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Reread updateI had the opportunity to study with the author for a one week intensive and we used this book and many other resources as texts for the course I learned than I can verbalize here but I highly recommend this book for the fundamentals and philosophy behind the yin practice and his new book Your Body Your Yoga Learn Alignment Cues That Are Skillful Safe and Best Suited To You for depth and follow up 2015 original rev I especially appreciated the chapters on special situations and using Yin Yoga therapeutically Overall a well written and complete uide to Yin Yoga A Spinal Trauma great bookathering the foundations of yin yoga You et a short summary of the history then a chapter on howwhy basics before listing the asanas and offering a few suggested flowsIf you want rigorous information about TCM meridians and the energy aspects this is not your book But if you want a practical introduction with tangible tips I would totally recommend this bookI don t agree on the fabulous effects on yin tissue that can only be achieved by yin yoga but to each it s own This book is clearly written for someone who has been to at least a few classes and hopefully has some rasp of science and biology I read it for the latter reasons and thought it to be well done albeit slightly disorganized and slightly repetitive The meridian explanations could have been skipped as well because the placement explanations are not helpful in the least However I loved the book the initial explanation of poses is reat and the flows are well laid out so I would recommend this to someone who ha. Bernie Clark's The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga provides an in depth look at the philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga with illustrated sections on how to practice Yin Yoga including descriptions with photographs of 30 Yin Yoga asanasAll forms of yoga can provide benefits physically emotionally and mentally however Yin Yoga works the deeper levels of the bodyheartmind the connective tissues of th.

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D into a new position painful to et out of I may stay with less edgy versions of the poses those within which my mind isn t constantly asking me to move as I find that with comfort my mind can reach the alpha state readily I am not sure that combining Dao and Dharma are appropriate I plead too little information The disciplines seem compatible as yoga has shown itself to be a fluid practice which may be combined with any of a number of spiritual systems But in this age of cultural appropriation charges I would not want to appear to promote a Chinese menu approach to personal philosophy Yin yoga as a subspecies is new all of the teachers in its lineage are living and teaching todayI reserve final judgement even as I incorporate a few of the practices into my personal yoga If you are really into yoga this book is amazing The idea of yin yoga is to The Gathering (Darkness Rising, get into deep poses and stay there for 3 5 minutes For everyone this idea sounds awful at first For a lot of people the concept of yoga is difficult and hard toet into And then yin yoga Going into a pose and justyou knowsitting stillBut this book is MongoDB great It really introduces the concepts and the practice It helps with tips and things to remember to make the practice easier I have been participating in yin yoga for a while and this book still helped me learn a lot of new thingsSo if you are interested in yin this is areat book for you This book Chastity gives details on how Yin Yoga is developed and its intended usage and applications The writing is competent but could have benefited to be reduced into a slimmer book. Including a deep look inside over two dozen Yin Yoga postures showing the benefit of the pose how toet into and out of the pose contraindications and warnings for those who may have trouble with particular aspects of the posture and other important information The benefits are explored in three main sections the physiological benefits the energetic benefits and the mentalemotional benefits.

S done these poses in a class but who wants to know rather than for the a absolute beginner The text is too repetitive No modified poses included for those who have yet to achieve perfection in their yoga practice Compared to Sarah Powers Insight Yoga Bernie Clark s Yin Yoga The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga is less about the yinyang of it and entirely about the yin of it It covers much of the same info that Insight Yoga does and oes far deeper into the science and related anatomy Clark is a scientist It not only explains what do do it tells why There is also a short history on the practice of Yin Yoga how it all started in its current form that is it has always been with us It will take a while to carefully read all the material Love Bernie and his teaching style And he is even comical in person Yes No Maybe Yin Yoga is on the physical level the practice of holding yoga poses for at least 3 minutes and on upwards in order to modify the body s inelastic components On the mental level Yin Yoga is an opportunity for stillness to contemplate the reforging of the mind s pathways into better routes a Mindfulness exercise On the health level Yin yoga can stimulate the meridians and the organ pathways of Chinese medicine This is an ambitious set of modifications seemingly beneficial and offering the possibility of combining belief systems into harmonyHere are my observations The poses are challenging in many cases I would recommend doing introductory work with a teacher to explain the modifications My experience with deeper poses was to find myself lue. E ligaments fascia joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians nerves and blood system One big difference noticed by students of Yin Yoga is the long held passive nature of the posture which ives time for a deeper journey to unfold a journey into the meditative aspects of yoga a bridge to living life mindfullyClark presents comprehensive information on how to do the practice.

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