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Tasies Here beneath the mask Nothing is off limits and just like Vegas what happens here stays here She s too angelic for the wild masuerade parties I hold She couldn t possibly know she s standing at the doorway to sin It s clear she s here for something lse I smell desperation and fear That s fine I ve already decided she ll be mine I ve found the perfect toy to play with I m Nick Giordano and I always get what I want I want her body Obedience Submission Heart and soul I ll claim her I ll break her and possess her She s the perfect distraction from my Cannibal enemies And the darkness of my world REVIEW 375 stars TEASE ME is the first instalment in Faith Summers aka Khardine Gray contemporary adult DARK ODYSSEYroticBDSM mafia romance series focusing on the Giordano brothers who own and operate the Mastered (The Enforcers, exclusive Dark Odyssey Sex Club This is thirty four year old Nikolai Giordano and attorney Mia Chase s story lineNOTE Due to the nature of the story line premise there may be some triggers for sensitive readersTold from dual first person perspectives Nick and Mia TEASE ME follows the building relationship between thirty four year old Nikolai Giordano and attorney Mia Chase Mia Chase is desperate for money now that her troubled brother Carter has gotten himself involved with the local drug Cartel but desperation finds our heroine stepping out of her comfort zone in anffort to save the lives of the people she loves Applying to work at the Man, Son of Man exclusive Dark Odyssey Sex Club Mia will come face to face with one of the owners Chicago mobster Nikolai Giordano the man who wants Mia as his very own personal waitress Mia has not been honest with Nick Giordano regarding her need for a uick influx of cash and the ongoing threats against her family find Mia agreeing to be anything andverything that Nikolai wants What Alter Ego ensues is the highly sexual relationship between Mia and Nick and the potential fall out as a debt owed comes due with Mia s lifeMeanwhile Nikolai s best friend Tommy lies in the hospital after being targeted by an unknownnemy As Nikolai and his brother s search for the truth rumours about Tommy s connections begin to weigh heavily on the Giordano brothersNick Giordano doesn t do relationships but something about Mia calls to his heart Nikolai wants Mia as his own personal waitress but Mia finds herself wanting something than to be used as Nikolai s nightly sex toy Mia is willing to go above and beyond in an ffort to save her father s life but our heroine never xpected to fall in love with a man whose life revolves around the Chicago mob The relationship between Nick and Mia is one of immediate attraction but Mia was hired to be Nikolai s toy With limited sexual Uncommon Wisdom experience Mia finds herself pulled into a world she knows nothing about a world where she will become a pawn to be threatened and abused by Nikolai snemies The Unseen City ex scenes are intimaterotic and intenseWe are introduced to Nikolai s brothers Gabe Vincent and Salvatore their father Mia s brother Carter and her best friend Chloe The reuisite Art evil has many facesTEASE ME is a story of family betrayal power and control The premise is dark and gritty the romance is seductive and hot the characters are charismatic andnergetic TEASE ME is an Happens here stays here She’s too angelic for the wild masuerade parties I hold She couldn’t possibly know she’s standing at the doorway to sin It’s clear she’s here for something lse I smell desperation and fear That’s fine I’ve already decided she’ll be mine I’ve found the perfect toy to pl.

