Charlie Richards: Snorkeling with a Saw-shark (Beneath Aquaticas Waves, #9)

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World of Auatica always seems like such a fun place to work and that doesn t ven include all of the paranormal activity going on In this ninth volume a saw shark who said something stupid and a human with some baggage come together and realize that love can overcome just about anything Westram in a fog of La matrise de l'amour emotion after meeting Noah and realizing he s found his mate makes a stupid statement Had Noah been a par. World of Auatica When one thoughtless comment drives away a shifter’s mate he finds his patience tested as he attempts to correct the misunderstandingWhen Westram McKinley met Noah Redruvian an uncouth offer for a roll in the hay has Noah painting him with the same brush as hisx boyfriend an unfaithful playboy As a nearly two century old longnose saw shark shifter he did have plenty of xperience but no.

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Wow these auatic shifters were very intriguing This had danger xcitement passion and love I found it to be very uniue that when danger came to Noah human and Westram saw shark all they had to do was get to the water ocean so that they could be rescued by suid or shark shifters I also appreciated how Noah got to know Westram s shark while he was in the water being shot at Entertaining and totally awesome story. To Westram and shares that Noah hasn’t answered his calls in two days Westram doesn’t waste a second He heads to Noah’s ready for any type of vitriol the distrustful human throws at him To his dismay when he arrives Noah is injured and nearly catatonic fear oozing from very pore Can Westram figure out how to soothe Noah and get his mate to talk to him before whatever danger had terrorized him return.

Anormal he might ve understood but being human with a history of picking bad men who cheat Noah completely blows Westram off and will have nothing to do with him Now months have gone by Westram and his shark are miserable Noah thinks about Westram all the time and it looks like Fate needs to intervene again If only Noah wouldn t need to suffer uite so horriblyPlease find my full review at Rainbow Book Reviews. Thing could have been further from the truth Noah was his mate Westram would never stray from the man As weeks without his mate turn into months Westram’s shark begins to pine becoming increasingly volatile only calmed with the help of his alpha Kaiser The continued updates about Noah from Kaiser’s mate Arthur who is good buddies with the man also help keep Westram from losing his mind When Arthur comes.