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Us is just the best thing since cupcakes were invented I am such a fan omg He s got a relaly different voice to Percy Jackson too which is GREATAnd I also love how the structure of these books are less like the PJO books They re on an adventure that continually nravels so it s not the same old same old plot set Student Research Projects in Calculus up get a prophecy assemble a team go on aest nearly die etc of the PJO books It s just a bit refreshing and sets them apartBUT SHOULD YOU BE READING APOLLO IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS Erm No There are spoilers for the Percy books And even that aside you wouldn t get a lot of the referencescharactersALL IN ALL this was definitely a hilariously glorious seuel Maybe it wasn t as fast moving or exciting as other Halfblood books and maaaaybe it dragged a bit in the middle But it was still funny and sed a LOT of the obscure Greek myths so I was forced to learn things How dare it I m definitely a huge fan of Apollo 1010 will recommend giving Apollo a cookie and perhaps a break but also it s hilarious to watch him suffer through being a human UOTES I tried to think of a brilliant plan Unfortunately the only thing that came to mind was weeping in terrorI wondered if Meg knew that names redacted had been beheaded for letting her escape I decided not to mention it If Meg was really curious she could check their Facebook status pdatesCommodus blames me for his death I saidWhy Meg askedProbably because I killed himAh Leo nodded sagely That would do itNo sweat Leo said I ll handle the first two hundred or so myself then if I get tired Leo stop Calypso gave Emmie an apologetic frown He jokes when he s nervous He also jokes worse when he s nervousI have no idea what you re talking about Leo inserted carrot fangs into his mouth and snarledMeg almost choked on her stir fryOh I said Umnah I leaned against the wall hoping to look casual attractive and suave Unfortunately I missed the wallMy eyelids fluttered open I sat Love for Imperfect Things up groaning When you are the sun god it s a rare treat to be able to sleep late Now here I was a mere mortal and people kept waking mep at the crack of dawn I d spent millennia being the crack of dawn I was tired of it I honestly don t know how Rick Riordan s books keep getting funnier but they do somehow Being in Apollo s head while annoying at times is hilarious I enjoyed this book but didn t love it I think Apollo just doesn t appeal to me as much as Percy or any of the other Demigods but it s really interesting and entertaining to have a new perspective I m excited to see where it goes next Please get off the trooper wailed Please and thank you I hysterically laughed my ass off while I was reading this book on the BTS The Dark Prophecy picks A Heart of Stone up after what happened in The Hidden Oracle Lester aka Apollo teamedp with Leo and his girlfriend and comes to Indianapolis to pursue the prophecy he was bestowed The tone of this book is as good as the first book but the pace is ite slow Apollo reminded me of Deadpool talking with readers with his sarcastic tone His development is promiment and what I have expected His attitude is frivolous as always you know but it s the point of this series why it s so much differrent from the Percy Jackson series despite the fact that it s sharing the same world buildingLeo on the other hand is a solid character in this book Although he is oafish at times he still got my attention as he did in The Heroes of Olympus Moreover the emperor Commodus is exactly a narcissistic character that I almost died of laughing and I think he might be my favorite villain of all time Meg is one of the best protagonists I ve ever seen From the first half of this book I thought her character was such a typical heroine and I had no idea how wrong I was ntil the very end of this book She s so intricate He. Lf Blood And while I'm mortal she can order me to do anything even kill myself Despite all this if I have a chance of prying her away from her villainous stepfather I have to tryBut I'm new at this heroic est business and my father Zeus stripped me of all my godly powers Oh the indignities and pain I have already suffered Untold humiliation impossible time limits life threatening danger Shouldn't there be a reward at th.

