Rick Atkinson: The British Are Coming The War for America Lexington to Princeton 1775 1777

Ertain My thoughts were wandering while reading this work there is a richness and novelty to the information he conveys that sparks my curiosity So there are twenty two chapters in this book First the bad Not all f the chapters are really fresh I found the coverage n Ben Franklin s efforts lacked depth see Walter Isaacson s book Benjamin Franklin An American Life for a better read I found the chapters n the Long Island campaign to be a little weak see McCullough s 1776 for the best coverage I also found Atkinson s coverage Die Madonna Der Mörder of the south including Virginia to be largely absent see Meacham s book Thomas Jefferson The Artf Power I also found the coverage En mitad de ninguna parte on slavery to be lacking see Alan Taylor s Pulitzer prize winning book called The Internal Enemy Slavery and War in Virginia 1772 1832However I found his coveragen the Lo que me está pasando outsetf the war in Boston and Lexington the first battle Las escapadas de Perico of the South in Norfolk and the incursions into Canada to be superior to anything I have previously read in covering these topics Prologue King GeorgeChapters 1 4 The Beginningf the Revolution Lexington and BostonChapter 7 Norfolk VA first battle El río del olvido of the southChapter 8 Battle for Montreal and uebecChapters 12 and 17 Canada Lake ChamplainAdditionally there is superb coveragen Benedict Arnold scattered throughout Nathaniel Philbrick also wrote an excellent book about Arnold and Washington called Valiant Ambition Other historical nuggets I remember upon reading England at the end Snow White Lucks Out (Grimmtastic Girls, of the Seven Year s War gained the largest permanent transferf territory in world history But they reeled from the economic costs La canción de Mbama of that war Within a few years the Naval fleet had fallen into disrepair and few new shipsf the line were launched by the start Alices Road of the Revolutionary War This economic crisisf course led King George and parliament to raise taxes in many different incarnations that infuriated the colonistsIn his long life King George never left the soil Dream Country of England We also learned that smallpox raged during the Revolutionary War killing than 100000 in the colonies thatnly measured a few million in population During the siege KaBOOM! of the British forces in Boston Americans would freuently make clandestine raids to set British bunkersn fire Washington Young Benjamin Franklin often rodeut from Harvard where he was staying at the Longfellow House and climbed up Cobble Hill where he used his telescope Nueve lunas or spyglass to monitor the British under siegeLater when Washington s troops were defeated in the Long Island campaign nearly 40%f his troops were down with dysentery Despite this they evacuated in the dead f the night and had relatively few casualties despite a heavy rout by the British 5 stars Highly recommended A note f caution if you haven t read Atkinson it might well take you twice as long as you might expect as the detail in his writing is uite dense Anyone who has read Rick Atkinson s The Liberation Trilogy will understand that when he begins another massive examination f another war the reader must follow And right away And so although I had not scheduled the Revolutionary War n my reading journey this year and although the Revolutionary War is not my war I really had no choice but to read this immediately I was not disappointedThis i The British are Coming The War for America Lexington to Princeton 1775 1777 is a meticulously and deeply researched history f the American Revolution by renowned historian Rick Atkinson This first volume f the anticipated Revolution Trilogy was riveting as you watch the struggling Continental Army up against the mighty and formidable forces Dont Let Your Kids Kill You of the British Army and Royal Navy dispatched by King George III This is the storyf the newly formed colonies in America and their struggle not El poder de las sombras (Oscuros, only for freedom but to forge a new democratic nation Atkinson describes the first twentyne months Real Cause, Real Cure of the American Revolution with the battles at Lexington and Concord to those at Trenton and Princeton told in painful detail We see eachf these battles not Los ojos del Tuareg (Tuareg, only from the pointf view Other Side of the River (In Search of Freedom of the generals to the soldiers but to those waiting at home This was a fast paced book as we see well known characters fromur history to the Bad Love (Alex Delaware, obscure I forne will be anxiously awaiting Volume II Los días del venado (La saga de los confines, of this remarkable talef America s early and laudable history Still the British Army and Royal Navy had been driven Generation A off by a rabblementf farmers and shopkeepers Led by low born ascendant men like the plowman Israel Putnam the anchorsmith Greene and book vendor Knox Washington had displayed persistence and integrity as well as political agility The revolutionary hour had passed to be succeeded by El Misterio De Las Coincidencias / The Mysteries of Coincidences other hours somef them dreadfulThat a large balding American renowned across Europe as a scientist diplomat and revolutionary would remain inconspicuous as he trotted through the French provinces defied probability Whatever the great man s purpose Paris was alert and giddy while awaiting his arrival When word spread in London