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35 muffin stars Charlotte Braid is timid and intelligent simple woman hiding behind the hideous looking clothes and spectacles working as a records clerk and who happens to be intimidated by the smallest things On sensing the presence of an intruder in the late hours of the office she musters enough courage to confront the said intruder suddenly startled by the presence of muscular male she throws a stapler on his way Yep She actually used a stapler as weapon least Up Tunket Road did she know this stranger happens to be the new CEO Gabriel Bishop former star rugby player turned businessman famously known as T Rex for his ruthless temperamental and compelling natureAfter an injury Gabriel had to retire from playing rugby he now saves the companies which is in state ofrowning Most of the time he s ifficult on his employees but he also respects the one s who works hard It s when he realizes Charlotte though being a clerk knew about their clients than anybody else he soon promotes her to be his PA and that s when their lives changes forever Dear Ms BairdAs of today you o have a slave clause in your contract It means you The Society of Thirteen do everything I say Under no circumstances are you to eat sleep take breaks or check in to hotel rooms with men named EggplantSincerelyGabriel Bishop Gabriel is smitten by his smart yet shy assistant and isetermined to bring this timid mouse out of its burrow For weeks they avoid the growing attraction between them not only because it s against the work ethics but her tragic past left no room for love or trust Nothing stood in his way when he set his mind on something and now all he wants is Ms Baird will the scars of her tormented past keeps them for having a future togetherThis is my first book from Nalini Singh and I m so impressed by her writing and her characters easily lovable While I loved both the MC s I Dheu është flori did not connect with Gabriel like Iid with Charlotte it seems like the entire story was focused on Olive Again developing her character and his thoughts were mostly on how he felt about her which IMO was uite blunt But his charming sweet protective Alpha personality made up for it I loved that he was ever so patient with her and the best part of the book was the banters and theirty talking I want to pin you under me and fuck you hard then I want to slam you up against pretty much every wall in this place After which I want to bend you over my วิมานโจร desk my bed this table For starters This was like it s me situation since there was no much flaws in this story but itidn t amaze me or stick with me so I had to knock couple of starsOverall it was pretty The Roman Forum decent story with great writing set with a right pace and I liked it Hoping to read from this author ARC kindly provided by TKA Distribution via Netgalley for an honest review This book is about Charlotte Molly s from Rock Addiction best friend and her boss Gabriel or T Rex as we ve come to know him I have to say I was a bit hesitant to read this book mainly because I never really had a connection with Charlotte and I actually pictured T Rex being an older creepy guyIon t know why Thank goodness I gave it a chance because I was so far off it wasn t even funny Gabriel is really yummy and I have to say that as much as I came to like Charlotte Gabriel stole the show Ex rugby player turned star CEO with a heart of gold if you re on his good sidewhat s not to like Charlotte aka Charlie or mouse turned out to be a real sweetie that suffered a horrible event in her past I really admired her strength and courage and while it seemed like things ragged out because of what happened you couldn t help but feel for what she went through And the steaminesswell I saw this gif on NS blog and I couldn t resist posting it It s just so apropos Gabriel is a force to be reckoned with Charlie has zero chance in resisting himnot that she wants to I just loved how sweet and gentle Gabriel was with her And it really helped to get his POV as well I love how Molly was infused into the story and Gabriel s family was amazing and exactly what Charlie needed Of course there s plenty of ramanot only with Charlie s past coming to haunt her but Gabriel s is messing with him too I loved how they were there for each other and so supportive I Dragonhaven did think Gabrielid a few jerkish things red roses but it was so funny how Charlie was right up to the challenge They really work well together and they both have great senses of humor The offers and counteroffers were hilarious I loved how it ended but I have no clue who the next book could be about Maybe one of the other guys in the band One of Gabriel s brothers Well whoever it is I know that NS will write another amazing story Favorite uotes Looks like Egor is a uick Mr Peters' Connections draw Ms Baird There are pills for that you know Ms Baird no one is good or bad at sex by themselves herawled It s a team effort and you know I m a team player That s my Ms Baird Weightlifting he said as he passed the items over That s clearly your secret hobby Come on let s reheat this and eat and you can tell me what some of