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R but i do wish he was her bodyguard when she was alittle older like 17 not watching over her since she was 8 bless nothing sexual happened until she turned 18 No owom drama no cheating Dramaish sexy times slight secondary chara virgin girl no manwhore guy Recommend YesMaybe Cover Prologue Instalovelust Slight pushpull from hOlderyounger couple Seperation 4 monthsFaithfulSafeNo condom18hdoesn t say for HHeaEpilogue 4 out of 5 StarsSecret Baby at Camp is book 4 in the Camp Hardwood Series I njoyed Secret Baby at Camp I loved Piper and HawkRead for THEREADINGRUSH2020. Now he has to track her down She can run but she can’t hideWarning It’s a secret baby romance and we couldn’t be Big Little Man excited Get the final story in the Camp Hardwood Series and see if they get their happilyver after Spoiler THEY.

35Again thank you Alexa Riley for giving me the opportunity to read Secret Baby at Camp While it is not my favorite of the Camp Hardwood series it was still a pretty good short story with a hot and sweet romance I devoured it This one is the last in the series Very short and super fast pace only tiny drama Last we saw Piper she was rushed to the hospital book 3 nothing to life threatening just a tiny scare so she s trying to take it The Man from Beijing easy and spots her fathers most trusted man Hawk the man who she gave her vcard to and who she thought left her and also her baby daddy. Piper’s dad is rich and powerful but she’s not so sure it’s from anything legal When she falls for one of his guards and convinces him to sleep with her on herighteenth birthday she’s not prepared for him to disappear She ru.

She finds out Hawk never left her she just didn t well wait long nough Misunderstandings and time thats what happened idk how many hours she waited but it was to short of a wait Hawk was taking care of business to make sure himself and Piper were going to be safe for what he was going to do he never abandoned her like she thoughtand kept looking for her not giving up his mission to find his girl This one i rated alittle lower since he s been watching Piper since she was 8 years old now it isn t said when the offical age it was he started having feelings same with he. Ns away to Camp Hardwood to figure out her next move but she wasn’t planning on him stalking her thereHawk is an unbreakable man but his one and only weakness has always been her After the best night of his life Piper leaves him and.

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