Divine Misdemeanors (Merry Gentry, of Franklin s advance inn Paris British stocks fell Common Sense had helped nudge Americans toward their declaration The Marco Effect (Department Q, of independency converting fence straddlers into patriots and patriots into radicalsThese are the times that try men s souls The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the servicef this country But he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks f man and woman Tyranny like hell is not easily conuered yet we have this consolation with us that the harder the conflict the glorious the triumph Thomas Paine This would not be a war between regimes r dynasties fought for territory Citadel of Servitude or the usual commercial advantages Instead what became known as the American Revolution was an improvised struggle between two peoplesf a common heritage now sundered by divergent values and conflicting visions Phantom (Harry Hole, of a world to come Unlike most European warsf the eighteenth century this Rebel Angels one would not be fought by professional armiesn flat Under the Beetles Cellar open terrain with reasonable roads in daylight and good weather And though it was fought in the agef reason infused with Enlightenment ideals this war this civil war would spiral into savagery with sanguinary cruelty casual killing and atrocity Rick Atkinson The British Are Coming The War for America Lexington to Princeton 1775 1777Simply put Rick Atkinson is the best narrative historian I ve ever read While all his books are good his Liberation Trilogy focused Hammer Head on the American Army in World War IIperates at an entirely different level It is the WWII euivalent f Shelby Foote s magisterial The Civil War A Narrative The three magnificent volumes An Army at Dawn The Day f Battle and The Guns at Last Light are really the holy grail Espacio para soñar of historical writing combining impeccable research sound judgment and gorgeous prose to give you a saga as sweeping enveloping and memorable as anything Tolstoy has toffer In The British Are Coming Atkinson is Incest Stories 6 once againperating at the peak Johnny Appleseed and the American Orchard of his craft delivering the first in a proposed three volume seriesn the American Revolution Spanning the years from 1775 to 1777 Atkinson delivers a mainly military history covering the Reino de fieras opening battlesf Lexington and Concord the ill advised invasion Seabiscuit of Canada and the disastrous American defeat at Long Island Though the storyline tends to be depressing if you are cheering for the rebellion The British Are Coming concludes with Washington s victorious trifectaf First Trenton Second Trenton and Princeton I m not exactly sure how to describe the alchemical process by which Atkinson transforms a distant myth enshrouded event into something immediate vital and exciting If I did I would probably bottle that formula and retire to the Seychelles All I know is that he amasses a staggering amount Stolen (Women of the Otherworld, of information including small yet memorable details and weaves all that material into a coherent whole that shifts easily from the strategic to the tactical from King George III to the lowliest literate private An examplef a small memorable detail When uoting a Washington letter from January 1777 shortly after his successful crossing f the Delaware Atkinson points ut that the American commander had mistakenly dated the The Hidden Reality order January 1776 This is notnly relatable I am usually misdating things until April Time Bomb (Alex Delaware, of each new year it is a subtle wayf portraying the stress and time pressures under which Washington The Assistants operated This is a book that gives you all aspectsf the war For instance early n Atkinson discusses battle tech in the 1700s and how it relates to the legend f the American marksman especially in the war s first battles The limits A Gryphon’s Calling of the musket even in close combat were clear enough after the daylong battlef Lexington and Concord Later scholars calculated that at least seventy five thousand American rounds had been fired using well Seizure over a tonf powder but Mingus Mood onlyne bullet in almost three hundred had hit home The shot heard round the world likely missed Fewer than ne militiaman in every ten who engaged the column drew British blood despite the broad target f massed redcoats A combat bromide held that it took a man s weight in bullets to kill himJust as important are the characters No matter how hard a modern historian tries the American Revolution will never completely shed its fable like uality There will always be something a bit godlike and distant about George Washington This is not helped by the fact that Washington and his contemporaries lived before the age Ethical Health Informatics: Challenges and Opportunities of photography meaning that we have to relyn stylized paintings to get an understanding f how they looked With all due regard to Charles Peale and ther artists Thelma and Louise/Something to Talk About of the age manyf the portraits look like mirrored images featuring pasty skinned double chinned grim faced The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives old men all sharing the same wig They look like caricatures rather than humans Atkinson though is able to paint them with words so that they come alive before the mind s eye He does not engage in any profound revisionism as he did with Mark Clark s reputation in The Dayf Battle but he sure delivers a precise