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Elf and of forgiveness It also as beautiful practices in it and useful practices to use later on Unfortunately I ended up DNFing this book I just couldn t make it through It s a shame because I love following the author on Instagram and I find value in the things e says there This book felt very repetitive and not fully fleshed out I m still a fan of Sah but perhaps is wr Spiritually Sassy by Sah D Simone is free NetGalley ebook that I read in late SeptemberThis is about gaining fierce self loving and meaningful empowerment where you shove aside the want of material things and the snares of doubt and fear that tie you down D Simone whose narrative voice reminds me a whole lot of Dumares a cast member of The Circle Brazil Skyfire The Seven Signs holds tenets to tantric Buddhism and narrative therapy He puts emphasis on what is uniue not what makes us all the same keeping vibrant and a source of loving energy with inner freedom and po. About your dreams and goals and learn powerful manifestation practices toelp make them The Idea of Propaganda A Reconstruction happen Embrace your superpowers the gifts and talents thatelp you live your purpose The importance of looking beyond yourself to your community your tribe and Shadowplay how you give back Plus tons of practices for meditation breath work mantra movement journaling working with your mind and “It is my mission in life toelp you find your sass whatever that means for you” writes Sah “so it can radiate out and touch everything you do” Spiritually Sassy isn’t a uick fix spiritual bypassing or entitlement It’s a life embracing path to awakening in modern times Dive in to uncover your most radically authentic and spiritual self and get sassy.

Recommend this book Sah is the piece of my puzzle that was missing I know I m doing the work but One More Theory About Happiness his teaching methods speak directly to my soul This book is everything the world needs right now Love this and love Sah Lots of gems inere and a big focus on joy which is Sah s signature Really useful and To Serve a King helpful Loved the book Iave earmarked so many pages to come back to full of such great advice and I will definitely be incorporating all of Claiming Her Billion Dollar Birthright his wisdom into my daily life I found Sah on Instagram and loveim I wasn t sure what to expect from the book as sometimes these things can be overly fluffy but Spiritually Sassy provides practical tools and offers much than surface level insights on what it takes to live an authentic life Amazing book that s taught me so much about life and myself and my Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King heart I ve done Sahs online courses and this is such a beautifully written and useful guide to reconnecting with yours. Piritual” enough With Spiritually Sassy Sah distills the art of living well in our modern world into eight radical yet totally attainable steps By incorporating scientifically backed principles of modern psychology with time tested Buddhist techniues and aeavy dose of sassy sauce Sah will Saving CeeCee Honeycutt help you unblock youreart befriend your mind and live your truth out loud In other words Velva Jean Learns to Drive he’llelp you find your sass Highlights include Clear out old ways of thinking to make room for a new story that reflects your fabulous eart and uiets your inner critic Overcome imposter syndrome and know you are worthy of love abundance and joy Get out of your own way in a big way Uncover your true self to become spiritual and sassy AF Get real.

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Solid intro to aspects of mindfulness and Buddhism not as sassy as opedHaving read Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου hardcore Zen by Brad Warner some years ago another good read if you like casual and at times irreverent language to frame these ideas as someone familiar with Buddhism but preferring an informal approach after listening to a podcast interview with Sah I wasappy to buy the book Why His voice is wild unrestrai Sah is not just an author but an incredible writer Sah effortlessly intertwines is own life story with practical and energetic teachings within Spiritually Sassy His writing is not repetitive like I find in most self Babes in the Wood help books All of the practices explained throughout the book are also listed in the back so that youave the basis of everything you need in one place Spiritually Sassy is full of actionable steps you can take as you read the book along with steps that will take time depending on your personal need I Windy City Blues Tunnel Vision 2 VI Warshawski Mysteries in 1 VI Warshawski Novels Audio highly. Transform your mind open youreart and Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage help the world by uncovering and celebrating the authentic you Wild dance parties vegan cake and meaningful spirituality Stop trying to put yourself into a box of what spirituality “should” look like becauseoney being yourself is spiritualThis is what Sah D’Simone shares in Spiritually Sassy a guide for a generation that celebrates diversity authenticity and freedom both in life and on the spiritual path A ueer brown flamboyant immigrant spiritual seeker Sah is a voice for anyone who wants to grow in creative ways To be of service and make an impact on the world To embrace their fierce funny and fabulous selves even the parts they might feel ashamed of or figure just aren’t “s.