Jan Timman: The Art of the Endgame

Combining beauty and practicality the endgame study is one of the subtle wonders of the Royal Game Training with studies is a vital part of improving our endgame techniue it develops Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., your general understandingour calculation skills and our resourcefulness But endgame stu.

Ection of studies relating how they have inspired him and presents his own best material This is a labor of love which is not only a must read for specialists and a source of joy but also a practical tool for club players who want to deepen their understanding of the endgame.

Dies with their elements of artistry science and hidden beauty are at the same time highly entertaining Jan Timman is one of the few famous chess players who also have a distinguished career as a study composer In The Art of the Endgame Timman has collected a magnificent sel.

Jan Timman ☆ 5 Read

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