Barbara Mitchelhill: Secret Suffragette

Husband and forces him to throw out their mum and move in their horrible auntieDaisy sticks by her mum and helps her right for women s rights despite being so young and shocked by the actions she sees the women doing around her A courageous young girl Daisy is a good role model of a strong girl who knows what she believes in and it was a thrilling read about an interesting time in histor. Being a suffragette is dangerous and Daisy must risk getting in trouble with her dad neighbours and ven the police if she wants to do her bitPerfect for fans of Opal Plumstead and Good Night Stories for Rebel Gir.

Fantastic My favourite book so far This book was good uick read and I found it interesting about historical fiction Great book for Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., empowering girls to fight for what they believe Daisy fights alongside her mum for women s rights Daisy shows fight and determination Daisy and her story is great for supporting the learning of historicalvents When close to her family home the suffragett. Daisy’s hero is Florence Nightingale and she hopes to one day become a nurse just like her But as a girl growing up in the East End of London in 1912 it seems like all her future holds is dropping out of school

Es appear fighting for women s rights Daisy knows she s interested in joining and helping out ven though folk around don t like them mostly the men who feel like her dad to her mum that they won t and should control their wivesHowever after her mum loses her job she gets up the fight to campaign harder despite the conseuences after trying to get better working conditions which angers her. O work a tough job in a factory for very little money Then Daisy meets the suffragettes who are fighting for the rights of women and the poor They show her that she might be able to achieve her dreams after all But.

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