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Osen It was very well paced not too predictable and I was able to feel some empathy with some of the characters I was a bit confused at a couple points and had to rewind to nderstand some minor points also and this is super petty but there s a character whose name is July which for some reason didn t sit well with me every time that character came Pasando Páginas up I found myself thinking about how ridiculous I thought it was I know it s silly but it was a distraction Other then that I enjoyed this audio version the narrator did a great job it is an Australian book so the narrator has that accent I m so glad this didn t follow the gone girl women in thethe couple at thethe wife that formula It was a bitniue as far as today s domestic thrillers goIt was a pretty The English Patient uick listen at 6 and some hrs super glad I picked thisI am definitely going to look into the author s other books that are out and hope they re good as well I rarely actually leave reviews justsually star ratings So you know the book touched me in some way I want to give this book way than five stars It starts out building suspense and just when you think you ve got it figured out bam Plot twist And so your sitting there listening and you re like oh wow I know how all this is going to end and then you don t The ending comes out of nowhere and just leaves you stunned Damn good read Definitely recommend I started reading this book in the evening and found myself. G Margot spots one of her clients on a busy train platform He is looking down at his phone with his duffel bag in hand as the train approaches That’s when she slams into his back and he falls in front of the train Suddenly one tragedy leads to another leaving her her.

A terrific psychological thriller Narrated with the preciseness that most novels lack I don t really know what to say about these books These psychological thrillers coming out every week like newly sprouted mushrooms I almost always know going in that I ll feel let down by how predictable so much of it will be I read them because they re ok for entertainment and as a way to keep myself from ruminating on Last Orders useless thought patterns But they just seem so tame somehow Nicely packaged thrills chills She s particularly interested in antisocial types this head doctor of ours psychopaths and narcissists without empathy So of course she s having to duke it out with her own fascination with people who like harming others I just knew all along I was being manipulated just like so many of these books feel Particularly the ones from the last decade or so They re all trying to be the next Gone Girl and knowing ahead of time there ll be a twist in the end is pretty much of a built in spoiler isn t it Three stars means I liked it Four stars is love It was okay but you might find it satisfies just fine Another twisty and addictive story from JP Pomare I listened to this in a day I had no idea where this was going rightntil the very endHighly recommend this ick read This was a page turner that did not disappoint I listened to the audio and the reader was excellent This was an Audible Freebie and one of the best I ve ch. Listening Length 6 hours and 20 minutesMargot’s clients all lie to her but one lie could cost her family and freedomPsychologist Margot Scott has a picture perfect life a nice house in the suburbs a husband two children and a successful career On a warm spring mornin.

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Wide eyed and awake in the cold morning hours finishing it nable to stop The narrator was fantastic and this is hands down the best Audible original I have ever found 45 StarsMy Jaw is still on the floorThe best twists you really don t see comingI found this a nice read Brgerliches Gesetzbuch BGB: mit Allgemeinem Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, Produkthaftungsgesetz, Unterlassungsklagengesetz, Wohnungseigentumsgesetz, ... und Erbbaurechtsgesetz until half way through then boom a big twistThen I thought no twists then I got another slap in the face A great listen but one you mu Dude This book was awesome honestly one of the best audiobooks I ve listened to and I normally strongly dislike the Audible Originals I m a huge fan of thrillers in general but this book is definitely in my top three I loved all of the connections and twenty minutes before the end of the book I had determined that I really hated the ending I finished the book and loved it Great ending Very captivating book I finished listening to this yesterday and took a day to decide how I felt about it before I wrote my reviewI NEVER need time to decide but these are weird times amiriteThe premise is fascinating a woman walksp behind a man on a train platform and in front of everyone pushes him to his death We always know who did it but we have no idea why Where I struggled a bit was that I didn t really give a shit why after awhile The book was a little rambling and the main character was a selfish jerk who made so many other arsed Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy up decisions that by the time I found out why it was just another reason to loathe her. Family and her patients in danger As misfortunenfolds listeners will soon Logging and Pimping and Your Pal Jim; USFS 1919 The Ranger the Cook and a Hole in the Sky uestion Margot’s true role in all of thesenfortunate events Tell Me Lies is a fast paced psychological whodunit mystery that will leave listeners wondering if anyone can actually be truste.

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