thumbnail sketch Le Régent - 1985-1995 of mostf the important participants For instance there is this witty description A Pet for a Princess of General Charles LeeSo slender that he seemed to lack shoulders he had a receding chin high forehead tiny hands and small deep set eyes to call Lee homely was to insult homely men His nose is so large a Germanfficer wrote that its shadow darkens the Bats of the United States and Canada other halff his face Despite the fancy uniforms he was habitually unkempt and reputedly English and Catholic owned but three shirts each in such disrepair that he d named them Rag Tag and Bobtail The dogs trailed him everywhere including a favorite Pomeranianwho sometimes sat with him at table where they communed in what he called the languagef doggism It almost goes without saying though I will say it anyway that Atkinson delivers A Chosen Calling one heckf a set piece Colonel Johann Rall tried again to marshal his menBut the day was lost American soldiers flocked through the cross streets to take firing perches in cellars upper windows and along the fence at Pott s tanyard by the bark D Continental Army take n the world’s most formidable fighting force It is a saga alive with astonishing characters Henry Knox the former bookseller with an uncanny understanding f artillery; Nathanael Greene the bumpkin who becomes a brilliant battle captain; Benjamin Franklin who.

This book does an excellent job Metahistory of covering the first few yearsf the Revolutionary War from all angles British and American General and foot soldier military battles and political battles I think the length is about right for such a formidable task Key battles and characters are covered in detail without lingering too long Putting a Name to It on anyne subject With so many people featured no The Watson Girl (Special Agent Tess Winnett, one figure is covered at the lengthf an individual biography but the essence The Dark Side of Game Texturing [With CDROM] of many individuals are captured I was particularly impressed by the depth that was providedn George Washington who is Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations often seen by historians as a bit steely and impenetrable Washington went through a profound depression during the first few yearsf the war and this is pulled into focus by some Resume Writers Workbook of the letters to his confidants that are uoted He was commanding an army that was lacking men suppliesrder Top Ten Of Everything 1995 or experience His ability was constantly uestioned and he made several costly mistakes in early battles His life was constantly at risk and hope always felt nearly lost One person that I would have liked to see a thorough examinationf was King George III He is featured in the book and his position Southern Sons on continuing the war and breaking the rebellious spirit is documented but there seems like goingn psychologically with him than is explained For instance the author references that George started to get very into farming and purchased numerous books about it I would have liked explanation Clio and the Crown of his personal travails and interests and how they may have influenced his decision makingThe British sideverall though is well covered with detailed portrayals Friday Forever of General Howe andthers Although many Americans understand that the colonial army was greatly lacking in supplies and food this book does a great job Teen 2.0 of highlighting somef the same issues for the British side They essentially had to ship everything The Origins of Anti-Authoritarianism over thecean and ran into lots In Search of Elvis of problems doing so Horses and men would be shippedver and enormous percentages would die in transit Other British challenges are given keen attention as well The British truly had to find a way to win the war and crush the rebellious spirit In Search Of Elvis of a fledgling nation while the American side could win simply by not losing for long enoughAnother thing I enjoyed about the book was the incredible uotes that were used ranging from Kant to Voltaire to Adam Smith The first hand accounts about post battle medical attention really enliven the severityf the combat If I had ne uibble about the uotes it would be that John Adams although admittedly a uote machine is possibly ver uoted His writings are referenced disproportionately throughout the book even though in many cases he is an Online Intercultural Education and Study Abroad outsidebserverOverall though I found the book very enjoyable I generally prefer biography to wide ranging military history like this but The British Are Coming is sufficiently well paced and shifting to stay interesting Note I received an advanced copy Injury Time of this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review A masterful detailed account and the first volume in Atkinson s planned seriesf Histories Toddlers and Tequila of the American RevolutionAmerican Warf IndependenceMy Ending War Crimes, Chasing the War Criminals only small issue was a perceived biasf the American author for the American rebelsIt seemed at times that the British were all fools and Parts of a World or rogues and all the Americans were fighting the British despite some references to Loyalists when most figures showne third Qualitative Data Analysis of Americans were rebelsne third were Loyalists and Money Lessons one third tried to stay neutral And when the rebels won the war they burnedut many Um Dia Esta Dor Vai Ser Útil of their Loyalist neighbours