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The secret is out and Imari is on her way back to Istraa to face the musicShe s certainly not expecting this homecoming to be a warm and celebratory affair but things are worse than she could ever have imagined A rebel leader is killing their way through the countryside causing chaos and bloody destruction a terrifying example of the violence the Liag are capable of unleashing Fears row by the day each new attack leaving temples burned and people dead or missing Blame could easily land on Imari making it near impossible for her to reveal her true self Whatever that may be Her time in the Wilds has changed her opening her eyes to the flaws in the world around her The unfairness The misery The horror of Sol Velorian lives lived without hope or mercy But if her banishment altered then it also strengthened Imari might have run before but this time she has it all to fight forJust like Gods of Men Temple of Sand is a cracking read I ve been trying to come up with the right way to describe it but honestly I m struggling It s a prime example of the new breed of SFF writing that smashes through Berlioz and His Century genre labels like the outmoded categories they are What Barbara Kloss has done is helped herself to the best bits from multiple styles and used them all really really well Temple of Sand has the deep and multifaceted worldbuilding of fantasy the pace and verve of UF and the pure exhil Gosh Barbara Kloss what kind of magical powers do you possess This book ThisBook Dare I say it s better maybe than the first one Everything about this book is phenom I usually don t write reviews but thisthis book no this series right here was just tooood not to write one I ve been Aristotles Rhetoric going through a reading slump we ve all been there and this sort of fell into my lap The first book had me hooked from the beginning and I m solad I only discovered this series now so I could read the second one straight away Goodness me that worldbuilding and the characters I m in love cannot wait for the next one please tell me she s writing it now Temple of Sand blew me away Get your cozy spot and oodies ready snuggle up and dig in Be prepared to be transported to another time and place pack a Sable has been exposed for who she is Imari the illegitimate daughter of Istraa’s king and a Liagé someone born with forbidden Shah power After ten years of hiding and surviving in the bitter cold Wilds she is finally returning home But it's not the homecoming Imari envisioned After all her father proclaimed her dead ten years.

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Ssible or even allowed by his counselors had this been real Looming war and political pressure would have kept him there in my opinion But I understood from a plot perspective why this was the choice the author makes And of course he and Imari NEEDED to be together The inevitability had me anxious and when it did finally happen well happy sigh In typical Kloss fashion the characters really shined and the romance was completely satisfying One of my favorite character developments were those of Nia a new character to this book and Tarryn who plays a larger role in this book than the previous And the comic relief of Braddok Jeric s friend and Jenya Imari s bodyguard provided an escape from the near constant breathless action Which leads me to the plot Temple of Sand delivers just as Gods did although I didn t love it uite as much as the first book I docked 12 star for this since it seemed a bit simplistic But this didn t detract from my overall enjoyment As mentioned previously the pacing is uick and I never ot bored The action is almost perfection the monsters terrifying per usual and I found I couldn t put it down Worldbuilding ah that elusive fantasy bedrock Gods worldbuilding WAS perfection This book as opposed to the first one takes place almost entirely within one city which wasn t my favorite So another 12 star was deducted But seuels are notoriously hard to write and although it wasn t my favorite I did enjoy the layers of worldbuilding that this story added The Sol Velorians in particular reminded me of the Jews in the New Testament a disenfranchised people enslaved fighting for their freedom I loved it I read an ARC of this book before the final editing pass Any repetitive phrases will be cleaned up I m sure Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read and review this is one series I will anticipate every new release AAAAAAAAAAAAAThat s it That s the review It s very rare that I fully believe a second book is just as Charting an Empire good as the first This one is full of adventure character development and romance It also keeps expanding on some interesting world building and story concepts from the first Well done I cannot wait for the third book. Er will therowing fury she feels on behalf of Istraa’s Sol Velorian labor people who share her blood As that fury becomes too loud to ignore Imari chooses to use her position to liberate the Sol Velor But can she free them without angering enemies hungry for the power she wields a power that could rip the Five Provinces apart.

Ag because you re not Colored Property going to want to leave once youet there Mrs Kloss did an amazing job again She s the reason I Desire and Truth got back into reading I strongly recommend reading anything written by herI received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review I ve been waiting to find out what happens in this beautiful and haunting world for two LONG years Book 2 did not disappoint it was exactly what I ve been waiting for It picks up where Gods left off so it feels like a true continuation of the story but it also feels like a complete book in its own right Barbara writes so beautifully you are immediately immersed in her story I love love love the location this book is set in you feel like you re walking the streets of Morocco on an exotic vacation And most importantly well at least to me the romance is A Jeric and Imari s relationship shines in this book and now I can t wait for book 3 Please don t make me wait two years I FUCKING NEED THIS NOWWWWWWWWWW I highly anticipated this follow up to The Gods of Men one of SPFBO18 s finalists and it was a worthy wait Barbara Kloss has uite a knack for storytelling engaging characters and solid writing The story picks up where Gods left off with Imari back home and Jeric stepping in to fill the kingly role left behind by his brother Imari is uncertain where she stands within her family since it s been years since she s seen them last And her reunion with them was entirely satisfying All is not perfect but I adored her relationship with her brother and father something I was worried about and the tension with her stepmother was a realistic addition to the story Her stepmother s scorn and irritation was understandable yetave the right amount of realism to what would have actually happened if this story wasn t fiction And that s what ood stories do right They make you feel as if you really are engrossed in a real world with real problems And all is not roses and butterflies in Imari s return to the palace and her family Jeric s role as king came off a bit flat since almost as soon as he steps into it he dashes off again as soon as another opportunity presents itself I wasn t convinced this would have been po. Ago and with an anonymous Liagé leader operating in Istraa’s shadows attacking villages and burning down temples her father fears the people will blame Imari It could mean his throne and her lifeWorse yet the night Imari played her flute in Skyhold’s court something unlocked inside of her and now her power will not uiet Neith.

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Barbara Kloss loves adventures and finds them through reading writing trekking through the wilderness and gaming—though she doesn't consider herself a gamer She just happens to like video games RPGs specifically She’s also a bit of a fitness enthusiast a classically trained pianist and she believes that maintaining balance in life is a good thing coffee excluded Barbara studied biochemistry at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CA and worked for years as a clinical laboratory scientist She was lured there by mental images of colorful bubbling liuids in glass beakers She was deceivedShe currently lives in northern California with her gorgeous husband three babies and pup Author of the award winning Gaia’s Secret Series and SPFBO4 finalist The Gods of MenSign up for Barbara's Newsletter wwwbarbaraklosscomcontactbarbaraklosscom