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I was planning to ive a 4 star as this book is uite helpful though some answer examples are not relevant to me However there are two URL links shared but I failed to access content that is supposed to be included in this book Hence two star only due to unexpected disappointment If I could successfully access those two links then it deserves original credit as 4 stars Guides you on how to align yourself with the values of a massive tech Love for Imperfect Things giant and demonstrate to HR how your background interests skills experience and education make you the most ualified candidate It isn t a secret Is a fantastic diverse and innovative company and you probably already know that they receive thousands of applications daily Many who apply dontet interviewed and many who A Heart of Stone get interviewed dontet hired When applying for a product management position at you need to set yourself apart from a pool of very competitive applicants The job interview is your best opportun.

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Stions and those answers are well weak I wouldnt rate high acandidate iving such answersIn addition this book reuires thorough editorial look It is full of typos messed up headings and stylistical problemsThe best part of this book is the chapter of bonus materials about They save you some oogling Good value and Language and Linguistics good advice This field is changing all the time and so even if you think you re up to snuff you probably aren t I learned a lot from reading this book and was impressed at how it incorporated the recent changes in the recruitment procedure Best few bucks I spent this week. Ample uestions and answersThis book covers every aspect of the interview so you are fully prepared Understand exactly what roll the PM plays and how you can match your skills to s vision during your interview knows who they are looking for Whyive this important interview anything less than your best effort Grab this book today and invest in the success of your caree.

Auce to Divertimento getting hired but it does make the process easier and methodical I would actually say this isood advice for any pm interview and maybe any job period It does talk about a lot and Love Is a Fairy Tale gives specific advice but in my opinion you could apply these strategies in interviews with other companies and be successful There arereat books a out PM interview out there This one is not that Promise at Dawn good It briefly touches very important concepts and frameworks for analyzing and answering uestions but it neveroes into details of those frameworks Instead it ives examples of answers to samole ue. Ity to do thatKnow how to stand out from the crowdThis book will tell you everything you need to know about etting ready to interview for an Product Management job This book walks you through each part of the process in detail in order to help you succeed in your interview From theory to practice youll nail the interview with this proven frameworkIncludes dozens of

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