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Ut why bother I ve got a huge pile of gothics this one just isn t holding my interest If the plot wasn t so boring or the heroine wasn t so bland I d probably manage to choke it down I ve finished some gawd awful gothics for the sake of really small things But both problems at once Meh DNF I l add an extra star for the Sade ian villain s evilnessalbeit the plotting was entirely too transparent for a supposedly smart independent heroin. Nor Lord Justin the charming young aristocrat who wooed her with such passionate urgency And they told her Beatrice was dead Her gay flirtatious sister was dead Or was

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Le drive in carriages that go nowhere People make references to the past that go nowhere What s odd is that clearly these things are happening in the technical sense yet it s nothing beyond what the cover blurb teases Booooring Combine a plot of slow and useless happenings with a heroine that s as exciting as ukewarm oatmeal what do you get Not much really To uote MST3K Things are doing thingsI could probably push myself to finish itb. Still held sway mute symbols of another primitive ageNothing was clear here nothing certain And the malicious whispers spared no one not Sir Randall the handsome widower.

For some reason I couldn t connect with this one It has all the elements that should make a good gothic mysterious British Isles countryside implied sadomasochism on the villain s part bizarre superstition missing sisters Victorian era setting yet after 80 some pages there s still nothing going on The entire novel is only 240 pages That s much too slow a ratio for a supposedly dire gothic People hold conversations that go nowhere Peop. As Deborah alighted from the carriage she was overwhelmed with a chill fear The present seemed to recede in this desolate corner of the world where the magical eye stones.