Steve Barlow: Return to King Solomons Mines A Luke Challenger Adventure 3

Mussolini s handsBased on the book King Solomon s Mines by H Rider Haggard this seuel both to the previous Luck Challenger novels and to it s literary forefather is an entertaining read Like the Indiana Jones movies this novel adds Supernatural elements into the adventure Elements that were hinted at but not actually a part of Haggard s original I on t think that adding the supernatural hurt the story but I think it would have worked eually well without them. Spear of Destiny and Luke and his cousin Nick must track own the relic before his enemies can find.

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This was my favorite of the series You need to first read about king solomon The book Return to King Solomon s Mines by Steve Barlow is about a boy named Luke Challenger and his adventure to the mines of King Solomon So far he has gone through the Lost World and 20000 leagues under the sea It will be a hard but fun journey He got in trouble with some of his friends This book has been one of the few adventure books I have liked It was interesting how it kept. Having braved the Lost World and travelled 20000 leagues beneath the sea Luke Challenger is back to.

On going from slow to fast It is one that I recommend to anyone who loves to read or who is interested The World is poised on the brink of war and Luke Challenger is once again being hunted by the Sons of Destiny He is all that stand between them and the The Spear of Destiny an artifact that can turn any man into a warlord The Spear is rud to be in the Mines of King Solomon Now Luke Nick and another legacy character are racing across Africa to keep it out of. Face his hardest challenge yet The terrifying Sons of Destiny are closing in on the location of the.

Steve Barlow real name Steven Lowe was born in Britain He studied at Warwick University and Nottingham University and worked at various times as a teacher actor stage manager and puppeteer Then he went to teach in Botswana On his return to the UK he met Steve Skid collectively known as The Two Steves—are British collaborative writers who mostly work in the field of children's literatu