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Y on every page The last Marvel adaptation of Pride and Prejudice has been a isappointment for me in the illustration Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections Sheet Music department with its 70 s tastic purple lipped ladies with menacing eyes and bosoms strewn hither and tither I think Marvel got it right with Liew whoeeply understands that a sweet story needs pretty picturesThe story of the Dashwood sisters by Austen is endearing on its own with the romantic twists and the coming of age for all its characters Just like other Austen stories the many adaptations and films have embedded their ups and World of Warcraft Mechagon downs in our loveyovey psyche I think Marvel s take is a worthy read or buy if anything to remind you of how complex and rich the original story isSonny Liew I m begging you adaptations pleaseThe EZ Read Staffer Jenifer graphic novel binge read installment 3 Okay This Was Misguided I Can Admit ThatJane Austen is my favorite author and Sense Sensibility is my least favorite of her booksit s just like so eh i like Elinor but not Marianne Colonel Brandon and Edward Ferrars are SO BORING i would ve liked it if there was of a sisterly emphasis i just feel like everyone settled in the book and It Sucked i love in Austen stuff when everything unrealistically and unforeseeably and perfectly comes together at the end like a fairytale and that አልወለድም doesn t happen here even in the actual book it feels confusing and forced to meanyway when i saw my library had this adaptation i was like why notbut this was So Boring at least the original isn t in addition to being my least favorite Austen this may be the mostifficult to adapt into a graphic novel imoi L état le pouvoir le socialisme don t know iidn t like this at all but it feels mean to give it 1 star so i m not going tobottom line nOT FOR ME BBG Don t want to read Sense and SensibilityOr maybe like me just Kar Artırma Yöntemleri don t want to read it againBut you still want to feel like you re getting your occasionalose a classic on t youWell lazy friends there s now another optionThe Graphic Novel Version ring ringHello Who is itThe Answer To Your Prayers babyThat s right for the low low investment of a few hours time you can get all the experience of classic literature minus all the mind numbing etail that makes it such a chore to readBecause who needs to know what Elinor s bonnet looked like Or how many strawberries Willoughby picked for MarianneNOBODY that s whoAnd in addition to a tightly compact version of the story you also get picturesLadies and gentlemen it s a Win Win situation for everyoneSo why 4 stars and not 5Well if you must know the author The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment Part of the On Zen Practice Series decided to stick very close to the original novel Which meant there were no explosions no cackling villains and no zombies And I really need at least one of those things to show up in order to give a book 5 starsBut that s just meOther than the above mentionedeficiencies this was a really good book DisclaimerI realize not everyone thinks reading a classic novel is a chore If you think they are wonderful andor should be crammed however unwillingly own the throats of today s youthyou are not the target audience of this review Back slowly away from your keyboard and refrain from leaving a snooty comment. And heartbreak all in the hopes of achieving love and lasting happiness Collecting SENSE SENSIBILITY #1.

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I read the original Sense and Sensibility novel only once and many years ago so I was elighted when I won this copy of it in graphic format I am not very familiar with this style books so I was extremely curious to read itI found myself chuckling over the uirky illustrations that istinguished each character well even in those small frames Though uirky there was a efinite timeless feel to the art with its soft colors and lighting along with the nice authentic You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself detail work to the clothing and backdrops The choice in which scenes to use from the original when it came to the writing was excellent I felt that I was getting the best highlights and scenes from the original storyline The condensing of the story into the illustrated version was smooth flowing and easy to follow the plot In fact there were a few scenes that were aelightful surprise because I hadn t remembered them until reading this elightful bookI enjoyed it so much that I plan to go back and find the Illustrated Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey nowI recommend this for all the Janeites out there who want to try something a little ifferent in regard to her work and I recommend this to those who are aunted by thick unabridged novels but still have a esire to read Jane Austen s work The Marvel Illustrated version of Jane Austen s Sense Sensibility collects the five comic book series by Nancy Butler and Sonny Liew illustrator in a single volu Sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood couldn t be any Think Without Ink different Elinor is reserved and sensible and Marianne is passionate and vocal After theeath of their father they find themselves suddenly penniless as their older brother inherits everything Sense and Sensibility is a story of sisterhood and romance as well as a glimpse on what it was like to be a woman uring the Regency Era The graphic novel adapts Jane Austen s classic story into one slim volumeSense and Sensibility is a story that I have experienced in multiple ways I have read the novel listened to the audiobook seen Emma Thompson s wonderful film version and now I have read the graphic novel adaptation Upon picking up the graphic version I found myself somewhat skeptical that a sufficient adaptation could result from what s basically five issues of a comic book series Fortunately Jane Austen s wonderful novel remains pretty intact The most significant changes are certain seuences that took places in letters in the novel now occur face to face This makes sense given the visual medium Although the result can feel a little jam packed at times especially with all of those ialogue bubbles the result retains the integrity of the characters and the romance that the book is best known forOne thing I really want to raw attention to is the artwork by Sonny Liew who s work I was not familiar with up until this point The art has a simple sketchy almost uirky style to it with a subdued color pallet I found that it to fit the Regency era not to mention the Dashwood sister s grim situation strangely well There are some seuences where the characters are given large heads in an almost chibi like manner This effect proves to be humorous. Alongside incredible artist Sonny Liew My Faith in Frankie Wonderland Butler brings to life the world of.

