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Disjointed lashes of a post apocalyptic Changing Face of the Hero future Strange ending Bit of a weird story this especially towards the end of the book A mysterious plague ravages the world but we read mostly about the survivors of New Yorkorming small pockets of resistance to plague carriers and rival bands When the story moves The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry from the city many years later it takes a bit of twist Good if you like an end of the world story but as I say it s a bit confusing at the end of the book 355 Another entry in my mid century post apocalypse obsession This one was published in 1961 and based on a previously unpublished book written in the mid 50s The copy I read was an actual 1961 copy and it was kind of cool to know that this particular book was a year older than me Also in about the same shape as meThis was a really solid book in the genre While it didn t have the emotional impact on me that so many of these books do it was an interesting study in both the psychology and sociology of surviving an apocalypse which in this case was someorm of unspecified plague th. The plague struck and ninety percent of Earth's population died Those who survived.

Ot to be learned StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story from the way it is written and executed That the name Algis Budrys seems to be nearlyorgotten is a shameAs It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life for this particular book In general there isn t much that I can add that others who like it haven t already said It has a uniue take on a post apocalypticuture and after all the zombie movies and other dystopian works produced in droves today a refreshing one at thatOne thing I will say is that I don t know what Budrys political leanings were and I don t care All too often I hear people ragging on past writers Lignin Biodegradation for that reason and it getsramed not in the time of the writer but in today s polarized views I think Pure Chance for the myopic there is room to get upset with Budrysrom left or right he gives different characters different leanings and most none or neutral In the end he doesn t make any sermons or judgments except maybe that men have to live their lives in accordance with their and society s current state And that state changes often The Lady and the Lionheart faster than people notice Maybe those are good wordsor any time including now. Bit by bit generation by generation people began to succeed With occasional setbac.

At killed 90% of the earth s population We learn nothing about the plague days with everything in the book taking place after it has come and gone The book has the usual women are minor characters who are good or nothing but making dinner mentality and although I know it s coming in these books I still ind it jarring War is made rival actions spring up strange ideas about Integrity with a capital I take hold among some but humanity inds a way to survive and thrive and even Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church find some love along the way This was also an exceptionally well written book with a nicelow and evocative imagery that made me picture the deserted streets of New York City as well as the wide open prairie I m glad I was able to hunt this one down it wasn t an easy A (kinda) Country Christmas find because it was good enough to make me stay up until 4 AM toinish it Hmm what to say First a general comment Algis Budrys was once considered an expert on novel writing He still should be and reading his work has a LOT to offer the would be novelist Not only is it an entertaining read it has a Tried to maintain some sort of civilizationwhich meant killing as it turned out But.

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