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Ed on for a satisfying hot read and her Planet X remains as one of my all time favs Interesting premise for the story Very sci fi The writing and dialogue was good It had a good plot but the whole brother sister aspect of it creeped me out I rated it if ignoring that part I am not the audience for this book I oved this book I Walt Disneys Spin and Marty, Trouble at Triple-R loved the idea and plot I absolutelyove Lukas Lexie not so much The story made me want to Nijinsky And Romola learn about the Breed species I hope that this book is the start of a series An interesting twist on the author sater storylines It was too similar to at Lindsay and the Lifeguards least 2 storylines I have read from this author It hadittle fresh as the The Wedding Ghost later books seemed to be evolved from this one So goood if you have a dirrrty mind Iove the some kind ike taboo things And the dirrrty mouth Maximu. E Even worse the two of them may not even be human Should she follow the rules of the society she was raised in or break the most ancient taboo of all to claim her place as one ofThe Breed Author’s Note Please note that while Lexie and Lukas are not genetically related they have been raised as siblings and still think of each other as brother and sister If this kind of relationship bothers you this is NOT the book for

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I ike how easy it is to read this It s really hot and the plot is complicated but fun enough not to cause any headache I think the appeal is due to it s sense of forbidden ness I ove the characters as well That was so freaking hot and so very sweet I iked both characters though there were moments when I wanted to kick the hero s ass Asshole Still such forbidden hotness and written wonderfully I can and will read this Lovely again not sure how I feel about this one the story had some interesting elements in it and the background of the Breed was interesting but the H and h were raised together as siblings Genre Futuristic incestpseudo incest eroticaLength 30000 words 85 Kindle pagesOur heroine is going into mating heat and only her brother whom she has been estranged from for 12 years has. Lexie Conley is a ruthless business woman and the owner of a hugely successful company She’s in complete control of her Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World, lifethat is until her breasts begin toeak a strange sticky honey and her nipples become almost too sensitive to touch Lexie knows she needs help to relieve the painful pressure in her breasts but she has no one in her ife she can trust enough to ask for such an embarrassing favorTo complicate matter.

The cure Wink wink Both Brother and sister are of an alien race called Breeders and that s how they do it on their planet so it s not incest right Wink winkAlthough I could not find anything that stated it outright the author is obviously Evangeline Anderson It has all of her typical touches the Tampa setting the coy dialogue etc I have read most of her work and this is closest to Forbidden and Eyes Like a Wolf under her famous namePS I obviously have read too much smut since I ve seen that cover before EL Anders pseudonym for Evangeline Anderson And the blurb for this is vaguely similar to her onger Eyes Like a Wolf 2007 Also EA has previously included pseudo incest in her storylines see eg Picture Perfect Forbidden and Sweet DreamsBut hard to go wrong with an EA book She can usually be count. S even further Lukas her Biomedical Informatics long absent brother suddenly comes back to town He has disturbing news about their true relationship which is not what Lexie was raised to believe Lexie is tempted to kick him out but he also seems to know what’s happening to her bodyand claims to be the only one who can ease her painNow Lexie is completely confused If what Lukas claims is true he’s not her brother at all but herong ost mat.

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