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Une And a man Jaues Lambert won t stop ntil he gets everything he wants including AnnjaReview I actually liked this story for a change I found that it was actually written by a female writer named Michele Hauf who writes romance novels for a living She has blended history with fiction and made for an incredibly intriguing and exciting story I think in my opinion female writers are better able to nderstand Annya s emotions as well as her relationships and romance entanglements she comes across than male writers And no I m not being sexist Just my humble opinion I am totally into history and the fact that the writer of this installment sed the Three Musketeers as a background both intrigued and fascinated me at the same time I also appreciated the back flashes to the 17th century to the time of Charles de Castel aka D Artagnon and Louis XIV Books like this one make you want to go back and read about Dumas and the real musketeersCharacters Ascher Vallois is a pt archealogist and treasure hunter and he also teaches fencing When threatened by the Davids Sling uber villian of the book Jack Jacues Lambert aka Mad Bloody Jack from his childhood days he has no choice but to agree Ascher leads Annja into danger at each and every turn including lying and stealing the map that was contained in the rapier itself In the end it turns out he has major feelings for AnnyaJacuest Lambert owns a company called BHCD who does cloning of historial figures 30 years ago he watched as his twin brother died of kidney failure because his family didn t have the means to pay for the transplant necessary to keep him alive He vowed that he would do something about it His companyses of steam cells to impregnant woman which to me was a bit creepy when you read how they got the DNA itselfRoux makes a guest appearance in this installment when he realizes that with Lamberts help he can once and all figure out if Joan of Arc and Annya are related Roux wants to know why the sword choose Annya in the first place To Annya s credit she seems disinterested We shall see Of course Roux himself was not too happy to learn that the DNA from Joan went Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields up in flames along with Lamberts companyThis time the entire storyline was told exclusively in and around Paris France including in the catacombsnderneath There were two minor characters that aren t really necessary to the whole storyI give this installment 4 stars because of the overall storyline and the fact that they don t fly all over the world searching for something that may or may not exist I wonder what her history really is What was the sample in the DNA I feel like the author le. Ing monarch and has been missing since the seventeenth centuryAnd Ascher Vallois one of Annja's treasure hunting friends believes he has located the site of the relicBut when Annja meets with Vallois she learns that.

One of the better stories in a while All for one In this one Annja goes after one of the three Musketeers swords and treasure It was good and I liked it but it wasn t great There were somethings she did that seemed out of character for her Although it was still an enjoyable story Even if you don t know much about the three Musketeers like me Archeologist and tv show host Annja Creed is intrigued by the reported find of a sword Learner Strategies in Language Learning used by a famed Musketeer in France by a contact she meant online Arriving at the site sheickly finds that the sword may be the key to a larger treasure and the man who invited her is holding back from her information that may get both of them killedThis is first book in the series that I ve read by this guest author and she hits this one out of the park She has done her homework on France and the city of Paris and most important the character of Annja is the heroine she deserves to be She keeps a cool head in dire situations keeps a steady moral compass and doesn t let her hormones overrule her head when it comes to the very good looking but not very trustworthy French treasure hunter who is pursuing the treasure linked to the swordNumber fifteen in this series is one of the best so far Wowthe three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas and a treasure hunt mixed in with an illegal cloning lab in Paris Annja joins in an amateur dig with Ascher a hunky fencing instructor in France to find the presentation sword given to D Artagnan by Dangerously Placed ueen Anne which turns out to have a hidden treasure map Unfortunately a biopirate wants their find badly enough to killAnnja and Ascher combine their skills to track down the clues left by Dumas and his ghostwriter Mauet which leads them into the tunnelsnder Paris And in the background Roux takes advantage of a genetics lab interested in historical figures to learn something about Annja s heritageI really enjoyed the literary inclusionI m tempted to re read Dumas Three M Plot Summary In need of a much needd break from work and some recent near death adventures like each and every book thus far archaeologist Annja Creed visits France to indulge one of her greatest fantasies finding D Artagnan s lost sword The rapier was a gift from the reigning monarch and has been missing since the seventeenth century And Ascher Vallois one of Annja s treasure hunting friends from the internet believes that he has located the site of the relic But when Annja meets with Vallois she learns that he s made a huge sacrifice to protect the sword and its secret from a relic hunter one of his kidney s Annja discovers that the artifact holds the key to a fort. In need of a break from work and some recent near death adventures archaeologist Annja Creed visits France to indulge one of her greatest fantasies finding D'Artagnan's lost sword The rapier was a gift from the reign.

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Ft Just Destiny us on a cliff hanger but the read was still very very very good I love the history and I love France This was probably the second most frustrating book in the series Asher is just an a I hoped she would shoot him right at the start of the book and felt he deserved to die during the entire story That she even considered this guy romantically I cannotnderstand on any level He is a weak lying idiot without any principals what so ever He put her in huge danger without even the decency of informing her This one was a better one It s all getting modern and with the times And her friend survived for a change Thank goodness I d start thinking twice about adventures if everyone was dying around me lol This was the first book in the series that was actually written by a woman and sadly I was a little disappointed The story wasn t bad there was plenty of action and the writing was decent but there was no sparkle As well there was several forced attempts to fit in a mostly romantic touch which doesn t really work for the series Annja isn t exactly celibate but she doesn t think in terms of romance all the time She s closer to Modesty Blaise in that regardBut beyond that the artifact in this book is the sword of D Artagnan There is the romantic male a treasure hunter who wants to find the sword and related treasure to fund his fencing school and the villain who runs a biofirm funded by stolen treasures As well Roux makes an appearance and ends Paradise Run up going to the villain was a set of hairs he still had from Joan of Arc would the dna be recoverable after all these centuries and a sample from Annja He wants to know if they are related Sadly he never gets his answer thanks in part to AnnjaThat touch advances the overall storyline of Annja Creed and the supernatural sword of Joan of Arc All in all not the best story in the series but not the worst and not in danger of putting me off reading the rest of the series as it is published 35 starsAnnja is invited by a handsome French part time archaeologist and fencing master to look for the fabled musketeer D Artagnan s sword in Paris Apparently we are told that Annja has been obsessed with it all her life Of course we have another bad guy who s also after the sword view spoiler and the treasure map hidden within it Unusually there s a back story to the bad guy and hisest to obtain DNA from historical figures and treasure hunting I was actually ite sympathetic at the beginning but his maniacal actions ickly turned me around I also Help Me, Jacques Cousteau understand Roux s action but thought it silly that he went to this guy instead of some other DNA company hide spoiler. He's made a huge sacrifice to protect the sword and its secret from a relic hunter Annja discovers that the artifact holds the key to a fortune And the man won't stopntil he gets everything he wants including Annja.

Mel Odom New writers joining the series starting with book nine include Jon Merz and Joseph Nassise