Jayci Lee: Temporary Wife Temptation The Heirs of Hansol #1

Some intense chemistry between our two main characters right off the bat I loved how Garrett and Natalie worked together and they both needed something out of the marriage so they were both all in Since this was so short though it was missing some of that romantic development I like in my marriage of conveniences We pretty much skip over their first two weeks of marriage and there was a scene where they go on a retreat together and will have to share a room but something happens and they literally leave before ven spending one night there SUCH A MISSED OPPORTUNITY ONLY ONE BED There were so many moments that had the potential to really build tension and Baccarat : La lgende du cristal emotion but they were skipped over I really loved how both Natalie and Garrett started to become attached to not onlyach other but also to O Colégio de Todos os Segredos each other s families The baby was adorable and I liked how stern yet loving Garrett s grandmother was I m alsoxcited that Garrett s sister gets the next book I will say though that there was a conflict at the March Violets (Bernie Gunther, end that I REALLY don t like in romances that defeats all of the growth and truststablished throughout the book I don t want to spoil anything but this is something I personally don t Zoete tranen enjoy and it really made me annoyed when it happened in this book Overall this was a fun romance that I mostlynjoyed I do wish it were longer and developed the tension in the relationship but it was a fun read 2 starsMy 8 am chemistry class was interesting than the chemistry between these charactersThis was a very random pick I just wanted to read something short and different Unfortunately I had many issues with this bookThe time jumps EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER starts in a different time zone Every Chapter It was so confusing and irritating And it lead toThe lack of details the book was so on the surface and so basic It lacked those important details about the characters and about what s happening And Water Music everything was too rushed When a chapternds the second one starts in a different galaxy The chemistry as I said it was nonexistent The author was trying to convince you that there s an attraction while there was nothing Everything was so dull and so mehInsta whatever so this was really strange It felt like they had an insta something love or attraction or whatever but maybe they hadn t The thing is I couldn t really tell I felt nothing How we could ve Revived exchanged the hero with a board and it wouldn t have made a difference there s that thing that kept on happening multiple times and it was really annoying The heroine always initiated the kiss Or the hero would step close but just stand there and the heroine would be the one to close the distance and kiss him She s the one who confessed her feelings first and he completely ignored what she said it was so frustrated I was like Heeeey how about you start participating a little Silly argument I have teenagers sisters that tend to fight a lot And you know how sisters fight How it s always on something silly Well surprisingly those characters argument was silly I couldn t take them seriously and what was annoying is them arguing and fighting in a chapter then all is forgiven and forgotten in the next one They literally made up in the next chapterI will try not to pick random books again I read this for the Lunar New Year Readathon andnjoyed it so much The chemistry between Garrett and Natalie is ON FIRE Theirs is a fantastic marriage of convenience romance with a great dose of angst and grovel at the Student Research Projects in Calculus end It s a fairly uick read it is a Harleuin category romance and while I wish we could ve had time with the story so parts would be fleshed out I really loved getting to know our main characters and their familiesNatalie is strong heroine capable of go I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher Harleuin Books for promotional purposes First off I just want to say that I was very happy to see that this was an Own Voices Korean American romance It s nice to see Harleuinmbracing other cultures since they aren t typically the most diverse I really liked how Korean culture was incorporated in the book It added a personal touch to the storyAnother aspect I liked was the big mphasis on family and becoming a family I found all the family moments to be very sweet One thing I didn t like was the time jumps The pacing of the book moved super fast From one chapter to the next a lot of time would pass There were uite a few things that we didn t get to see since it happened off pageAs for the plot it is fairly basic but that is to be xpected from this sort This is the second modern day marriage of convenience story I ve read in the last six months and just like Jodie Slaughter s White Whiskey Bargain Temporary Wife Temptation flew into my top 10 books of all time I m beginning to think this is my ultimate catnip trope and Jayci Lee Love for Imperfect Things executed it with perfection in this sexymotive super romantic bookReading a fantastic category romance is like a shot of the good stuff straight to your heart and this one was definitely fantastic It gave me that beaming glowy Oh yeah this is why I ve loved the genre since I was 12 feeling you get very so often when you stumble across a book that truly rocks your world Garrett was such a classic romance alpha but I love how for him that included hyper respect for his lders and a genuine appreciation of Natalie s professional prowess Nuance Modernity Smoking hotness He has it allNatalie was his perfect match not just because she loved so hard and so beautifully the story with her niece was wonderful and significant and personally touching to me but also because she was such a badass determined woman who just like Garrett drilled down to her goals and did what she had to do It s just that unlike Garrett she was way better at figuring out what her real goals actually were LOLWatching these two panic as their fake convenient relationship became something was so delicious The most fun I ve had in a long time really I m just so glad I read this Now I need to figure out how to get that gorgeous US cover in paperback here in the L to pose as his wife She needs a fake spouse as badly as he does But when passion burns down their chaste agreement the flames could destroy them

