Jón Baldur Hlíðberg: Íslenskar kynjaskepnur

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Baldur Hl berg brings them together in this wonderfully illustrated book You won t find faeries he says he ll make another book for that but you will find beasts such as the skoffin shellmonster and the ing of the bears a polar bear with a horn You ll also discover sea monsters that you probably never hear. Most partThe main folk legends and stories of these monsters from in or around Iceland are recounted in this book from both oral and written sources The monsters and their peculiarities are described in the te.

D of The stories for each creature to tend to get repetitive but the book is written in such a way that the creatures seem very believable If you want to purchase it you can get it here translate the ordering options through Google Translate They do ship to the US The price should come to about 40 US dollars. Xt in a detailed insightful manner and the locations where they have been spotted are shown on a map The illustrations accompanying the text shed additional light on this interesting part of Icelandic folklore.

A fun read The only hardcover book I bought in Europe an illustrated guide to mythical creatures from Icelandic folklore The translation was meh but the project was well researched and beautifully illustrated Unlike other European mythical creatures the ones that inhabit Iceland are relatively unknown J Icelandic folklore heritage contains a wealth of tales about weird animals and ferocious monsters These creatures terrified Icelanders in prior centuries but have hardly been noticed recently at least for the.