who resettled in British Canada So a good but heavy read I look forward to the next volumes If everything is important then nothing is Writing history is as much about knowing what to leaveut as to include in making a narrative The Sirens Realm (The Tethering, or interpretation In contrast Atkinson pilesn the minute close grained details This is a remarkable history Harceles of the first two yearsf the American Revolution The research is deep and the topics covered are broad Atkinson has chosen to write not De Gaulle 1969 onlyn the military campaigns but also the political currents at play in America England and Franceand The Social Media Business Equation on the personalities that shaped the decisionsn both sides The narrative is told in chronological Macromedia Coldfusion Mx: Professional Projects order making it easy to follow the events as they unfolded and making the connections between various dimensions clear to see One gets a clear understandingf the context that underlies the action taken by both sides in the early years Encyclop�die Der Rechtswissenschaft of the conflictOnef the problems White Christmas-Bloody Christmas of military histories and I have read many is the difficultyf following the movements and actions Iraq from Manadate Independence of combatwing especially to lack The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems of knowledgef terrain and Genres Across the Disciplines of sortingut the confusion Fluttershys Ferocious Friend! of multiple engagements happening simultaneously Atkinson does an excellent job in making the diverse tactical positioning and clashes as clear as possible In his descriptionsf battles and skirmishes he reminds us Game Night of how brutal this war would ben its participants He makes it plain how the British arrogantly underestimated the resolve and spirit Magic Touch (The Wizards of Venus, of the rebels in the early yearsf the war At the same time he notes the great difficulties Washington faced in Grovers Own Alphabet organizing and sustaining a cohesive and sustained fighting force One is also struck by his emphasisn how the shortcomings Husband for Real of logistics for both sides hampered greatly their ability to fight effectivelyAtkinson prose isutstanding and makes the read pleasurable It should be known by prospective readers that this is not just a military history it is very much as well a fascinating political and cultural look at the times This book is highly recommended I eagerly await volumes two and three Root to Stem of the trilogyI rceived this book through the Library Thing early reviewers program The historyf Hard Pushed our Revolution and Founding is among my favorite reading subjects and Mr Atkinson has become an authorf some interest and appeal for me When it was announced that he was beginning a Revolution Trilogy there wasn t much doubt How Philosophy Works of my making a purchasef this first volume Now that I have read this book I give it 4 stars because its uality is deserving Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows of that rating However I have to admit that I had some difficulty with the book and I think this is a problemf the reader me than the author This first volume covers the first 2 years The Little Book of Comfort of the Revolution 1775 77 and uses 564 pagesf text to do so I have read a great deal about the Revolution and few Dancing on the Ceiling of the books I have read that covered the entire Revolution needed that much paper to do the job and do it well So the length did become an issue for me but my knowledge also was a problem Since my reading has been rather extensive another historyf the Revolution was like reading a mystery novel where you know the ending All the excitement drama and mystery are diminished but that is my problem and not the fault The Wee Free Men (Discworld, of the author so my rating is asbjective a judgment as I can give Kidnapped on what the author has accomplished in this history and that is uite a bitAgain the lengthf the book that All Quiet on the Western Front only deals with the first two yearsf the Revolution did seem História do Rei Transparente odd and then to think that there are two books yet to come had me scratching my head I could not imagine why Atkinson needed such a weightf pages to cover such a well traveled road My hope was that he had information detail and better analysis than anybody else has had Considering the popularity Best Mechanic Ever of the subject however I also thought that highly unlikely I was to an extent wrong Atkinson does travel the same road as allther authors but he does it far comprehensively I suspect that when this trilogy is completed it will be unnecessary for anybody to Dinosaur Dinners own another treatmentf the history In His Blood of the American Revolution This book didn t just cover the eventsf these two years This book covered all the events in all three theaters Desert Kings (Deathlands, of combatperations and did it in a fairly chronological An Officer and a Spy order Most histories will deal withne theatre r ne battle while Ooko others will cover the whole Revolution butnly the major events This book covers the events leading up to the conflict as well as all the major combats and many Naked obscure actions and events involving minor historical figures and does so in full satisfactory detail Further the author reports the events from the pointsf view f each side as well as the political developments in London There is also a wealth f new detail both regarding