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Eries The only Annoying part is the character sheet mostly that it has a lot of useless and wasted space Honestly you don t really need that many spaces between lines and a lot of information to just damn well useless honestly who needs to now that he has the girls who are in his harems phone numbers I m pretty sure that s f obvious It s just a pain in the ass that it s used to extend the length of the book now taking up several percent of the actual Pages used Just tone it down otherwise it s a good series Weird but interesting storyI like how the main character progresses The women have their own issues not just an accessory of the mc Only real problem I have is the author needs an editor to look at it before he publishes his books or get better at self editing. And Team Stone power leveling to save the world and each other defeat deadly threats and even dark godsWarningThis novel contains sexual content sex scenes and sexual humor fit for anime fans You have been warned Not for the faintest of heart.

It feels like DBZ s episode which is slow And the Main Character s female companion feels like dependent and the sex starved creature with no independentfeaturesIt feels so drag or now getting bored And forced descriptive explanation really ind of feel forced they feel forced and are in every volume 6 15 times in each volumeDespite recalling DBZ many times since the beginning it lingered on DBZ s wrongs of longevity Maybe the author should have used a different techniue in every volume Instead of mindlessly stating that it was a power up the author should have created a different name Or put detailing in world creation It feels monotonousBut last uarter picks up the pace and becomes interesting Introduces new characters but still relies on the same formula in whi. Things grow intense as Melody's father sends his elite guard to retrieve her; however the redhead has no intention of just letting them do whatever they want She must awaken a dormant bloodline Meanwhile Toru's crusader uncle decides to pay

Ch MC unlocks the overpowered ability Stone vs Viper is a great anime adventureEnjoying this story as it expands and so does his harem The MC really needs to get himself some condoms and stop relying on the withdrawal method Any fan of anime stories will probably get the joke that is this story It s a fun romp through an anime world powering up and beating monstersgodsangels Clyde continues to power up but is still a long way from the power needed to defeat Viper who is at world destroying level without an infinity gauntlet Really fun read The dark god and other pestsI m glad the story is back in the first city Clyde and crew have harem fun Still haven t sorted the loli s curse nor the getting married thing Great read Good but annoyingI really enjoy the entire Visit to the mansion and what he does changes the party foreverClyde and his party is back in April's issue bringing the humor and fun ass icking and the rising from weak to completely unstoppableThis is the continuation of the story of Clyde.

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