WHY YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK lesbian warriors who gave p immortality to live with each other build a home open to anybody who doesn t have one bisexual main character a talking arrow who sprouts bits of shakespearean wisdom randomly yes he s my favorite character riptide who LEAVEST THOU WELL BEFORE DAWN TIS A COUNTER COMMUTE AYE BUT THERE SHALL BE CONSTRUCTION ON HIGHWAY THIRTY SEVEN EXPECTEST THOU TO TRAVEL ONE HOUR AND FORTY TWO MINUTES I narrowed my eyes Are you somehowchecking Google Maps A long pause a riordan character with a screwed moral compass who goes through HEAPS OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Apollo s narrative is genuinely hilarious and completely different from all of riordan s characters so look forward to that Meg what I m about to do never ever try this on your own I felt a bit silly giving this advice to a girl who regularly fought monsters with golden swords but I had promised Bill Nye the Science Guy I would always promote safe laboratory practices Meg McCaffrey why is everyone sleeping on her she s a GODDESS not a real goddy person i would trust this 12 year old with my life Leo Calypso are basically main characters and yes their story is everything you could want after BoO and view spoilerTHEY RE GOING TO GO TO HIGHSCHOOL TOGETHER I M hide spoiler Most of you must have gotten by now that I have gotten completely addicted to Rick Riordan This is the 12th book I have read by him and I read th Reading a Rick Riordan book is just pure fun More like 35 starsI enjoyed this book I really did Apollo was hilarious againBut to be honest I didn t feel it had anything special or memorable It was just okay Basically it s just the 1 fact of life that any book in the Camp Halfblood world CAN DO NO WRONG This was a completely fabulous seuel to The Hidden Oracle Although I didn t like it ite as much because A it wasn t as hilarious although still funny and B the plot wasn t as exciting and twisty as the first one But it was still an entirely solid read for me and I think I m half in love with Apollo who is a DORK and narcissist and but what can you do He s adorableI think Apollo s character development is just so fabulous He s still 100% full of himself and really surprised when the world doesn t revolve around him this happens to the best of s tbh but he keeps getting and loyal to his demigod companions And he s tter trash for looking after Meg And on occasion he might even do something self sacrificial instead of letting everyone else perish in his wake lovely I do hate how they ALWAYS give him a rough time though I mean I get ithe s was horrible god But like he tries so hard and Meg is so mean to him and Calypso and Leo give him 500% a rough time Althoooooough That is also what friends are for And everyone they meet blames him for EVERYTHING It s actually surprising that he stays in such good spirits about his own godliness when he s cleaning toilets and peeling carrotsI m still waiting to warm p to Meg though I wasn t really invested in her in book 1 and she just continues to be a rude little turnip I suppose it s meant to be endearing I find the actual root vegetable endearing I guess I m a fan of manners and kindness both of which Meg is allergic toGREAT THINGS TO EXPECT the Promise at Dawn unexpected because seriously you have no idea what this book is going to throw at you next gods on facebook monsters murder and mayhem booby traps prophecies that nearly kill you tofu mechanical dragons that are designed like lego a house that only shows you the rooms it wants to and expands when reuested griffins featuring ff parent couple bisexual Apollo sass fighting SASSSSSSSSSSI laughed so much omg The lines are HYSTERICAL and I think Apollo s tendency tose god like speech but then mesh it with modern pop culture references and narcissistic haik. Go west Capture Apollo before he can find the next oracleIf you cannot bring him to me alive kill him Those were the orders my old enemy Nero had given to Meg McCaffrey But why would an ancient Roman emperor zero in on Indianapolis And now that I have made it here still in the embarrassing form of Lester Papadopoulos where is MegMeg my demigod master is a cantankerous street rchin She betrayed me to Nero back at Camp Ha.

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Looked like a hallucinating ballerina in boxer shorts The griffins are excellent that view spoilerI almost cried when he loses his mate hide spoiler 45 Golden Stars Let s startShall weI loved it enjoyed it not as much as book 1 or 3 tho but it was amazing WOW Apollo I didn t see thatthose comingRick writes astonishingly by great choices of words events making the story goes on excitingly by adding niue fun makes it double awesome He inserts everything needed to make a book BREATHTAKING INTERESTING fun thrills feelswhy I love to re read because I find new clues after reading next books in the series I did in this one too 2018 Dec 10 Dec 17 I m delighted Plot 5I laughed well Apollo is hilarious GPS Godly Positioning SystemApollo view spoilerCalypso hide spoiler UPDATEIt s out We did it guys We made it through the waiting And boy was it worth it Full review coming soonExpected Publication 2017 2017 2017 WE HAVE TO WAIT TILL 2017 UPDATE On further reflection I ve decided to add a handy guide to help you get through this wait Here are some steps I recommend from experience Obsessively re read The Hidden Oracle Obsessively re read the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series Obsessively re read every single thing Rick Riordan has ever written Repeat three steps above Scour the internet for interesting and exciting theories about this book Read many many fanfics of the Trials of Apollo Write many many fanfics of the Trials of Apollo Enjoy a brief respite when Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor comes out Freak out when you see the cover for The Dark Prophecy when it s released Freak out when you read the excerpt when it s released Continuously repeat steps 1 3Interject all of that with a healthy dose of cursing Zeus for not bringing this book to you faster and freaking out every time you realise you re going to have to wait till next year for the book and you should be good Hope that helps I m going to yeah you guessed it re read the Hidden Oracle I tried to think of a brilliant plan Unfortunately the only thing that came to mind was weeping in terror What an absolute dork I love him so much Honestly Apollo is hands down my favourite character that Riordan has ever created I know all of these books have the same light humourous tone but none of the others seem to make me laugh so much Apollo is just so sassy and snarky and his disdain for humans rings with hilarious truthI think I like these Apollo stories so much because they feel the most Bangkok Wakes to Rain uniue Many of the other voices eg Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase started to blend together after a little while and their characters were hard to distinguish from one another And the plots of the other books seemed to move in similar cycles of prophecyest resolution whereas this and The Hidden Oracle contained surprisesDid I mention that it s full of laughs Oh I said Umnah I leaned against the wall hoping to look casual attractive and suave Unfortunately I missed the wall Also I just kind of love that Apollo is a narcissistic ass Don t get me wrong I praised the Percy Jackson series for being all about how a seemingly regular kid discovers he is actually so much and proceeds to become a hero This is a great message But sometimes there is just something so delightful about a character who is definitely NOT a hero and doesn t even pretend to be In this book Apollo has left Camp Half Blood behind and is venturing out to restore Oracles and hopefully regain his place on Mount Olympus after Zeus cast him out and made him human It is full of adventure haiku and mechanical dragons as well as some great LGBT representation Apollo is himself bisexual I can t wait for The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery uick note there are spoilers for the Percy Jackson books so maybe don t read this if you haven t read them yetBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. E end of each completed task Not just deadlyestsI vow that if I ever regain my godhood I will never again send a poor mortal on a Darkmere uest Unless it is really important Andnless I am sure the mortal can handle it And nless I am pressed for time or I really just don't feel like doing it myself I will be much kinder and generous than everyone is being to me especially that sorceress Calypso What does Leo see in her anyway.

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