Scenes involving Mrs John Dashwood Elinor and Marianne s stingy sister in law Since Sense and Sensibility is such a character centric story that lacks much of the action one might expect to find in comics it s important that the audience be able to understand their thoughts and emotions of the characters through both body language and facial expression This is something that Liew oes well or espeically when it comes to Elinor s carefully concealed painReading Sense and Sensibility in graphic form took me back to the first time I picked up the novel It s hard not to feel for both sisters even though I relate to Elinor much than Marianne and wish for the best in them as they fall in love and BOKU NO OKASAN HA YASASHIKUTE KAWAIKUTE TOTTEMO ECCHI discover shocking truths about their potential suitors One thing that s important to mention if you have not read the book Sense and Sensibility beforehando not read the forward in this graphic version It spoils pretty much every twist assuming that most readers are already familiar with the story I would recommend this version to fans of Jane Austen who want to see an old favorite story in a new light Ok so I m not a big graphic novel fan However my 12 year old is a huge one So she challenged me to try this version of one of my favorites to see if I liked it And I actually DID like it The artwork was great and so was the story obviously because it s Sense and Sensibility Now I m off to read Pride and Prejudice I really enjoyed the artwork and how it kept me interested and inspired while reading the actual book Once you have read all of Jane Austen s books its really pretty to find new ways of visiting her stories This graphic novel has beautiful Hostage drawings and its very well made It amazed me how in such a short format its able to tell the full story without missing anything and it wasefinitely beautiful to read this characters again My comic book obsessed brother gave this to me as a gift because he wanted me to read comics with him and knew this was the only way to get me to read oneWhat can I say This was FUN I love Jane Austen and after having some book fatigue from not so stellar stories I gave this a try to cleanse my palate This had cool artwork the story that was captured flowed well and I found the storytelling style to be a surprisingly enjoyable way to experience Austen s work in a Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? different wayRecommended I was blown out of my swivel chair by Sense and Sensibility the Marvel graphic novel The thing is just adorable It sone in pinks and pastels and tasteful little La Renault 5 Turbo. D'un rve la ralit doll like characters that warmed up my heart like a toaster For any fan of the book or for any person with a beating heart this book is a must impulse buy It s an excellent adaptation that is surprisingly thorough by Nancy Butler and so much money in the bank for artist Sonny LiewSeriously Sonny Liew s artwork makes the entire adaptation work If you haven t heard of him before I recommend a largeose of Googling to preview some of his characters The faces and features for all of the characters in Sense and Sensibility really stand out and match the personalities in the book and bonus you can recognize the characters immediatel. Elinor and Marianne Dashwood two aughters without parents or means forced to experience hardship romance.

Nancy Butler also writes under her real name Nancy J HajeskiNancy Butler has been an Anglophile since she was nineteen when she traveled to England to see Carnaby Street “I blame it on the Beatles” Her freuent visits to an American friend living in London have furnished her with enough inspiration to keep writing Regencies well into the new millenniumButler resides in northern New Jersey