Skyla Madi: Roar Pillage Plunder #1

H a all fine and undoubtedly delicious shapeJake Sullivan owns me He controls me but I never comply Alter Ego to any of his wishes without a fight He growsired of my games but he can't hurt me I'm he precious reasure he plans Uncommon Wisdom to sello Captain Redbeard for a hefty price I'm stuck On a boat With Unseen City the most arrogant self riteous and absolutelyerrifying man I've ever metnot even God can help me no.

The crew had warned my father Art that it was bad lucko bring a woman on board I didn't believe God Is in the Crowd the superstition but as shouts and noisy clashes of metal against metal filled my ears I was beginningo Jake Sullivan Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard the captain ofhe Great Fortune has come for me A few cities ago my father lost a bet The Matriarchs (The Family to him and he has comeo collect his prizeAlthough I was raised among Pirates I've never se.

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En one as beautiful as him He's deadly He's strong and he knows exaclty what he wants He'd be perfect lover material if he wasn't such a greedy selfish an unashamedly over confident pirateI know Notes for the Everlost treasure when I see it He brings his mouth closero mine I expect When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) to smell beer and stale bread but I'm overwhelmed byhe scent of crisp apple and burned wood How lucky for me hat it comes in suc.

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Skyla Madi is a twenty something international bestselling author of a mixed bag of hot romance Though signed with Hawaiian based publishing companies Limitless Publishing & Crave publishing Skyla lives in sunny ueensland Australia where she spends most her time indoors writing with one hand and raising her three children with the other Other hobbies and passions include Drinking coffee