those words mean I grew up on a rugby field but Jesus baby I have no idea where you learned all that You re mine now Ms Baird And I m yours Always ARC provided by author REREAD September 2019OMG Rock Hard was my favorite ROCK KISS book so far It eserved ALL THE STARSI loved it If you love office romances as much as I o this is the book for youIf you love a snarly and bad tempered T Rex of a man being ensnared by a uiet but strong minded PA that wraps him around her little finger you need to read this book I was in love from the very first page And I was so ecstatic to finally start Charlotte and Gabriel s story I had a feeling their story would be worth writing about and Nalini Singh Nkomo The Story of My Life definitelyelivered When Charlotte s company is taken over by a T Rex kind of guy a shark in the business world and an all consuming personality that easily overpowered poor Charlotte all bets were off The interactions between Gabriel and Charlotte were beautifully written Witty funny and engaging Charlotte s struggle was believable and the author took her time to solve her hangups in a timely manner which gave it an authentic feel I especially liked that they had a slow burn romance going I adored the lengthy. In New York Times Bestselling author Nalini Singh’s newest contemporary romance passion ignites between a gorgeous sinfully sexy man who built himself up from nothing and a shy woman who has a terrible secret in her pastWealthy businessman Gabriel Bishop rules the boardroom with the same etermination an.

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And low on the angst then this book is efinitely for you ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review It s Game On for Charlie and T Rex I absolutely bloody loved this it s classic contemporary romance at it s finest For me this series got off to a fairly average start with Rock Addiction but improved a lot with Rock Courtship and Rock Hard is for me the best yet It features a familiar plot for romance the tough protective alpha hero and the shy retiring heroine with a traumatic past but it s so beautifully written the characters so vividly rawn that I was completely enthralled from beginning to end Nalini Singh oes a fantastic job of focussing the reader entirely on the journey being taken by the two central characters and she keeps it fresh all the way through My attention never wavered once in fact I found it hard to put Tall StrangerLast Stand at Papago Wells down at all I actually been Silks dying to read this story ever since we were treated to little snippetsuring Molly and Fox s story in Rock Addiction Charlotte our Charlie Mouse is Molly s best friend and we heard through conversations and texts about her ferocious and very 33 demanding new boss Gabriel Bishop AKA T Rex especially after she threw a stapler at his head when she thought he was an intruder I been Cavalier A Tale of Chivalry Passion and Great Houses dying to hear their story the tough alpha hero and the slightly nerdy heroine is pretty much my favourite romance scenario and I can hand on heart assure you that Rock Hard completely lived up to my expectations and then someuick synopsis Gabriel Bishop a former pro rugby player who s career ended early and unexpectedlyue to injury has turned all that incredible intensity and focus on saving failing businesses with great success and he s been brought in to save the company that Charlotte works for and turns out to be an extremely exacting boss He of course knows that he wants her for himself but he can see the terror hidden in her eyes realises that she s been hurt badly along the way and realises that he has to tread carefully and take things slowly And it s his slow pursuit of Charlotte the beautiful journey they take that takes centre stage in this novel and Loveknot Welcome to Tyler despite the slow pace it kept me engrossed even though it takes forever for them to get together I wasn t once bored I enjoyed all that consuming sexual chemistry that was building to a crescendo between them and loved every second of Charlotte finally letting go of heremons and allowing Gabriel in She swallowed and lifted trembling fingers to his hair tears rolling One Step Further down her face Why are youoing this You need to ask me that A growl of sound You haven t figured out by now that I think you re fucking amazing You have a brain that won t uit a smile that lights up my soul and a body I want to o irty things to and with three ways to Sunday I had a few worries before beginning this book that Charlotte would be too much of a mouse that she would irritate me but my fears were ungrounded Yes she s guarded and very skittish but you learn slowly why she is that way and even though she appears to be a mouse she s actually a bit of a tigress beneath that facade and it s the little glimpses of her true character that so enthral Gabriel Charlotte is an easy character to identify with she s just a regular girl working in an office for a boss who s never satisfied and always emanding and living and getting by in a big city this is set in Auckland NZ I actually really liked her right from the get go and was ying for her to