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One of the best an insightful collection of essays on topics and poets writing from a native american perspective some of these should really be reuired reading for all american literature courses ExcerptsIntroductionFailing to recognize the existence of genres is eu. Although American Indian poetry is widely read and discussed few resources have been available that focus on it critically This book is the first collection of essays on the genre bringing poetry out from under the shadow of fiction in the study of Native American literature Speak to Me Words is a stimulating blend of classic articles and original pieces that reflect the energy of modern American Indian literary studies Highlighting various aspects of poetry written by American Indians since the 1960s it is a wide ranging collection that balances the insig.

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We are all different There is only literature written by people who are Indian and who therefor infuse their work with their own lives the same way you do Wendy Rose 3In a 1987 article Joseph Bruchac lists four shared understanding Gould s Poems as Maps very good shit. Evard's angled mirrors Although many Native writers may disregard distinctions between genres together these writings help readers see the difference between American Indian poetry and other forms of Native literatureThese essays are as broad encompassing and provocative as Native poetry itself branching off from and weaving back into one another In showing how American Indian poetry redefines our social order and articulates how Indian communities think about themselves these writers establish a new foundation for the study and enjoyment of this vital art.

Ivalent to claiming that a literary work does not bear any relationship to already existing works Genres are precisely those relay points by which the work assumes a relation with the universe of literature Tzvetan Todorov 3There is no genre of Indian Literature because. Hts of Natives and non Natives men and women old and new voices Included here are such landmark articles as Answering the Deer by Paula Gunn Allen Herbs of Healing by Carter Revard and Song Poetry and Language Expression and Perception by Simon Ortiz all pieces that have shaped how we think about Native poetry Among the contributions appearing for the first time are Elaine Jahner writing on Paula Gunn Allen's use of formal structures; Robert Nelson addressing pan Indian tropes of emergence survival return and renewal; and Janet McAdams focusing on Carter

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Dean Rader has published widely in the fields of poetry American Indian studies and popular culture His debut collection of poems Works & Days won the 2010 T S Eliot Poetry Prize judged by Claudia Keelan In 2009 Kelly Cherry selected his poem “Hesiod in Oklahoma 1934” for the prestigious Sow’s Ear Poetry Prize Other poems have appeared in Cincinnati Review Berkeley Poetry Review uar