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Waste of space son and maybe covering up what he may have done I found appalling The whole family are nightmaresrich and entitled with not a hint of moral fibre among them For one mother to act n the last way she d expect another to behave was really awful behaviourI lost patience with Blood Runs Green it when they chose to keep Finn home from schoolthat wasdiotic as police hadn t named the girl found by then so how did they think they were going to explain that And Sarah blithely talked to Finn about the accident without even figuring out whether he remembered exactly what happened or notshe didn t even ASK him and for me that doesn t ring true at allI got to the line I decide this Charting an Empire is a learning opportunity but not one that he should go to jail for and I d seen enough Like he d mistakenly pushed another kid off a swing or something similar I mean she s a nitwit I have to partly believen something and none of this was ringing true to me at all A pity as the Colored Property idea was a great oneI did givet an extra star as by the time I gave up a uarter of the way Desire and Truth in I hadn t highlighted one mistake whichs great going I ve received this free e arc from Netgalley to post a honest review this fall In Cara Reinard s newest domestic suspense debut Sweet Water this shocking tale will send bon. The night leads Sarah and Martin to the woods where they find Finn The Exiles Gallery injured dazed and weeping near his girlfriend’s dead body Convinced he’snnocent Sarah and Martin agree to protect their son at any cost and not report the crimeBut there are things Sarah finds hard to reconcile a cover up by Martin’s famil.

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You won t want to put Dislocating China it downI don t often finish a bookn less than 24 hours but I just had to know how Childerley it would end Well written and I look forward to reading from this author Recommending to those who like mystery and suspense and especially to thosen and around Pittsburgh Always a treat to read a book set Cultural Excursions in a familiar area andn locations one has actually visited What happens when your teenaged son calls you Cruelty and Laughter in the middle of the night because hes Cop Knowledge in serious trouble What happens when you are 20 yearsnto a marriage and you start to uestion whether your spouse Cultural Aesthetics is a trustworthyreliable partner Do you really know your family What happens when you find yourselfn a tangled mess that you didn t create The characters were realistic Not many were likeable and even the likeable characters had some unfavorable moments If you ve read my previous reviews you know likeable characters are not a pre reuisite to 5 star reviews People aren t perfect Class and Conformity in real lifeI do not expect perfect chara My Kindle First choice this month butt turned out not to be my thing at all and just ended up frustrating and Descartes and His Contemporaries irritating men eual measure The way Sarah goes along with whatever Martin demands got on my nerves as to listen to her she had backbone than that Then to back up her. What did her son do High Tide at Midnight in the woods last night Does a mother really want to knowIt’s what Sarah Ellsworth dreamed of Marriage to her childhood sweetheart Martin Livingn a historic mansion Education and Equality in Pennsylvania’s most exclusive borough And Finn a teenage son with so much promise UntilA call for helpn the middle of.

E numbing shockwaves on every page from start to finish For Sarah Denning she had everything she could dream of when she married Martin Ellsworth her college sweetheart and lived Deceptive Beauties in the life of luxuryn Sewickley Pennsylvania But when Sarah and Martin discovers their son Finn next to a dead woman near the lake Dangerous Work it changed everything on what they did and didn t do They left the crime scene and took their son back home for evaluation She uestioned everything about her relationship with Martin like when she met himn college Flavor and Soul in flashbacks and throughout her twenty year marriage The Ellsworth had political and law enforcement connections to control manipulate and distort everything like making evidence disappear to cover up their tracks They ve been doingt for year when law s powerful with money As Sarah begins to learn about what happened to Finn that night the chain reaction of dominoes falls nto place and secrets resurface front and center She s determined than ever to discover the truth even f t might cost her everything until t came tumbling down when her house was set on fire This gave her the encourage to free herself from her Martin and his family s house of cards to knock t down to the ground Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life in a shocking and twisting ending you would never believe. Y that’s so unnervingly cold blooded Finn’s lies to the authorities are too comfortable too proficient not to arouse her suspicions Even the secrets of the old house she livesn seem to be connected to the ncident As each troubling event unfolds Sarah must decide how far she’ll go to save her perfect life.