let her ferocious T Rex of a boss get a little closer to herAnd Gabriel Bishop oh be still my beating heart I think I fell Girl on a Motorcycle deeply in love with him right along with Charlotte I think he has to be my favourite book boyfriend of 2015 toate He s one of the guys that my teenage self would have sighed over in romance novels when I was just beginning to La suma de los días discover the genre He s in a position of power he s growlyemanding yet very protective and hot as hell and he s Traces decided that he wants Charlotte Baird pretty much from the first moment he sets eyes on her and plays a long game to get her I smiled goofily and often at the things that he said andid even when Charlotte C didn t realise what he was up to With our reader s birds eye view of the action we knew exactly what his game is and I think I just swooned with happiness and got a really bad case of the warm and fuzzies Even now as I type I m grinning lik 4 Stapler StarsI was unreasonably excited to read this book which usually just leads to sadnessisappointment and unmet expectations So I am seriously excited that this thing stuck its landing BAMAnother thing that excites meThe fact that reading this book and the subseuent composition of this review see how fancy I made that sound SelfAggrandizementAlert gives me a blatant excuse justification to o some important research I like to call Salivating Over Rugby Players Possible risk factors of this research include1 The short circuiting of one 4 12 Unforgettable StarsRock Hard is one of those classic romance stories that will remind you why you love romance I really enjoyed reading this book It s a character riven story that s emotional and endearing and full of heart and soul It features one of the most patient protective ambitious charming and SWOONWORTHY heroes I ve read to Die molekulare Manufraktur date To say I fell in love with Gabriel T Rex would be an understatement I liked Charlotte The Mouse and had immense empathy and respect for her character but T Rex is the reason why I fell in love with this book What I enjoyed most about this story though was that it revolved solely around the hero and heroine s feelings and relationship The issues andrama weren t contrived or manipulated but were esigned to fit the ongoing storyline I also appreciated the slow paced romance It fit the context of the story and Charlotte s history Rock Hard is a sweet emotional and engrossing story with believable characters and plot It has the perfect blend of real life issues heart melting romance and heart and soul If you re looking for a well written contemporary romance with a charming and swoon worthy hero a likable heroine a believable romance and a couple you can root for then I highly recommend this book ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. O a brilliant broad shouldered T Rex of a man who growls and storms through the office leaving carnage in his wake clearly has other plans Plans that may be eual parts business and bedroomIf Charlotte intends to survive this battle of wits and hearts the mouse will have to learn to wrangle the T Rex Game

Foreplay and their interaction at work were a highlight It was a true elightGabriel was unexpectedly patient with Charlotte I loved him so much for that He was endearing understanding but when he became snarly all bets were off SWOON This book checked all of my boxes The characters were fabulous the story enchanting captivating and romantic and the writing was off the charts awesome I already have the feeling that I m going to read it again Gabriel and Charlotte completely took me by surprise and I had the worst book hangover in a long time For book recommendations follow me on InstagramFor reviews check out the blog Dear Gabrielandand you make meandBoy am I glad I The Mask of the Enchantress / The Secret Woman didn t give up on this series after the first book This one was great Gabriel was sheer perfection 5 HUGE Stars Nalini Singh flat out nails it with her second book in the Rock Kiss series No one can say she can t write New Adult now I was glued to these pagesit was a perfect cocktail of personalities and circumstances that Singh gave these two Gabriel is the uintessential man of power and Charlotte the shy introverted pretty girl hidden by her own insecurities Gabriel found himself interested and he never before found a mouse interesting So what made this so I've been thinking...: reflections, prayers, and meditations for a meaningful life different than other bosssecretary stories Singhid that s what She gave Charlotte legitimate reason to be so mousy but she also made her kick ass too Charlotte is so much than what she shows the world if only they would take the time to get to know her Gabriel Bonded by Sin does and for me therein lies the allure of stories like this Gabriel instinctively knows there are all these hidden layers and he expends the energy unwrapping this girlall the while loving every minute of it And when he gets to the heart of her and realizes where her insecurities stem fromahhhhh That protective alpha male comes roaring to the surface and It Is Golden He hadecided on Charlotte The first time he