Nimated introduction to the Dark Odyssey seriesCopy supplied for review Great start to this series Mafia and kinkThe ultimate combination Good read with all my go to lements The chemistry between the two was hot Very hot It got to be a smut fest for awhile but then the plot progressedReading the next for sure I liked the setup here Heroine needs money to pay off brother s debt father s medical bills works for mob bossI didn t see the twist at the Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard end coming so that was fun tooBut after her initial bravery our heroine was kind of lame If she d had any agency in the second half of the book I would have given this a much higher rating but she becomes a complete pawnobject and that s not my jamAlso after reading Asher Black and friends who are all about security and guarding themselves it seemed like this book was a little light on that though I don t actually know anything about the mafia Khardine Gray writes flirty books with wonderful heroes I reallynjoyed this book and I thought it was a great way to kick off this series This book offers up plenty of sizzling heat The Matriarchs (The Family excitement suspense powerfulmotions tension and drama Nick and Mia made a great couple They had intense chemistry and shared a very strong attraction There is a compelling cast of secondary characters hold a wealth of potential for future books in this series The story is lush and Notes for the Everlost engaging with its intoxicating blend of gritty mafia and steamy kink Just as a heads up This is a dark romance and as such it does contain content that will not appeal tovery reader or When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) even be triggers for some So be aware before choosing to read This is my independent impartial review New to me authorI LOVED this story Tease Me is a mafia story but a normal kidnap and killing story This is a hidden mafia story that doesn t wrap around so much around it Nick is the mafia with his family But his family has a business outside that too The Dark Odyssey is that business When Mia comes in to get a waitress job Nick takes an interest in her Neither Nick or Mia realize that their lives are so intertwined The heat intrigue and mystery draw you right in from the very first page You have to keep reading until you know what is going to happen next I was up until 1 am with blurredyes because I HAD to finish this story I can not wait to read the next one This is one of those books that really drew me in I first have to say that it is a dark romance and has some triggers If that bothers you then this is not the book for you I mean there were times when I was like wth but I loved No Biggy! every moment of itNick is the owner to a club called Odyssey and he is also part of the mafia He loves his club and keeps a strict policy of what happens there stays there Then one night he sees a girl who looks lost and he asks her what she is doing there and she tells him she needs a job and would like to be a waitress Only thing is Nick wants her for himself and as a play thing but he is not sure she will be up for that This is where the story really kicks off and things start to happen so much so that you will not be able to put this book down until you are finished it I know I couldn t and I can t wait for the next book in the series So go on out and one click this bad boy. Ay with I’m Nick Giordano and I always get what I want I want her body Obedience Submission Heart and soul I’ll claim her I’ll break her and possess her She’s the perfect distraction from mynemies And the darkness of my world Welcome to The Dark Odyssey Angel Doll I hope you njoy your stay I know I wi.

This is the 1st book in the Dark Odyssey Series and boy is it a hit We get to meet Nick who is an accountant along with being the youngest Giordano brother where his father is the boss and head of the Giordano Crime family in Chicago Nick is a man who is smarter then most give him credit for and has a uick temper The Giordano Family has their businesses and the brothers own a sex club Odyssey where they can let go and be the men they want to Mia is one smart cookie who has graduated from Harvard with a degree in law and an internship in L WOW THIS WAS A PRETTY LENGTHY MAFIA STORY THAT WHILE AVERAGE IS STILL ENJOYABLENICK is a cocky son of a bitch And why wouldn t he be He s part of one of the powerful mafia family in the US and he owns Dark Odyssey a sex club When one night he catches sight of a beautiful blonde outside his club and she comes up to him asking for a job he gladly offers it to her a Personal Waitress aka Personal Sex Toy after an interview session of Take of your clothes and shoving his fingers up her wet pussy Nick and Mia never lacked for passion it was the driving point of the story apart from the murder mystery plot going on Nick s pretty close knit with his brothers and when his best friend Tommy gets gunned down he s determined to investigate What The Fuck happened and get payback on behalf of Tommy But as he digs deeper he realizes that he may not have known his best friend as well as he did if the man was involved with another triad drugs and some other dangerous shit While Nick s life wreck up a havoc the only sanctuary he has is Mia and their mind blowing sex To say the least the poor man has a ton loads of shit on his shoulders mostly motional But I have to say unlike most mafia stories it s refreshing to find one who has loved and isn t afraid to love Attracting Birds to Your Backyard even if he does try to push Mia away laterMIA a harvard law graduate who had her life paved out for her to be a professional career woman and the husband and kids one day until family pulls her back home and now they are littered with debts no one can pay Desperate she takes up her friend s suggestion to work as a waitress at the highnd club Dark Odyssey Mia s never slept with anyone Deep Listening except for herx of 6 years who cheated on her with other best friend Now the man she s going to work for is Bird-by-Bird Gardening expecting her to get naked around him Can she do it Mia s not a prude but she s also wary of Nick and the dangerous aura hexudes He certainly makes her lose all inhibitions and turns her into a wild sex cat Desperation drove her to sacrifice her body for her family but it also leads her to find love in the arms of a complicated mobster who is the only who can satisfy herOVERALL the story dragged a little but it definitely covered the areas of PASSION RAWNESS A LITTLE GRITTY ACTION AND DANGER and yes ROMANCE It s not intense and probably not the most EMOTIONALLY driven one SEX DRIVEN yes but in terms of it TUGGING AT YOUR HEARTSTRINGS No 375 stars About the book Release Date January 21 2020An angel like her and a devil like me Was it wrong to prey on the weak Especially when the weak came in the form of this beautiful angel on the doorstep of my club My club The Dark Odyssey The place where people live out their wildest fan. An angel like her and a devil like me Was it wrong to prey on the weak Especially when the weak came in the form of this beautiful angel on the doorstep of my club My club The Dark Odyssey The place where people live out their wildest fantasies Here beneath the mask Nothing is off limits and just like Vegas what.

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