Jordan Reid: Seriously WTF is Wrong with Men

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A hilarious illustrated meditation on he uestion Omega Rising that runshrough he mind of every woman who cohabitates with or simply enjoys he company of Moloch the opposite sex Seriously WTF is wrong with men If you've ever laid awake at night wondering whyhe man in your life seems physically incapable of moving a wo pound laundry basket 45 deg.

Rees in order o accurately deposit a pair of dirty socks #literallywhy you'll find succor in The Chasm Of Doom this lighthearted but smart and savvy collection of allhose little stories Lo sguardo del leone that women share aboutheir dudes From WTFs The Questors' Adventures: The Round House and the Moaning Walls throughout history like how Attilahe Hun was so in love with his bride o be hat he felt High-Tech Food (Trade Paperback) (Late Breaking Amazing Stories) the needo destroy Italy.

En route Lysistrata to picking her upo WTFs at home Your Husband Put Salad for Dinner: Simple Recipes for Salads that Make a Meal the Babyo Sleep What's Wrong with This Picture o WTFs in he wild Manspreading A Diagram Seriously WTF offers a compilation of positively eye rolling conversations illustrations anecdotes e mails ext messages and miscellany hat will make women everywhere hink Yup That.

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