differently n this kind of learning The author explains how this type of reinforcement bypasses the cortex and goes straight to the amygdala thus cementing the learning deep Entranced (The Donovan Legacy, in the memory and emotion centers of the primitive brain Theres even a section on using clicker training called TAG teaching to help teach people to mprove their skillsThis book will permanently change how I train my animals and especially my horses I also think t would be a great thing to try n my riding lessons ve been meaning to read this book for years t was fine but not worth the hype enjoy clicker training t s a modality use when training my dogs but don t really have much patience for the cult like aspects the subtle way that other positive trainers get talked down to some of the real world application stories from different species were nteresting to me but Buried it started to feel like annfomercial for the training nstituteclicker expoetc This s essentially the book that most people expect when they pick up Don t Shoot the Dog Pryor gets away from trying to apply clicker training to all aspects of life and focuses on anecdotes of using clicker training for a wide range of animal species I really enjoyed this as a light read and oh man did t make me miss my zoo critters and t s a lot of fun I particularly liked the stories about training fish and hermit crabs but there s not as much new nsight as I had hoped for The highlight of the book s definitely the chapter on what s actually going on neurologically during clicker training which helps explain why a click s generally effective than a good boy and why t can be so effective n physical training of humans such as gymnasts and dancersMy only gripe s that Pryor has fallen nto the typical trap of animal training writers and spends a good deal of time bashing on traditional trainers and how her method consistently one ups all those mean ol harsh methods There s so much good support and so many great examples A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, in heres the negative angle really necessary. Work She explains the science behind clicker training how and why The Shadow Reader it works and offers step by stepnstructions on how you can clicker train any animal n your life For bonus video clips slide shows articles downloadable exercises and links expanding on the contents of the book go to ReachingtheAnimalMindcom.

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About a week ago I read Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor I d definitely recommend t to pretty much anyone who likes animals Even pet owners who aren t ensconced n clicker training can find t enjoyable It s fun and easy to read Some of the stories The Power Of A Choice in the beginning are the same ones that aren Lads Before the Wind and I might have skipped that section f I d known There s a really good chapter on TAGteaching And now I finally understand t The basic dea s that The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right in sports gymnastics golf etc movements are broken downnto small parts like keep your knees together and the learner gets clicked for getting Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling it right I also found the part about rats and why clicker training works so well reallynteresting I won t try to summarize Monsieur Pain it hear because KP does a much better job Karen Pryors great at providing lots of heartwarming stories that make reading t fun Stellar uick tactical book on dog training amazing results applicable to all animals and people I was hoping that there would be nformation about clicker training for cats but this book focused on how this training has benefited many different kinds of animals n the world While t was nteresting I was tching to learn about how to get two cats to get along with each other via clicker training Unfortunately I am still on the lookout for a book of this typeI just did some research and the author does have a book for cats Yay So happy to hear this Trying to locate a copy Looking forward to reading Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. it The books by Karen Pryor I read the I want to read books by Karen PryorThe cover of this book was a bit misleading My copy at least has a picture of a happy dog ont That and the words clicker training n the title led me to believe t was mainly about clicker training n dogs This couldn t be ncorrect There are dogs Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, in here of course but they keep company with plenty of cats ferrets dolphins whales miniature horses gymnasts autistic children and golfersPryors a vivid and entertaining storyteller In this book she surveys the concept of clicker training answers all your uestions and explores Il morto di Maigret its broader appli. From the founder of “clicker” training the widely praised humane approach to shaping animal behavior comes a fascinating book part memoir partnsight nto how animals and people think and behaveA celebrated pioneer n the field of no punishment animal training Karen Pryor s responsible for developing cl.

Cations n communicating with people for whom communication Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition is difficult autistic children andn teaching other humans gymnasts and commercial fishermen for Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom instance The books fascinating and Pryor keeps Sexual Secrets it humming a long with lots of stories humor and asides Her natural gift for conversational storytelling makes this book a joy to read and by the time you re done witht you re wondering at what point everyone else will read the book nternalize ts messages and humanity will take ts next great leap forwardAs a great supplement there s a website for the book with photos videos and links to scientific papers This s the first time I ve read a book with an accompanying website and I adored t 455 Reaching the Animal Mind assumes you already understand the basics of clicker training or positive reinforcement training It was less of a training book and had stories from Pryor s work training various animals such as horses many dogs feisty dolphins and cats She even worked with autistic children on occasion I loved her observation on the mutually beneficial relationship between the fishermen and dolphins n Brazil The anecdote about guide dog schools converting to clicker training after proven success for the dogs might ve made me tear up a bit Animals trained Purely Sexual in the new way are apt to be curious and friendlynstead of reserved a Oh man I loved this so much And I m clicker training my dogs to stop barking and my cat to high five me My only problem The West Transformed: A History of Western Civilization, Vol 1, to 1715 is that whenever any of them hear the clicker they all appear Wow Verynteresting This chick trained a friggin FISH to do tricks Surely I will be able to teach my dog some good manners Very ntriguing stuff to me Every once n a while I read a book that changes my thinking forever This s just such a book Reaching the Animal Mind s only partly about clicker training It s about the amazing ability of animals to think communicate nteract and learn from us joyfully when we meet them n a non threatening way It s full of poignant and powerful stories of animal human encountersIt also helped me understand for the first time. Icker training an all positive safe effective way to modify and shape animal behavior and she has changed the lives of millions of animals Practical engrossing and full of fascinating stories about Pryor’s nteractions with animals of all sorts Reaching the Animal Mind presents the sum total of her life’s.

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Karen Pryor is the CEO of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and Karen Pryor AcademyKaren is an active leading spokesperson and teacher for effective force free training across the globe Her work with dolphins in the 1960s revolutionized animal training by pioneering and popularizing force free training methods based on operant conditioning and the conditioned reinforcerKaren’s 40 year career workin