Frank E. Harrell Jr.: Regression Modeling Strategies

F particular interest to users of the language Ems that few regression texts address For example there are missing data in the majority of datasets one is likely to encounter other than those used in textbooks but most regression texts do not include methods for dealing with such data effectively and texts on missing data do not cover regression modeling.

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To regression modeling strategies that will be Not necessarily when and how to apply it This argues the need for a better balance in the literature and in statistical teaching between techniues and problem solving strategies Whether analyzing risk factors adjusting for biases in observational studies or developing predictive models there are common probl.

This is a fairly high level but accessible guide. There are many books that are excellent sources of knowledge about individual stastical tools survival models general linear models etc but the art of data analysis is about choosing and using multiple tools In the words of Chatfield students typically know the technical details of regressin for example but.

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