Super cute fake marriage wish fulfillment featuring two HOT ASF characters of colourGarrett s Korean and Natalie s half Korean and I really liked how their heritage played a part in the story Overall the instalove HEA made for a uick and fluffy read a lil too fluffy for me ngl and I d absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a diverse whirlwind romance This was a very uick read I picked up on a whim when I wanted something short to listen to while doing chores and Idid not like it It had its strengths but when it came down to it the things I disliked were far than the things I did like so here is a short list of verythingThings I liked The family dynamics and how family oriented both main characters are The tropes I love me som I think you should save your mother s ring for someone you love Someone you want foreverThen the ring will never see the light of day He let out a short humorless laugh I don t intend to marry for love and forever Not veryone buys into that fairy tale Certainly not meA chill ran down her spine at the finality of his words pg 80I m going to be rating and discussing this title as a Harleuin Desire bookI generally avoid Harleuin Desires because they feature rich people I m just not interestedBut this was actually pretty Language and Linguistics enjoyableGarrett Song is the VP of Hansol Inc and the heir apparent He is part of anlite and rich Korean American family His grandmother shocks him by announcing that he will get married to a woman she s already picked out for him from a family I arranged the match with your best interest at heart Jihae is a lovely accomplished child from a well respected jae bul family She will make a good wife and motherMy best interest And it has nothing to do with having a jae bul granddaughter in law who will bear you jae bul grandchildren The only way to obtain the power and authority of a jae bul the rich pseudoroyal families in Korea was through birth or marriage No matter how successful the Songs were still part of the nouveaux riches not a jae bul family pg 20Garrett in a moment of panic lies to his grandmother and tells her he is already Divertimento engaged And he won t give the woman up for some arranged marriageNatalie Sobol is the VP of HR at Hansol Inc She is rich but not as rich as Garrett But still pretty rich ANYWAY Her sister and brother in law died in a car accident and she is desperately trying to get approved to be the adoptive mother of six month old Sophie A rich husband would be a huge boon to winning custodySo they work out an arrangement they will wed Garrett will get protection from his grandmother s meddling and Natalie will get a boosted chance at winning her niece They agree sex is not going to be part of the bargainIf you like this sort of thing marriage of convenience contract marriage andtc this is a great book Really A We have the slow smolder A red hot hero and a slow burn with a smart and confident heroineGarrett is a bit disgusting to her in one scene but it s never repeated and it seems out of character for him He s not usually cruel Which makes the fight they get into at the Love Is a Fairy Tale endxtra stupid Lee Promise at Dawn explains it well but I m just not buying his out of character accusations I know there has to be drama but I wish Lee had found a better and organic way of doing thisHOW S THE SEX CARMENSadly despite ALL the build up and hype about Garrett he s not good in bed I was very disappointed It s very wham bam thank you ma am Makes me depressed They had good kissing They had relativelyxciting makeout sessions I thought he was going to bring it in the bedroomNope He just has PinV sex with her Full stop Kiss put penis inside her repeatedly roll off her WTF Please no Can t you have fingering Eating vulva Some slow foreplay Anything Throw me a bone here What is with all this uick frantic fucking And he never gets any better at it Sometimes in romance novels the first time for a couple is rushed because he is too xcited and he just can t help himself or some shit Pathetic but at least temporary Then in later sex scenes he redeems himself by taking it slow and or ngaging in lots of foreplay Forgivable HERE no matter how many times they fuck he never gets any better at it It s going to be uick vaginal intercourse for the rest of her life Poor woman I mean Garrett is a good guy He helps her out He has her back He s considerate out of bed He also gels with her very well I feel like they truly like Bangkok Wakes to Rain each other as people I feel like they makeach other laugh and are comfortable with The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery each other It s a good matchIt s only the sex that is a let down He d plowed into her like a beast when he should have coaxed her body into accepting him withase pg 162He seems to know it s a mistake but is unable to stop himself Not only the first time Any time Lazy assholeTL DR Good hearted hero despite one or two missteps Strong kind heroine If you like marriages of convenience contract marriages I would highly recommend this book It s interesting Lee is not a slouch with the writingDon t read it Darkmere expecting good sex though ROMANCE CATEGORIES OwnVoices Romance Garrett is Korean American Natalie is half Korean and Jayci Lee is Korean AmericanContemporary RomanceMillionaireBillionaire RomanceNon Virgin Heroine Marriage of ConvenienceHe s VP of Hansol Inc She s VP of HR at Hansol IncTakes Place in LA California USANAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerGarrett m Min ah Korean American Natalie f Half Korean Sophie f Sophie Harper Traci fParker mLily fSteve mClark mColin mAdelaide fSamantha fJihae Park fGrace fKenny mMichael mLiliana fJames mSebastian mCamilia fNorma fPeter mCindy fTimothy mDebbie f hide spoiler Temporary Wife Temptation by Jayci Lee is a sexy modern marriage of a convenience romance and a solid debut by a new author to the genreGarrett Song knows what sxpected of him by his traditional Korean family to take over the reins of Hansol the family s fashion retail dynasty as CEO To do this his grandmother has planned an arranged marriage as part of a business deal to merge with Vivotex after which she ll promote him to CEO from his current VP position But Much than he bargained for“You want me to find you a wife” “No I want you to be my wife”Garrett Song is this close to taking the reins of hi.

