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Scroungers sponges leeches These are just are some of the terms that are now used to describe the most vulnerable in our society whether they are sick disabled or unemployed Even the programs they draw from are often called “entitlements” linking social assistance to something seen as self serving People who depend on welfare programs have long been a popular scapegoat for all manner of social ills but in recent ears hostility towards.

A form of deviancy In this provocative and illuminating new book journalist and researcher James Morrison explores and analyzes the ways in which the poor are portrayed both in print and online and how it affects the beliefs of those who consume this media He also puts these attitudes into a wider context showing how they can lead to a breakdown in social trust and community cohesion and further hurt the very people who need the most help.

Them has reached new levels of hysteria with the “undeserving poor” blamed for everything from crime to rising levels of child abuse While some of the press has played its role in fueling this hysteria the proliferation of social media has added a disturbing new dimension to this process Debunked posts about food stamp use or inner city violence spread unabated and reinforce scare stories while normalizing the perception of poverty as.

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