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Ot The Wrath and The Dawn BLESS If this novella didn t xist I d be a very unhappy lady Crazy Never a dull moment in Chaos Walking This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionNot as good as the rest of the books but certainly important if you are still curious what happens after THAT Skyfire The Seven Signs ending in MoM Okay I liked this because CHAOS WALKING And it had the last line that I wanted to read in Monsters of Men lol lol but I knew it had happened anyway But it also had the misfortune of being narrated by Lee who I couldn t freaking care less about Honestly Lee is my bane and I liked him as a person but his weird thing with Viola in the main trilogy annoyed the heck out of me AnywayI did like the Snowscape monster and it was really sadterrible what it turned out to be And I m glad Wilf was here WE WILF Attention Chaos Walking fans You can read this story as well as The New World and The Wide Wide Sea by going here Or see message 15 in the comments below in fact that would probably be the better option because it s faster hahaNote If you haven t read the whole trilogy yet this story is best read after Monsters of Men And by that I mean trust me do not read this unless you ve read Monsters of Men Or you will like spontaneously combust or somethingWell all I can say is My little fangirl heart was not prepared for this story I was just reading along and suddenlyTHE ENDING OH DEAR LORDBut I ll put that aside for a moment and try to just talk about the short story itself Thending definitely made my day well and my life pretty much but I don t want to ignore the fact that the rest of the story is amazing as wellFirst of all we get to see some beloved old characters Lee and Wilf SUEEEE YES YES YESI thought it was really cool to get Lee s point of view He s a cool character and I always kind of wanted to know about him So I loved getting his perspective so much And what was so awesome about it besides it being Lee was this idea of him being bl. That’s when you should read itThat’s all I’ll

Ind but using other people s Noise in order to seeThat Is So Cool Patrick Ness you freakin genius stop being so awesome Just stop Haha just kidding don t stop I love youAnd then there was the monster in this story the Snowscape Holy hell I was terrified of that thing biting The Idea of Propaganda A Reconstruction everyone s heads off and all YikesBut it s not just a two dimensionalvil creature Shadowplay either I won t spoil it but I ll just say there s actually uite a terrible and sad story behind thexistence of this monster And dang it s not what I One More Theory About Happiness expected Patrick Ness your creativity always amazes meOkay and now I have to address thending because it s killing me view spoiler ALKDSJF LSKJF LSKJDFKLJSGHGHAK FKLSDFJAL SKDJF LKAJSSSSSSGAKHGJLSAHGJHLSJGHLKJDFSKLA GHAKD GKJAS LGJLS DJFLSJD FAJSDF KGHAHDGJHSLAJHGJDKSHFKSJD GAEOIGENG AK JFKAEJFHHaha okay I think that about covers itJust kidding But really though I just can t contain myself I don t To Serve a King even know what to sayWhen Viola suddenly showed up I was just like AKDJF SJDAnd then there was a split second when it seemed like she was about to say Todd had died And I was just like OH GOD NOOOO NOOO DON T DO THIS TO ME I CAN T TAKE ITAnd then then she says TODD IS AWAKE TODD IS AWAKE OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WHAAAAAAAATI just had like a total meltdown and was just sitting there suealing with tears in myyes And my sister was like Brigid what is the matter with you Ah hahahaha It was just too much Too many feelsI mean since I finished Monsters of Men I always believed that Todd didn t really die and that he would come back at some point But still it was just so amazing to have that closure to know for a fact that he is alive It s just GAHH I M SO HAPPY It kills me that it just Claiming Her Billion Dollar Birthright ended there though Mannn I wanted to see Todd again I miss him so damn much But I guess you can t have your cake andat it too Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King eh Haha oh well I mean thatnding was still all I could have asked her AHHH I just wish there was But yeah It was amazing hide spoiler That last sentence thoug. Ay I don’t want to give anything away ; Patrick Nes.

Sada kada sam procitala i novele ove predivne trilogije i kada su se utisci malo slegli mogu da kazem da je knjiga jednostavno fantasticnaKada mi je kum doneo knjige i dok sam ga slusala koliko ih hvali bila sam malo skepticna posto je u pitanju YA distopija Ali ljudi moji ovo nikako nije knjiga za decu omladinu sta godi U taj zanr se moze svrstati samo po stilu pisanja i godinama glavnih protagonista Sve ostalo tema koja Nes opisuje medjuljudski odnosi i sukobi su preteski za nevine decije mozgoveDa postoji mogucnost da s Not an official review but OH MY EFFING GOODNESS Spoiler coming upI began to read this story out of the pure curiosity of what happens to our beloved Todd and as soon as I began to read I realized that I ll never get the closure I wanted I was 999% sure that there would be no mention of Todd because of where the story was headedAND THEN THE LAST TWO PAGES HAD ME LIKE OMG I CAN T EVENHE S AWAKE And those were the only words I Saving CeeCee Honeycutt ever had to hear After having my heart broken for far too long because of the opennded leave it to your imagination Velva Jean Learns to Drive ending of Monsters of Men I was overjoyed to thending of this amazing story by the astounding Patrick Ness The tears flowed and it took a while for them to stop I d give this 43 page short story 65 stars if I could YAS I CAN FINALLY BREATHE AGAIN Go ahead break my heart I don t care sobs Yay for short stories set in this world What I liked WILF 3 It s nice to see what happens after the series Rising Strong ended and to see how things are going with what they settled on The Snowscape in itself was kind of sad and horrible but you can also relate to the deeper theme of humans loving to have their own snowscapes so they don t have to handle their own problems And I will forever love thatven though this is a short story if you wanted to analyse this YA sci fi book you could Because Ness is a brilliant writer that way Getting to learn about the Spackle Yes pls Novellas that are free should be this length Like it s Snowscape is set after the nd of Monsters of Men so.

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Patrick Ness an award winning novelist has written for England’s Radio 4 and Sunday Telegraph and is a literary critic for The Guardian He has written many books including the Chaos Walking Trilogy The Crash of Hennington Topics About Which I Know Nothing and A Monster Calls He has won numerous awards including the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize the Booktrust Teenage Prize and the C