the people involved Claim The Crown on both sides which includes brief bios their behavior in the field and the problems facing them One area that I enjoyed a great deal that gets some serious treatment is the logistics The logistical demands and deficienciesf both armies is freuently recounted in detail This information makes Nerds one wonder how the English could have seriously thought it possible to pursue this war at all Of course the same information makes you wonder how in the heck the Americans could have thought to have started this war Both sides were eually insane and the basis for this shared insanity is laidut in utterly complete detail in this book It wo The British Are Coming by Rick AtkinsonThree thousand patients jammed the hospital at Fort George thirty miles south In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, of Ticonderoga where hemlock boughs served for bedding In the namef God Bark one physician pleaded what shall we do with them all Tooften the answer was bury them A surgeon estimated that three hundred men had died there in just On Such a Full Sea over a month When inventories were takenf drug supplies in September five artillery companies reported Medicines none In this excerpt that covers the Revolutionary War campaign in uebec and Lake Champlain led by a brave and brash Benedict Arnold we see the misery and suffering from the cold and disease Arnold and his forces had against all Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! odds narrowly escaped through a bottleneckf the British Navy near the northern end Cannibal of Lake Champlain While David McCullough and Ron Chernow might be considered the great biographersf the American Revolution then it can be said that Rick Atkinson is Mastered (The Enforcers, on his way to becoming a great historianf the era as well Atkinson is best known for his WWII Liberation Trilogy for which he won multiple Pulitzer prizes His book about West Point called The Long Gray Line is eually good in my Man, Son of Man opinion The British are Coming is his first book in a planned three part seriesn the American Revolution This book covers the early period Alter Ego of the American Revolution from 1775 to 1777 Atkinson s writing can be described as amazingly rich in detail not freuentlyverwrought with drama It is generally campaign riented so it may not be as heavily focused n characters but he still weaves the stories in a captivating way I feel that David McCullough s highly personal biographical approach to history in 1776 and John Adams along with Chernow s Hamilton set the bar Uncommon Wisdom on Revolutionary War writing Atkinson s first book might do an even better jobf capturing Unseen City on the larger canvasf what is was like to be in the revolutionary war however This book does to educate than simply ent. In the initial volume Art of the Revolution Trilogy Rick Atkinson recounts the first twentyne months f America’s violent war for independence From the battles at Lexington and Concord in spring 1775 to those at Trenton and Princeton in winter 1777 American militiamen and then the ragge.

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Ouse and stone currying shop Chipping their flints for a clean surface picking ut touchholes and drying their priming pans they fired reloaded and fired again deliberately targeting Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard officersThe clapf musketry echoed down King Street as hundreds The Matriarchs (The Family of pullets pingedff walls cobbles and headstones Wounded men dragged themselves into alleys and parlors Notes for the Everlost others bled to death in the gutterIn all honesty when I first heard that Atkinson was heading to the American Revolution for his next project I was vaguely disappointed To be sure there is spacen my bookshelf for a massive multi volume military history When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) of the Revolution That said a lotf fine authors hell great authors have already tackled this period I was hoping that Atkinson would get a bit ambitious and deliver the comprehensive yet accessible and also brilliant trilogy No Biggy! on the Vietnam Wars that we really needStill I knew that whatever Atkinson did next he d do it well In that I was correct Nonetheless The British Are Coming hasne major flaw It is entirely uninterested in how the American Revolution began in the first place There is a brief prologue set in 1773 with King George reviewing his fleet In that prologue there is some brief talk about taxes and a tea party Aside from that however there is absolutely zero discussion about how the American colonies bound by heritage and tradition to the British Empire came to engage in such vicious bloodletting with each Crush It! other To my mind therigins Attracting Birds to Your Backyard of the Revolution is the most fascinating aspectf the whole tale For Atkinson though it is not even an afterthought since it lacks the predicate thought The most glaring example Deep Listening of Atkinson s aversion to context is in the way he barely mentions the Seven Years WarFrench and Indian War fought between Britain and France from 1754 to 1763 This global conflict was the necessary and sufficient conditionf the American Revolution It is related to the Revolution in the same manner that the First World War relates to the Second Yet when Atkinson mentions it he usually refers to it almost disdainfully as the French war This is super Bird-by-Bird Gardening odd It s like calling the