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Atively nascent area of behavioral neuroscience reminding one that any material finding is only an intermediary step towards the next discovery and never the final stop The reader will identify with several studies explaining and therefore predicting social behavior the experience of nderstanding the limitations of niueness is sanguinely humblingI would recommend this book to everyone interested in the human factor and nderstanding about oneself as a member of a species not an individual I loved how succinctly and simply the author crammed so much into such a small tome I was genuinely pleased by the way he spelled out the chapters on prejudice the need to belong and act for others and social media Those final two chapters made me rethink many of my own attitudes smug and clever as i think i am Why do we need brains Your first thought must be that we need brains to stay alive But we also need other organs to stay alive Hood opens The Domesticated Brain with various intriguing thoughts even for someone who has taken an introductory psychology cours. Redictable social landscape In The Domesticated Brain renowned psychologist Bruce Hood explores the relationship between the brain and social behaviour looking for clues as to origins and operations of the mechanisms that keep s bound together How do our br.

An accessible digestible account of a complicated and timely subject Exactly what a Pelican should be Clear and covers a variety of material without oversimplifying muchThe central thesis is that as human digestive systems intelligence and technology and lastly climate led to lifestyle changes from small nomadic tribes to larger settled groups there was selection for traits facilitating coexistence and thus we became self domesticatingIt s fairly convincing although much of the book concerns peripheral issues and there s not much new here for anyone with basic knowledge in the areas around evolutionary biology This is a fun read on the evolution of the human brain and most importantly social behaviour The author recites an abundance of research findings and proven behavioral biases although to his credit he refrains from admitting closure for topics that still evoke contradictory interpretations This book does not serve as a mere encyclopedia of facts to be regurgitated during dinner parties it immerses the reader in the ncomfortable sea of the rel. What makes Vlast opozicija alternativa us social animals Why do we behave the way we doHow does the brain influence our behaviour The brain may have initially evolved to cope with a threatening world of beasts limited food and adverse weather but we nowse it to navigate an eually np.

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E Nonetheless as the book goes on much of the content seems to be an aggregation of past knowledge In other words it would be a great book if you re looking for an introduction to humans as social animals and why we behave in certain ways Hood touches on a variety of subjects from psychology to biology allowing the reader to better nderstand human behaviourHowever he focuses mainly on developmental psychology and children well he is a developmental psychologist after all but perhaps touching on adults would be The Lion Mistress The Eburosi Chronicles useful to the general reader Because of the wide variety of topics he touches on I feel that the content seems to jump here and there with a weak theme within each chapter with the except of the last chapter Regardless it was a pretty good introduction to psychology and human behaviour which also touches on epigenetics Many of the must know famous psychology studies aresed as examples and a lot of his claims are cited with studies to back them Key Wicked up Overall it was a great readDisclaimer I received this copynder the Goodreads First Read Program. Ains enable The Origin of Chinese Deities us to live together to raise children and to learn and pass on information and culture Combining social psychology with neuroscience Hood provides an essential introduction to the hidden operations of the brain and explores what makess who we

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