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O and even a little reticent These are traits I like in a chosen one as it makes the story realistic and we get to see character growthI loved all the history myths and legends of Ancient EgyptI did enjoy the story and Pandora was very likeable I couldn t uite do the ghosts and the sanguinevampires and yes the book gave me nightmares Thank you Tara MossReaders who devour paranormal will love this series I received a copy from the publisher Some things are only possible after dark I ve been wanting to read this for awhile but kept getting distracted by other books I love Tara Moss as an author her writing flows and is so easy to read This is the fourth book in the series and after rereading the first three recently I ve This series is pure entertainment with imagination made easily readable with the setting in a current city and time Pandora is finally realising her power and abilities and the overarching story arc of the series is accelerating Can t wait for the next instalment Wow was definitely worth the 8 year wait for this book As well written and captivating as the other 3 books in the series Pandora English is coming to terms with the fact she is the Seventh and all that it entails With than one threat on the horizon will she be able to come to terms with and use her powers to stop the evil invading New York I waited years for this book and what a darned cliffhanger Cue another few frustrating years but god I love Tara Moss 7 long years I have been waiting for this book 7 years since we last caught up with Pandora English and you know what it was so freaking worth it Thank you Tara Moss for bringing this world back again I have missed it terribly I did not want the adventure to end but I still devoured The Cobra ueen in less than 24 hours I couldn t help myselfSo the gang is all here again Pandora Luke the civil war soldier great aunt Celia Vlad It was so good to have them all back in my life Pandora and Luke So sweetThis time we learn uite a lot about our favourite characters Pandora is learning about herself as the Seventh and about the pressure on her The Revolution of the Dead is coming and she needs to stop it and save mankind no biggie right I was reminded a lot of my high school ancient history studies readin. Necromancers Now with the Blue Moon approaching and a new exhibition opening at The Met which celebrates an ancient female pharaoh done wrong in antiuity powerful forces threaten to upend the balance of life and death Pandora is given the chance to find out what happened to her parents all those years ago but first she must put her own supernatural gifts to the te.

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Like everyone else I ve waited uite a while for this novel to come out and reread the first three in preparation The premise and story move along nicely but there is a fair amount of telling rather than showing going on I found myself craving depth in the description of the setting and emotions so I could connect That didn t happen so much The heroine uite often exclaims her feelings rather than them being expressed descriptively Don t take me wrong I enjoyed it I ust want maturity I ll be back for the next one Book 4 of the Pandora English series picks right up from where the third book the skeleton key left off Pandora is consumed with identifying if lieutenant Luke is actually her spirit guide At the same time her slow burning feelings for him have been turned up to max and we finally see the much desired action we have been waiting for What i really love about this book even thought Pandora is a 19 year old girl with hormones through the roof this book is focused on Pandora s growth as a human how she figures out what it means to be the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter and what her new found powers mean For me this adds wayy insight into this story in saying all that the action between Pandora and Lieutenant Luke has been something i have been cheering for The cobra ueen is heavily embedded in ancient Egyptian history and i for one really found this the real hook line of the book I love ancient Egyptian history and i really loved how well documented researched and portrayed the ancient pharos were Tara Moss is exemplary research that was meticulous to a fault to the point where as i was reading this book i was learning so much The Cobra ueen focused on Hatshepsut the ueen who made herself king Pandoras parents were archeologists and there was a lot tying back between what happened to her parents and the grave they were digging through lot 20 which also happened to be the resting place of one of the most influential pharos This is a fabulous book to read It is very easy to get engrossed in the world of Pandora english and all things unseenMy only criticism it finished on an absolute cliff hanger and i don t know when the next book is coming out Just a casual warning 5 It s been 7 long years since the last book in. In the months since Pandora English left the small town of Gretchenville to live with her mysterious great aunt in a supernatural Manhattan suburb her whole world has been turned upside downPandora has discovered she is the chosen one the Seventh Daughter of a Seventh Daughter and during the impending Revolution of the Dead she alone will have the power to save al.

This series was released I think it s the perfect time to escape into something that reminds me of the carefree days of my late teenearly adult hood Who really wants to feel like an adult in the midst of a pandemic anywayUpdate I struggled to finish this one I do really love Tara Moss and still have fond memories of the series We ve had fun It s not you It s me Maybe 375 Stars The Cobra ueen is a supernatural new adult romance and yes this is not a genre I commonly read But since I was a huge fan of Tara Moss adult action thriller Makedde Vanderwall Crime Series and cannot wait for the next title in her brilliant new historical crime series featuring smart and sassy PI Billie Walker Dead Man Switch aka The War Widow I decided to dip my toe into her Pandora English SeriesAm so glad I did what a fabulously fun read I flew through it in a single day Joining this series at Book 4 proved no problem at all Moss uickly providing all the back story I needed to acclimate to the curiously uirky supernatural influences in Pandora s Manhattan lifestyle This title certainly features gothic and even dark horror themes but the scare factor is tempered by the charmingly level headed and practical way that Pandora and her allies approach impending doom and of course the romantic elements in play Continue reading don t do paranormal or vampires but seeing as this was sent to me as a review reuest I thought I would give it a goFirst of all it s the fourth book in the Pandora English series so I wasn t sure if I would find myself totally confused I m happy to say it was realy easy to follow the story even though I hadn t read the first three booksPandora works for fashion magazine Pandora in her human life She state the name similarity is purely coincidental However Pandora English is also The Seventh chosen to save all humankind against the rise of the undead Pandora s two worlds are distinctly separate in this book and her thoughts and fears are still mostly human She hasn t fully accepted her role as The Seventh although she has accepted the other world and its inhabitants We follow Pandora as she navigates both worlds somewhat awkwardly at timesI enjoyed the character of Pandora She was a bit scared about this whole saving the world scenari. L life as we know it The Agitation is unfolding building towards the Revolution and Pandora can no longer deny the truth in these incredible prophecies But what will she do when the moment comes How can she stand against the army of the deadPandora’s relationship to her spirit guide Lieutenant Luke is intensifying She’s had to grapple with ghosts vampires and.

Tara Moss is an international bestselling author documentary host and and human rights advocate She is the author of 13 books published in 19 countries and 13 languages including the Mak Vanderwall crime fiction series the Pandora English paranormal YA series and her latest the internationally bestselling historical thriller The War Widow set in 1946 and featuring '‘staunchly feminist cham