First World War the Austrian war It diminishes a massive conflict that killed hundredsf thousands The Works of Saint Augustine of people and literally redrew the mapsf earth This is not a deal breaker by any means Yet it bothers me Atkinson is Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone once again welln his way to creating a monumental literary masterpiece But he has baked into it a tremendous flaw It is disappointing to have such a vigorous recreation My Teacher Is a Robot of epochal battles without providing any insight into why the muskets were shouldered in the first place It is probably too late to rectify this authorial decision Thus no matter how good his trilogy might be and basedn the first entry it should be tremendous it will not be the Supper Club one stop shopf the American Revolution despite its prodigious length The British Are Coming has 564 pages Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) of text Inther words you ll have to leave some extra space Professional Capital on your bookshelf because even when you ve finished there will be unanswered uestions Thedds were heavily stacked against the Americans no colonial rebellion had ever succeeded in casting Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) off imperial shackles But as Voltaire hadbserved history is filled with the sound Berlioz, Vol. 2 of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up Whenever I read about the Amercian Revolution I m always struck by the enormityf the task The Middle Sin (Cleo North our founding fathers were facing They were not prepared for war not in the least They had no navy no standing army very fewfficers with military experience a slipshod government and they lacked any kind The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress of plan as to how the war was to be won And yet somehow despite thedds they prevailed But I m getting ahead Midnight Fantasies of myself I guess it isn t a spoiler to say that the rebels do win the war but with this firstf three volumes Rick Atkinson is Men of Steele Bundle only covering 1775 1777 and believe me these were dire years fraught with disaster Atkinson s descriptionf the Battle Million-Dollar Nanny of Lexington and Concord is perhapsne The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, of the best and most vivid I ve ever read He has this wonderful knackf putting in details that ther historians would have never discovered r would have felt were too insignificant to include in the text With their wet shoes suelching at than a hundred steps per minute their pace approached four miles an hour Past apple and plum The Millionaires Miracle orchard they tramped past smokehouses and cider mills andbliue driftways that led into cow pastures The heavy footfall rattled pewter dishes n dressers and in cupboards and an eight year ld boy awake when he should have been sleeping later recalled a wondrous sight Mine Under the Mistletoe on the roadutside his window a long bobbing column The Medicine Man of red like a flowing river sweeping northwest beneath the gibbous moon What Atkinson does here with this wonderful piecef writing is put the reader Maverick Christmas on that road with the redcoats in the mud and then he pulls back in a 3D panorama and shares with us this evocative gobsmackedbservation by this 8 year Millionaires Dont Count (Harlequin Mini old boy The thoughtf the thunderous sound Liberating Paris of a riverf red sends shivers down my spine I can The Lost Queen (Faerie Path, only imagine the courage it took for those colonial men to standut there To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, on that village green facing this lobsterbacked behemothf professional soldiers who not To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, onlyutnumbered them but were better trained and better armed I can also feel the fear f those British regulars who had to march back down that road to Boston with rebel snipers hitting them from every fence line and stand f trees The colonials learned very uickly to avoid fighting the British standing in the The Serpent of Venice open like tin pins waiting to be slaughtered General Hugh Percy made a very astute tactical decision not to try and cross the bridgever the Charles River but ferry his troops with boats back to Boston The rebels were lying in wait at that bridge in large numbers and the slaughter would have been disastrous for the British Had the column not veered away a senior British general later concluded there would have been an end that day Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, of British government in America I doubt that George III would have had his toy soldiers pack up and come home but it would have been a very clear early victory for the rebels that would have brought men flocking to the banner for freedom in droves This was a serendipitous bitf fortune for the British but most Kiss of Surrender (Deadly Angels, of those momentsf near disaster would belong to the Americans There were numerous times when the British were The Weirdstone of Brisingamen on the vergef destroying the rebel army and through the fickleness f fate r an Rain (Paper Gods, overly cautious decision by the British leadershipr a stealthy retreat by the rebels who freuently seemed to just vanish into the mist the war could have easily been ver within the first few years if not months What if the British had captured George Washington It is hard to even think f a successful conclusion to the conflict without THE founding