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Writing subtle romance and enough intrigue to hold my interest from beginning to end It truly is a classic Interesting that is was not popular in the US but sold over 2 million copies in Russian and many around Europe and China even made into a movie Perhaps the subject of revolutionaries rising p against the church is too much for our puritan history This book was reuired reading in Russia and should be in every literature class in the US It is that good It is a wow Blew me I read this book for the first time when I was eleven I cried so hard over it the pages in the end of the book were all yellow and crumpled with tears For a few years it became a cult book for me as for many Soviet teenagers So now I decided to re read it in Engl. S The story centers on the life of the protagonist Arthur Burton as a member of the Youth movement and his antagonist Padre Montanelli A thread of a tragi.

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Ish to see if it can stand without the prop of revolutionary ideologyWell one thing Russian translation was brilliant Second thing I bawled my eyes out again That was Childrens Phantasies unexpected But I m not even sure I m embarrassed about it Because the book is really powerful Of course now I see different things in it than I saw when I was a child some things I didn t see at all some things Inderstood in exactly the opposite way But the book is still deep dark bitter heart wrenching thought provoking and very very worth reading I THINK THIS IS THE SADDEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ I cried and cried and cried However it was absolutely Amazing It starts with a completely inauspicious beginning and develops in to an incredible plot with a climactic ending. C relationship between Arthur and his love Gemma simultaneously runs through the story It is a story of faith disillusionment revolution romance and heroi.

I came to this after watching the Adam Curtis documentary Can t Get You Out of My Head that suggests that growing individualism over the last fifty or sixty years has led to the loss of novels like The Gadfly novels in which the cause or the community is important than the individual It has been claimed that the documentary was inspired by The Gadfly Not the greatest of novels but I enjoyed the save the life of a loved one or the lives of many theme and was a little surprised by the end The Gadfly an English language book barely known in the West became a sensation behind the Iron Curtain writes Benjamin Rammin I LOVED this book It has all the elements of a great novel good story line controversy well developed characters beautiful. The Gadfly is a novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich published in 1897 set in 1840s Italy nder the dominance of Austria a time of tumultuous revolt and prising.

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Ethel Lilian Voynich née Boole was a novelist and musician and a supporter of several revolutionary causes Her father was the famous mathematician George Boole Her mother was feminist philosopher Mary Everest niece of George Everest and an author for the early 20th century periodical CrankIn 1893 she married Wilfrid Michael Voynich revolutionary antiuarian and bibliophile the eponym of t