Hezbollah decided on something he Honored Guest Stories d been eight and it had been rugby A seven year international pro career later he suffered the injury that took him out of play So he Orcs et Gobelins decided on kicking ass and taking names as a man who specialized in rescuing Florence of Arabia drowning companiesNow he Guns of the Timberlands decided on Charlotte Charlotte s timidity is understandably hard for her to get over considering what caused it Add that to the fact that Gabriel is the epitome of power and fame and she s just Charlotte and it was easy for me to relate to her She s lived her life trying to fade into the background to an extent It s hard for her to turn it all around and accept this larger than life guy into her heart and her body Enough She might be shy and tongue tied when it came to any kind of flirtation but this wasn t flirtation on Gabriel s part It was a moment s amusement Because T Rexesidn t High Five date mice They stomped on them on their way to other sexier pastures Let s not forget the sexy hereit takes awhile which was another point in favor of five stars but these two light it up and it was that perfect pinnacle moment of emotional and passionate and intense as heck Their chemistry was palpable and I m not so much a feminist that Ion t LOVE the power of a man losing control Gabriel was hottest when on the edge of Mine and I m Yours If you tell me you on t want me I m going to emand you give me your panties to prove they re not : Grammatica italiana per stranieri con esercizi e testi autentici dampCheeks going bright red she stamped onainty foot That s totally inappropriateNo rules outside the office Ms Baird Which reminds meevery time Gabriel says Ms Baird I swear I wanted to change my name just so I could pretend it was me DAwesome awesome book All the issues I had with the first book in this series were not present here The sex was timely and meaningful The over the top Three Maids for a Crown drama was uenched to believable and likeable levels The heroine was a true warrior overcoming her past and living up to all she could be The hero a true hero in ways than one In all ways that mattered This my friends is what New Adult should be Advance copy provided for review Get it here US UK Listened to the audio for another re read 1242017 Is it weird that I liked this narrators voice when she was speaking in the guys voiceFirst re read 82216Reading Rock Wedding made me want to revisit Charlotte and her T Rex 45 T Rex Wrangler StarsI have been waiting to read the story between Gabriel aka T Rex and Charlie aka Mouse since I ve read about them in Rock Addiction I m uite certain I mentioned in my review for that book how these two stole the spotlight for me To say that my expectations were uite high would be a major understatement But Nalini Singhelivered and I couldn t be happier Gabriel is the perfect T Rex to Charlie s mouse and like what my friend Kristen said this book is a reminder of why I love to read romance Rock Hard runs parallel to the events of book one Gabriel Bishop just got hired to help an ailing company where he met Charlie Charlie mouse is painfully shy while T Rex is forceful and used to getting what he wants But there was something about Charlie that Lives of Roman Christian Women (Penguin Classics) drew Gabriel to her He wanted her but because she was so shy and jumpy he needed toraw her out without her getting suspicious And thus their The Tao of Bill Murray Real Life Stories of Joy Enlightenment and Party Crashing deliciousance began And this part of the book was Gabriel is best example of what an alpha hero should be in my opinion He knows what he wants and he goes after it Sure he s possessive but he s also caring sweet loyal and very very patient He s just perfect in every way And Charlie is no slouch either She s shy and scared because of what happened to her but Badlands despite that she never lost her inner strength She surprised me at every turn And Gabe being the patient and caring alpha that he is just brought out the best in Charlie and vice versa Their interaction throughout the book had me swooning I am so glad that I stuck with this series because itefinitely got better with each book Nalini Singh s talent just shined through and her lush characterizations made Gabe and Charlie came alive for me I felt every emotion conveyed by the author and I finished this book being reminded once again why I love this genre so much For those asking yes this is part of her Rock Kiss series and yes this can be read as a standalone So for anyone who is looking a book that is heavy on the romance. D ruthlessness that made him a rock star on the rugby field He knows what he wants and he’ll go after it no holds barredAnd what he wants is Charlotte BairdCharlotte knows she’s a mouse Emotionally scarred and painfully shy she just wants to o her job and remain as invisible as possible But the new CE.

I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating uniue characters love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There's no other job I would rather be doing In September 2002 when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t