Arrett wants to have some things on his terms including the woman he marries Defying his grandmother while still attaining the CEO position could be tricky unless he can find a wife in short orderNatalie Sobol has worked hard for Hansol and her current position in human resources is good but there s a possibility of promotion in her department She worked as interim VP of HR previously and knows she can do the job But her sister and husband have recently died in a car accident leaving her as guardian to her beloved niece Sophie and the baby s unexpected illness caused her to miss the interview for the VP position Determined to get another chance Natalie knows which club Garrett hangs out at and finds him there Though Garrett doesn t recognize Natalie at first out of her usual work uniform and dressed for a night out the truth comes out uickly And with it comes a possible solution to Garrett s problemGarrett knows that Natalie can do the VP of human resources job and offers a trade If she ll agree to a short marriage of convenience he ll make sure Natalie gets the job Everyone will come out ahead Garrett will have control of his own destiny and be able to show his grandmother that he can still make the merger with Vivotex on his own terms Natalie fighting a custody battle with her niece s grandparents on her deceased brother in law s side can show the court a stable family life to help her adoption plans But when the attraction between them heats up will their fake marriage start to feel a little too realI liked a lot of things about this romance The cover is terrific and accurately portrays how I picture the couple Natalie is Korean American and not as well versed in traditional Korean culture as Garrett is but she s interested and willing to learn about her heritage and she wants to make a good impression on Garrett s grandmother Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? even if she doesn t agree with her planning an arranged marriage for him Thwarting grandmother s plans means uncertain conseuences for Garrett in terms of his CEO position but he s smart and confident in himself and his abilities Natalie isn t that comfortable with the fake origins of their relationship tellingveryone they were secretly dating and hiding that from his grandmother but she s determined to live up to her Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den end of the bargain and truth be told when Grandmother realizes she s getting a cute great granddaughter out of the bargain she s not all that unhappy Thethics of their dating relationship is skirted over by making a uick transition to the wedding so that the gossip about it and its impropriety get taken over by best wishes for the marriageGarrett is uite stubborn though when it comes to having an actual relationship with Natalie Despite their mutual attraction he keeps himself at an Scraps Of The Untainted Sky emotional and physical distance for a few weeks after their wedding day to Natalie s disappointment She knows Garrett isn t interested in love and tries to keep herself from developing feelings for himven though when they are in public and pretending it s The Eric Carle Gift Set easy to forget that they re not a real couple Eventually they give into the attraction and share some sexy scenes but Garrett doesn t want to admit that he s falling for Natalie There are some plot points thrown in forxtra drama that were a bit over the top and made Garrett doubt Natalie s true feelings and intentions When things come to a head he has to make up for some mistakes to prove to Natalie that their marriage is worth fighting for I was glad to see Natalie stand up for herself and not let Garrett off Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century easy I would have liked to see development of a relationship between Garrett and his new daughter Sophie while Sophie sxistence is one of the reasons for their marriage so that Natalie could get custody she sometimes seemed like an afterthought and not integral to the storyOverall the story is an interesting and Fashion Design Course entertaining one with complex characters who grow over the course of the story and get a well deserved happynding The family dynamics and cultural context are well described and I m looking forward to reading about some of the secondary characters in future books by this authorThis review appears at Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review Oh man I really liked this It s that oh noes we can t have sexok well maybe onceok lets have lots of sex but no lovedamnit I m in love and I can t tell you push and pull that I dig because you know it s going to pay off Yes there s a comfort to this type of storytelling one I Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, enjoy greatly I have such a soft spot for fake marriage turns real trope The Firsts aka MeetKissLove Scene Great With a touch of angst but not too much Garrett and Natalie s romance had instant chemistry but their relationship builds slowly They need to get married for different reasons butven if there s a power imbalance in their positions he s basically owner of a company and she s an Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga employee the romance doesn t suffer for it There s oodles and oodles of unresolved sexual tension that drives a good part of the book but when the fireworks kick in it doesn t lose that momentum because you know they re desperately in love but not wanting to show it On the flip side the cultural diversity worked for me but admittedly I m not in a position to speak to the accuracy of the Korean representation I thought Garrett s family was well drawn and I only wished there was time spent building Natalie s family beyond the minimum I know there are certain constraints with a category romance and they were definitely felt here The passage of timespecially and not getting to see certain beats play out for sake of page count stood out to me But it s what I Cincinnati and Other Plays expect for category romances so I didn t really hold it against the overall taleIf fake relationship that inevitably turns real sounds like it s your jam I d recommend it Garrett s sister Adelaide is next up and I say sign me up for this bit of soapy goodness I can t waitARC provided by publisher via netgalley for reviewFor reviews visit 35 stars I love a good marriage of convenience trope and this one had. S family’s LA fashionmpireuntil the Song matriarch insists he marry her handpicked bride first To block her matchmaking he recruits Natalie Sobo.

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Jayci Lee writes poignant sexy and laugh out loud romance every free second she can scavenge She lives in sunny California with her tall dark and handsome husband two amazing boys with boundless energy and a fluffy rescue whose cuteness is a major distraction At times she cannot accommodate real life because her brain is full of drool worthy heroes and badass heroines clamoring to come to l