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Different times during his life Before the war During the war and after If you like the book series Spirit Animals you will like this book This book is a amazing choice for fantasy book fans It is a bit confusing if you haven t already read the whole spirit animals series Basically it shows why Shane the main character became the biggest nemy of the heroes in the main series Conor MelinRolan and abeke When he was little his father the king of his homeland captured a man named zerif who worked for the conuerors He persuaded Shane to free him and also persuaded him to join the conuerors Shane s dream had always been to summon a spirit animal this happens in a sacred ceremony called a nectar ceremony when children are given the chance to summon a spirit animal Shane had failed his test and when zerif offered him a guerenteed way to get a spirit animal he was sold But doing this ment he now had to do what zerif told him to Shane nded up being the leader of the conuerors and with his spirit animal gerthon the cobra he set out for RolanAbekeMelinand Conor First King Shane bonds with Gravh an alligator He becomes the Devouer and steals the talismans of the great beasts He fights a Greencloack and helps save a boy named Achi He gets recruits from his army know as Conuerors Achi as mad at Shane for bringing him to his father who betrayed his village Th. And devastated familiesShane is a Conueror A boy himself he's been both a mysterious friend and cunning foe to the heroes with a past complicated than any of them realized Now Shane's story will finally be told and history will be written by the victorsAuthor BioNick Eliopulos is the author of Spirit Animals The Book of Shane a series of.

I think this is a great book because it really xplains all the details you need to know to imagine the pictures in your head and because it has good ideas to Отчаяние Otchayanie explain and write the book Great Interesting read as it is from thenemy s point of view It gives a lot of insight on the Spirit Animal Series 25 stars really Not uite as ngaging as the Spirit Animals series but maybe it ll get better Good bookI thought that this book was really good and I m going to continue the series because it nds on a good cliff hanger It was interesting to understand Shane s story after having read the Spirit Animals series Readers can see what happened in Shane s life to help make him who he is and why he makes the decisions he does I Tamara de Lempicka enjoyed reading this book and learning about this character Injoyed seeing how Shane developed and grew with his twisted understanding of life The uestion that really still plays in my mind is Did Shane really have a choice about which side he was fighting forAnyone who likes a little added insight into Shane and his choices will Wild Texas Blossom enjoy this story This book is about the life of shane before the war It shows his family how he got his spirit animal and how people lived in Stetriol Even though it is a short book it makes up for it with the seuels I liked it a lot It s cool because the books are kinda made up of parts and they show. This trilogy of shorts shines a light on one of the most compelling and dangerous villains of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling seriesThere are two sides to very storyThroughout their uest to save the world Conor Abeke Meilin and Rollan have faced off against a brutal nemy force the Conuerors Their vicious tactics have toppled countries.

E war nds and there is a big celebration Shane tracks his old tutor Yumaris and finds Conuerors trapped in an abandoned temple They find a secret tunnel Shane leaves the group and finds Yumaris He returns to safety The theme for this book is to not judge people For one xample Shane was known as the bad guy but he helped Achi when he got home He carried him to safety Another Bulan Luka Parah example is how people thought of Shane as the bad guy but he helped Karmoscape to safety A final Big Mal The High Life and Hard Times of Malcolm Allison Football Legend example is how Zerif was acting like a nice foreigner that wanted to help but in thend he was a horrible villain This teaches that looks can be deceiving and that we should get to know people before we judge them or trust them Some things I like about this book is how it was from the bad guy s point of view So then you could see he wasn t so bad and that he was just trying to help his kingdom I like how people could have spirit animals the idea is uniue and fun Although I don t like how it jumps forward in time occasionally so I am confused momentarily I also don t like how there are no chapters It just has part 123 and 4 One other thing I don t like is how it takes place during a war so there is some violence although it is not detailed I really Hikmah ketulusan enjoy this book It shows the story in a different point of view It really helps you understand why the conuerors hate the greencloak. E novellas set in the world of the bestselling multi platform series His short stories have appeared in Spirit Animals Tales of the Great Beasts and Stuck in the Middle Seventeen Comics from an Unpleasant Age An avid fan of comics games and monster movies he lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan as anditor of books for kids and teens.

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Nick Eliopulos was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida where he grew up on a steady diet of super hero comics and “non fiction” books about alien abductions psychic phenomena and Sasuatch He was fortunate to have parents and teachers who encouraged his off beat reading habits which ultimately led him to pursue a degree in cultural studies at the University of FloridaShortly after gradu