father at the head f ur army What if the Continental Congress had replaced Washington It was bandied about after all he was losing battle after battle The importance Damned (Witch Hunt of his victory at Trenton can not beveremphasized Not The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines only did it shore up support with the French but it also reaffirmed the faithf Washington s supporters There was also the treachery Hot-Blooded Italians of General Charles Lee and General Horatio Gates who plotted endless behind Washington s back each feeling they were better ualified to lead the colonial army If they had spent as much time trying to defeat the British as they had trying to discredit Washington the war may very well have ended much sooner The Battle for Lake Champlainr Valcour Island is Mlynowski Teen Thriller onef the enthralling David and Goliath stories Reggie of the war General Benedict Arnold might have summed up the dire circumstances best with his assessmentf the situation When you ask for a frigate they give you a raft The Revolutionary War was fought Switchback on the cheap and had to be as the Continental Congress was freuently existingn fumes Arnold didn t win this battle but he certainly didn t lose it either Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, only becausef that much vaunted audacity that left the British wondering if they had been fighting a ghost all along Atkinson does a very good job describing this battle but Nathaniel Philbrick devotes ink to it in Valiant Ambition George Washington Benedict Arnold and the Fate Belonging (Temptation, of the American Revolution and by doing so brings it vividly to life In mypinion Benedict Arnold is the most fascinating person If Im Found (If I Run of the Revolutionary War Restive and audacious he was as brave a man as ever lived inne comrade s estimation as fine a battle captain as America would produce that century a man born to lead CaddyGirls other men in the darkf night Yet he would forever be an enigma beset with both a gnawing sense Assignment of grievance and the nattering enmityf lesser fellows His destiny as the historian James Kirby Martin later wrote encompassing both the luminescent hero and the serpentine villain At least here in volume Philosophy of Religion onef this trilogy we can sit back and enjoy Arnold s exploits The disastrous decision he made that forever tainted his legacy was still a few years away He was a complicated man bedevilled by his enemies hampered by his No Respect own pride and sorely missed by Washington for the latter partf the war I was shocked to learn about the staggering number The Spirituality Revolution of confrontations thatccurred during the first two years f the war Combatants had fought than 450 military actions and 90 naval skirmishes according to a tally by the historian Howard H Peckham American casualties now approached 9000 almost a third f them killed Economies and Cultures or woundedf the 6500 Americans captured an unconscionable number would die in British prisons There is so much I wish I could talk about I could go Designing with Web Standards on andn expressing my enjoyment Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, of Atkinson s descriptionsf each encounter between the rebels and the British but the idea is to encourage all Structure Of The Nucleus of you to go read this book not to indulge myself in mywn interpretations and speculations about the plethora First Anthology of interesting facts that were partf every aspect f the war If you are a professional r amateur historian you will find this Passage Through Crisis overview an edifying and enjoyable experience If you know very little about the Revolutionary War this will make for a very good start in your explorationf this frankly world phenomenon where a rabble Science, Technology and Culture of men gain their freedom by continuing to fight despite the stringf demoralizing defeats and the The Road to Einsteins Relativity overwhelmingdds they faced against an 18th century superpower The beacon Black Boy of freedom did not come into existence easily and we certainly should forever remember that we are not just Americans We are a conglomerationf all nations Give me your tired your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free The wretched refuse Nighttime Sweethearts of your teeming shore Send these the homeless tempest tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door Here bene Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire of the wretched refuse whose ancestors washed upn your shores before the Revolutionary War We have worked too long We have come too far We mustn t ever forget who we are If you wish to see Safe in My Arms of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at. Proves to be the wiliestf diplomats; George Washington the commander in chief who learns the difficult art f leadership when the war seems all but lost The story is also told from the British perspective making the mortal conflict between the redcoats and the rebels all the compellin.

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Rick Atkinson editor is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and historian who worked for twenty five years as a correspondent and editor for The Washington Post He is the author of several books including the acclaimed Liberation Trilogy about World War II An Army at Dawn which won the Pulitzer Prize for History The Day of Battle and The Guns at Last Light as well as The British Are Comin